Thursday, March 28, 2013

Enlightenment for the Sake of Evolution

 Dear Friends ~  
When we think of enlightenment we think of the Self. This person who incarnated into a family and given a name, a home, schooling, all under the supervision and watchful eye of a parent or parents. We grow up and find our own way in the world and decide to follow the path to enlightenment. There are many, many paths to enlightenment and each one is unique and tailor-made for the individual soul. As we become aware of the fact that we are individual souls and at the same time all joined as One under the huge energy of Source, 'our' journey to enlightenment becomes far more than just a single person's journey!
Yes, we are doing this journey as Dick or Jane Smith or Jones, but, underneath that human guise is one soul that is also connected in energy to a vast mass of energy that the human mind cannot possibly comprehend. Nevertheless, using earth terminology we can come to understand that our single journey is inevitably going to raise the collective consciousness of humankind. If everyone could just see how our intent to gain enlightenment affects this whole planet, and turns the Self-enlightenment into a journey for collective enlightenment. Enlightenment for the sake of Evolution of our planet and all upon her. This puts a whole new perspective on our motives and intention.
Enlightenment cannot be taught, nor can it be handed down from Buddha to Buddha. Each enlightened soul who reincarnates with a human birth still must go through the process of earth-life to reach enlightenment in this present incarnation. The Dalai Lama had to do it, and he never discusses the process or the experiences he had along the way, or the precise date or time when he actually became enlightened again on Earth. That type of information is private and sacred to each soul. Who is going to understand even if one wanted to share it? No, it's for each person to keep privately to themselves, to cherish and experience that sacred awakening.
A spiritual awakening is different to enlightenment. Spiritual awakening is like the veil of earth life has been lifted to see the reality of this earth play, for the first time. Awakenings continue throughout life to show, piece by piece, the true nature of our being and the depth of life itself. The shallowness of earth life is revealed and the layers peeled away to show why we are here and even perhaps the feeling of knowing we have done this all before. Our eyes widen to each and every facet of this awakening and the yearning to learn more is ever present.
 Enlightenment is a far greater spiritual awakening at the Divine level of who we are. Enlightenment puts us in touch with our Godself and expands our consciousness taking in the mysteries of creation and bringing us in alignment with Source. All fears, expectations, desires, needs, etc., all fall away as the soul merges with the One Divine Source. When one needs an answer to a spiritual question, it is there. No need to strive to search for it in one's mind as the mind has merged also with the One Source. All information is available at will. Divinity takes over the earth personality and the soul is free. One can still converse on an earth level with others, but the love and compassion and all the attributes of being divine are all there while one continues their earth life. It enhances one's view of life itself and you also find that when you converse with another person, you have a strong feeling you already know them......and you do, because on a higher level you are all One. The mind, thoughts and actions all come from a place of purity.......if another acknowledges that or not, the heart of the enlightened soul has purity of motive and intention, always.
The Me has disappeared to encompass the All.

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