Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kryon on Ascension - How to attune yourself to the highest vibration

Yes indeed you are connected with KRYON, .. do not worry about the intricacies of the name and do not worry about anything dear child for I come to you with love and devotion, for I come to you with love and understanding, for I am you and you are me and together we shall be always..
What is your questions dear child?…. (the question is about what else could we do in order to facilitate our ascension beyond what we are doing_).. ahh dear child that is a great question that you have brought forth and I will try and give you a most elaborate and yet straight to the point answer.
What you as humanity light workers are currently doing is letting go of the past. I will only speak to the light workers at the moment, for the majority of humanity sadly has not yet awakened, but do not worry dear child for there will come a day and there will come a time and there will come a minute and a there will come a moment, that is NOW, that happening within your sphere, when everyone on earth plane will rejoice with love and devotion to each other, and from where I am looking at you, from where we are standing currently, and showing the light, we are seeing that indeed it is true, that such a process has already occurred.
For as you already know that everything is indeed in the NOW, we are here in the now and in the present and there is no duality, there is no duality of time and space and matter.

I have spoken about this previously before, but I will repeat it here again for those that may have not understood, for what is duality dear child…, what you perceive duality to be is not as it is. For what you believe it is to be, is being in two worlds simultaneously, that is not so, for what duality represents is seeing separation, separation of one being into two, separation of each of you from each other, separation of anything into the dark and into the light.
And so we will speak to you about a very important aspect of your ascension.. the none duality approach and the reason it is so important is because, if you do not embrace the idea that duality does not exist… if you believe something to be either black or either white, then you are going to miss out on the most important point in the ascension and in your life and in your understanding of life, for duality does not occur anywhere but in your made up worlds, for it is indeed not as it should be, and then again you may argue with me and say how should it be, or should it not be, aren't you the one to speak to me about none judgment?
And I will say onto you that it is true and it is correct that there is no duality and there is no such thing as “should or should not”, but from our perspective and most importantly from the perspective of YOUR HIGHER SELF of your true soul… the desire of unity is unfolding, the desire for unity and peace and harmony is what is driving you forward, as it should.
And so we must explain to you in detail so that you can understand the reason that remaining in duality will stop you from ascending further… the point of ascension for each one of you, is to see that you are connected indeed, undeniably so, and that you are all ONE and the same, and yet so different from each other and that what makes it a wondrous experience for all of you… Duality - Not to judge, and judged be not.
Not to be in judgment of anything. To just accept it as is, to accept it as it should be or should not be. And yes you keep asking me over and over again, how then are you saying that there is a dark side and light side. What we are explaining to you is that you should relate to each other, and most importantly to yourselves, for when you are in your day to day state, of mind, and state of being, you go about your day and you put labels and judgment and remain in duality at every moment, for you judge whether or not that color is good, or that colors I bad, or that person is good or that person is bad, and that is remaining in duality.
For what we are asking of you is remain in a state of ONENESS dear child, whereby you check to see how you resonate with whatever comes your way, and whereby you do not judge it to be anything negative or positive, but you simply see how you resonate with whatever is being presented before you..
  And if you do not resonate with it, ask yourself why is it so, that I do not find that I resonate with it when others do.. You will then know thyself that much better and be able to remove the ingrained insecurities, ingrained misunderstandings, ingrained miss identities that have been placed upon you, by those that are in control of your world presently so.
For duality has been created in order to separate you, in order to separate you into various entities, in order to create an illusion of separation, and hence we are here to tell you that it is not indeed so, for you are all connected to one another. And now going back to your question about what you should or should not do. Well dear child, since you are asking this question then you do recognize that there are certain aspect of yourself that are preventing you from moving forward, moving away and through the veil of misconception.
And hence we are going to give you a “check list” and of course we are going to begin and say this onto you, that really there is no right or wrong, there is no bad or good, there I no dark o light, although we are going to be referring to dark and light in the future for that is how you are used to understanding the ideas that are going to be presented to you, but in the sometime, in the time of times, when you are no longer in duality we will be able to speak with you face to face candidly so, and you will no longer have these ideas of dark an light, for you will accept all as is, and you will come to understand that there is no light and there is no dark, for its all the same, a unity, for there must be light and there must be dark in order to facilitate life further so..
And hence the check list : You are to begin your day with an early meditation, even if you are rushing off to work as many of you are doing, we ask that you remove yourself from your beds a few minutes in advance and walk towards the light, and the dawn of the breaking sun, and as you face towards the morning sun, we ask you to do the sun salutation, yes indeed dear child sun salutations that you are so very well familiar with, for that will set you in a good state of mind for the rest of your earthly day!
And hence you are to mediate as well for at least five minutes, that is all that we are asking of you, so that you can get into the state of being in such a state that even if you are not meditating throughout the day you are still connected to the source as you walk around your day and as you walk about your current world and do your current earthly deeds.



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