Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Control Structure Among Lightworkers and The Future Upon Earth

It is primarily about , or to say ‘rooted from’,

the individuals desire to maintain or acquire self meaning and well being.

There are psychological models which describe how children and adults experience their needs and seek

to acquire what is necessary to respond to the inner experience of need.

With this beginning, or platform of cognization of being a human being,

the individual, s ,  seeking fulfillment of those perceived needs,

find themselves interacting with the outer world, with others,

via a  creation and maintenance of their personal self image, and their self perceived public

image/image they maintain with others,

again , all rooted in ‘basic needs’.

This is  our message for today.

I know many of you will  be excited to hear that my name is Thoth,

And yes , my energy is here in the channeling,

So if you wish to practice your discernment, now is a good time to check the energy,

And having seen, felt, or perceived in some way,

to process within you , how that is to you.

Friendly, Threatening?  All kinds of energies exist. You can discern?  You practice?

You are loved beyond all, every one, yet who is it that is loving you?

And therein lies your answer.

I love and bless you all.

Narayana to  the new cycle of evolution which is even right now struggling to get off the ground.

Look within for your verification.

Be in peace.

Try not to hate yourself.

Yet, do not be afraid of hate.

Hate is just an energy pattern.

Master everything.

Or live with ie hate being more powerful than you and being your master.

Be immune to hate and love.

This is a state you do not yet understand.

Everything is contained within it.

There is no need to escape.

Sort of the womb of life.


Yet, also nothing.

Yet, also the purest love beyond anything.

You define love as the opposite of something else, or some variation.

This understanding is planetary, human based. It does not even begin to contact the reverberations of

consciousness from source that form realities far far beyond.

It is in these places, in your planetary future, that humans will begin to explore.

Your’s in Christ,

I Am Thoth


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