Friday, March 29, 2013

Truth Is Nondenominational And Universal

The diamond of Truth is ever present. It is a matter of allowing ourselves to recognize it.
The diamond of Truth is ever present. It is a matter of allowing ourselves to recognize it.

Truth cuts across cords of opinions, preferences, religions, habits and life experience. There are some truths we have experienced. Some truths we have not experienced. Truths we have yet to experience are not invalidated by our current lack of experience to date. Truth is truth not based on popularity. Truth is nondenominational and universal, and appears in practically all religions. No one religion or group owns truth, not even athiests.

Truth is like a multi-faceted diamond. A brilliantly cut diamond is not diminished by many facets of this precious gem. As a matter of fact, the many facets adds to the quality of this precious gemstone. Each facet is unique.
Truth is also like a double sided coin. There is the same coin of truth, but depending on the individual perspective or indoctrination, truth carries with it the paradoxes of yin/yang, front/back, the four forces of creation and understanding. No matter what the subject is, not just spiritual matters, truth shines through the minutia of the moment, and resonates deep in the heart, whether or not we scientifically know all the facts related to the subject or not.
As we progress with healing this world, understanding the numerous variations of religious, educational, political, social and humanitarian thought, reaching beyond the borders of our cultural histories and diversities, the Light of Truth shines on the common ground as well as the vast differences of intent.
Truth is multidimensional and cannot be limited by avoidance. Truth makes itself known. The truth comes out in the end, over time. Trying to hide the truth is like trying to hold an inflated beach ball under water. It is only a matter of time before untruth and truth is revealed. It matters little how much we talk ourselves into believing our lies.
Truth does not need it to be yelled out to be true. Truth equally manifests in silence.
The truth of how our galaxy, our universe, our cosmos got here, is how it got here. It is not my opinion that makes truth, truth.
Truth does not require me to kill anything or anyone to make it true.


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