Monday, March 25, 2013

The Permanent Benefits of Self-Transformation

The process of self-transformation is very individual and depends upon how much time each person chooses to spend on self-inquiry. When life and its many challenges become clear that they are sent to test and strengthen us, we are free from their possible negative effect. We have to learn to 'let-go' of the surface-drama and look deeper and see if it was a gift in disguise for us to become stronger within. In time, one will see life totally through the soul's eyes and not the physical eyes of the personality self.
That is self-transformation. Inner-peace also enters one's life when obstacles that arise are seen as tools for self-transformation. A heart that is free from only seeing and living in the physical world can soar to great heights and a newfound happiness will reside within. Life takes on a more meaningful energy than just providing us with "good or bad" situations. There is depth in everyday activities and this makes way for serenity to enter one's life.
The strength and resolve that is gained from living a life that has clear meaning is well worth the effort and the pains along the way. What is permanently gained from this earth venture is the recognition of the true self that has come forward to guide and sustain the person throughout the rest of their life. A new awareness of how sacred life is can never be taken away. Once a person has experienced the vastness of self-transformation, the journey forward is paved with newfound vigour and reverence for all life and their own particular struggles and achievements.
                                                              *~*     With So Much Love  ~  *~*


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