Monday, March 11, 2013

Andromedan Enlightenment I

The Andromedan Enlightenment has come to us. We are beyond the veil and see clearly the path to the Central Sun. The children of Light guide us to our destination as they are born into the world with wisdom and power. They are those souls who have waited until this time to come forward and empower the grids connecting the earth to the galaxies. The veil has hidden us from the Light which has always been ours. Breathe in the Higher Light and feel your Light Body grow and be refreshed in the stream of the River of Heaven. You are being born into multi-Dimensional consciousness. It was told to you that the Christ would return and so not one but millions have returned and you are one. With every breath you take the Higher Light shines stronger and stronger. In your presence, in the shelter of love and light, grows and beats the divine energy of the Central Sun. You are a flower of the Divine Heart which is being found by the rays of the new day that has broken through the veil of the dark clouds.

Beyond the veil the confusion of the past disappears and quickly your eyes lift up to see the sky and sing with the cosmic choir. The mantra of universal consciousness opens in Oneness to the heart of the earth and you experience the expansion and all is in acceptance. Communion has been reached for the man and the goddess have exchanged energies and become balanced in their fields and a cascade of spirits are receiving the Golden Light of Andromeda. Guided from the heart of the universe from where all things have their origin, the energy of the Grand Central Sun radiates in spirals, the Gold and Silver Strands sent forth on a beam of White Light, the Central Strand. The beam of light is reaching to the earth to align the Heart and the Hara with the rose pink and ultraviolet blue to purify the lower centers and give harmony to the emotionalbody of men and women. In this gathering emotional experience that is being felt by all men and all women the pure White Light streams into the body, into thevery center of the spirit. Creative Love inspires the passion of the divine union for the soul opens to become alive with star light.

The Goddess has touched the Man who was lost and brought him back to feel the beat of his heart. The Heart Chakra opens as the Goddess accepts her creative power from the Mother and her abdomen glows with Golden Light. The Light rises upward to the Heart of Man. In accordance with all that has been given the Masters of Love are male and the Masters of Light are Female. The Divine Guides to the Central Sun and beyond are the Children. The Andromedan Enlightenment quietly allows for the Arcturian Alignment to give Man Love and Women Power. Women now hold again the Goddess power within the Hara centered in the second Chakra which empowers all life into form. Men now again hold Divine Love within the Heart Chakra. Together humanity, man and woman bring the creative power of life into the Central Soul of the Body so that the Children may be the Masters of Power and engage the Enlightenment to full oneness and acceptance. The Children of Light and Power are awakening and will speak wisdom, truth and clarity. The time has come for the expansion of the Enlightened Ones to guide the weary ones on the Lighted Pathway. The Children of the Enlightenment are born today and in their minds the power of creation unfolds. Listen to their hearts sing as you are brought into their presence as they receive the Wisdom of Higher Light. The Lighted Pathway is the road you walk and you walk in unity. All is forgiven and always has been. You are seeing the truth in your own eyes. The Children of the Enlightenment have awakened the secret that the veil is gone.

The veil is lifted and they are walking forth in power and Light to bring you into your soul’s presence. Let it happen, allow the Children to speak without judgment. Their words will free the world. You will receive the gift as you let your own veil fall from your face and feel the sunshine warm your spirit. It is given that you are now a human in alignment with your heart and your womb. Light is ascending and descending upon the tree of life and you feel your spine tingle with every breath of light.Upon this prophecy you are given Divine Oneness by the light shining through the eyes of the Children of Enlightenment. Millions of voices can be heard singing in harmony and speaking magical invocations of mystical awakening and practical attunement. Gather your energy and love to ascend with the Galactic Family of Light. The painful dream is over and you are awake. Awake and come forth to be again with the family. Breathe light into your being and feel it rise into your Higher Mind. Let the Golden Sphere of Light glow and expand to include your heart, your mind, your body, all your emotions, all your relations, all your world. You are the Savior; you are the child within; you are the Christ Within; you are the Divine Golden Light that surrounds the World. The Children of Enlightenment awaken the Power of Andromeda to guide the Stream of Love on the Milky Way to the Central Sun.

The Veil Tears

We are given life immortal in warmth of body and light of mind. The meaning of the message is dual to bring you home to understand. In tears we walk through the veil seeing through the emotional blur of our memories. Let them pass, let them go, surrender to the dreams that are here for you now to behold. The tears open the doorway to the Heart of the Soul. Remember you walk into the light. Hear the Light sing. Run in joy for the love that reaches out for you. Believe in everything. Be one with spirit as it tears open the doorway of the Soul to the Heart.

The veil is lifted and let the light shine. At the threshold you see the long road that awaits your decision. You ask for help from those standing on your left and right and feel the pressure from those that are behind you. In your heart the reason for your leadership is certain. You are the Wayshower and have always been on the leading edge. You listen for encouragement and look left then right. You see that they are standing in support of your life and destiny. You appreciate that you have many relationships that support your dreams and visions.The veil is lifted and the world before you is unknown. Nothing is what it is and you are alone in this movement forward into the seeming darkness.

The veil has protected you from creation while keeping you from creation. Become aware that your faith is unlimited and your knowledge is empty. Fill your lungs with more light and with more life.All that you have known is useless as you walk the stairway to the top of the temple and await the messages from the other side that will allow your sacrifice to be rewarded. The journey to the top of the temple brings you to the mountain of initiation. The Ascension through the lower Dimensions has harvested experience. The completion of the awakening is symbolized here upon the top as your progress continues.

Your dreamed vision must be made real in every waking moment and in every quiet moment, every heartfelt feeling and from the depth of your being you must ask and ask again that your dream vision be realized. Focus on that which you want and see it as complete. See it and believe in it and see it as easily accomplished and finished so you may also see other elements of your life unfold. You will never finish with what you are wishing for as the dream vision continues to open up greater and greater possibilities.

The future is within you now. As you are aware of your feelings, it manifests your thoughts feelings and emotions. The veil being lifted is about overcoming the hindrance of world consciousness and awakening to the Ascension. Still, every person must open their eyes and let in the Higher Light. It is not enough to reach and feel nothing and know the veil is gone. You may now open your eyes and see love where you saw pain, hate, and evil before. The veil is gone, it will never be replaced. Its power has waned and there is no agreement to put it back in placement.The plan of action is to let go and surrender to the Light which will take you to the other side and still allow your body to bend into and with
this Dimension.

All is well as you are receiving information from both fields of intelligence. The touching of this reality and that one is the folding of space/time where the consciousness of each becomes visible and reality shifts. This is the great shift. It comes on behalf of the movement of time and space to the location upon which the wheel is reset and life begins anew and there is peace, freedom and creativity for all become sovereign in accord with divine installation. As time moves faster and faster or curves into the vortex of the fold, creation passes through several stages. We are in the event horizon where as we surrender, we disappear to the rest as we become the fruit of the flower, the transmitted fragrance of the flower, the scent of that which carries on. We are effervescent. We become one with the world of life and creation, no longer limited by the duality of separate existence.

The veil is that which has bound you to this Dimension and now you are open to go forward into the new higher Dimensions. This is what is meant as the doorways through which you stand upon the threshold. You are seeing now new Dimensions which are different and do not give you comfort for they are unknown and new and different. Allow yourself the time necessary to acquaint yourself with the destiny that awaits. Do not rush into manifestation as with each ascending realm of density there is the movement out of the physical into the cosmic and spiritual.

It is often said that the higher densities being less compressed are less sensual than the lower Dimensions of which you participate within. The gift of the knowledge you are gaining is to bring that with you into the higher Dimensions under the management of your soul. You are awakening back into your Fifth Dimensional body with the awareness of the Seventh. From this realization you see that the lower Dimensions are filled with the correct amount of parameters that are certain to awaken the Heart chakra and open the Third Eye and the Crown. This will enable you to see beyond the self and see beyond all the veils that cover the energy centers.Once this is undertaken and you have confirmed it, all will have reality that is brought into alignment with the messages of the future being of which you are born into. There is a gift of happiness which is your life and you are that which is brought into happiness with the light of the Seventh Day.

Practical reality and survival of the lower forms is not in the hands nor under the control of the Dark Alliance. This is not the case. The physical 3D world still behind the veil cannot be rent asunder by the power of a misguided humanity unable or unwilling to see through lies or deceptions of the shortsighted. It is certainly true that the Dark Masters have held up the coming forward of the energies of the Light for centuries as they have attempted to hold back the advent of the New Age. It is simply their way of survival and belief. None of us who act with intent to bring in the higher inspiration are founded upon the belief in their lack of good will. Never does the thought of premeditated ill will enter into the heart of the mind. This is true for all who walk the path of the Masters. So you know that you are the right ones who have sworn to uphold the right of the truth givers to adjust to the demands of the weakness, rather than to align with the powers of the strong.

You hear the words that are brought out and asked to be in true alignment with the Savior of the world and so he becomes the devil and the bringer of Armageddon. Day after day you sit and look into the fields of similarity and the movement of one season to another while the slow changes before your eyes continue. See the slow change to the dawn of something new not visible in the darkness and sameness of a million yesterdays.

Awaken to knowing the battle is over and the field is strewn with the dead and dying who have lost the force of life to carry them on to victory, for there is none. You have fought long and hard and are weary from the fight. So it is asked of you that you take stock of your injuries and your health and walk towards home across the threshold and not look back upon the battle that was waged for eventual benefit.

You win by surrendering to the greater will of the soul of humanity that guides all to the place of peace. The promise is given to all the same and always the same. You are promised peace and rest. You are promised renewal and life. You are promised that you will understand and that your passion for life will be reborn. You are promised that not in vain did you climb and ascend the stairway only to be broken upon the final step.

The final step on the stairway is the gate of Heaven. Rest now, and in this moment as you learn and hear these words instruct you to the proper placement of your life energy, leave all the regrets behind and see that you are focused on the future, and do not be disturbed by anything that approaches you with countered intention. Your eyes are open and the truth is revealed as it always has been in view. Only the Veil has kept your eyes from seeing the light of truth. Now as your eyes open you see the truth. The truth is always and in every way consistent with your feeling. Living in Truth is your initiation into higher intelligence and always the plan that is being worked upon by the Masters of the Higher Love, Heart and Power.


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