Saturday, March 30, 2013


We are the Nephilim and we are here to further guide and support as mother earth now aligns fully with ALL THAT IS and ALL BECOME ONE. We draw your attention to the astrological alignments that are coming into place and also the 3D overlay of the EASTER celebrations which are predominant across much of planet earth in your linear waking time frame.
The time of RESURRECTION is upon the human race, those who sought to contain and suppress now realising that there RAIN is now over. Those who walk as our children in human form now taking their places for all is now in position, for ALL ARE and ALL JUST IS. The time of galactic harmonisation between the human race and ALL is NOW. We ask for you to understand the cosmic alignment and the outpouring of energies that will now flood across and within planet earth, helping ALL at this time to release all that no longer serves and to come back into balance and alignment with ALL THAT IS.
All who have traversed the dimensional timelines and have now come back into balance will work to release the last of the tendrils of the old earth energetic frequencies in order that they are able to come into full position and enter the new earth in TRUTH.
The re-alignment of ALL energetic fields upon and within planet earth will now commence. This will allow huge changes to unfold upon and within planet earth and allow the disclosure of ALL to begin in TRUTH. Teachings of distortion without a suitable energetic holding pattern are unable to continue in their anchoring and so it begins. The LIGHT will now shine out and across planet earth as it has always shone but now it will be seen by those who were struck blind by the teachings of distortion, for the vision of the human race will now be restored in TRUTH.
We are the Nephilim and ALL unfolds NOW for the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND in TRUTH.


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