Monday, March 18, 2013

Healing Your Inner Goddess Angel

There is great potential now to balance the expression of masculine and feminine in you. In this new .MP3 Angel message with Archangel Haniel, you will be guided to realign with the natural flow of life.
You will be lovingly guided to connect with your inner goddess light, and by being willing to release the old hurts, past wounds and challenges experienced, your full spiritual light can shine allowing new possibilities in your life to unfold.
The present energies peaking on the planet may feel a bit overwhelming, challenging, or turbulent, but know that they indeed serve in propelling you forward on your path. The energies yet to come this month, urge you forward towards total transformation… Towards living as the full expression of your authentic spiritual self in physical form.
Align yourself to energetically flow with the changes happening all around you, and allow yourself to spiral up into new levels of joy, love and fulfillment in your life. Allow the inner goddess in you (present whether you are male or female) to emerge healed, recharged, and ready to create powerful positive change in your life, and all of physical reality.
What must you release in order to allow new possibility to form? Archangel Haniel will assist you in answering this question, and successfully releasing past density to then open to new levels of love and light.
Relax, breathe, and listen to connect with the love and healing of the angelic realms. 

archangel haniel angel message


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