Monday, April 1, 2013

Connecting to YOUR Inner Solar Sun: The Earth’s Constant State Of Expansion!

The Angelical Update!
About Connecting to YOUR Inner Solar Sun:
The Earth’s Constant State Of Expansion!
Right now in this millisecond of time, our Universe is expanding.
This expansion is part of your life.
 It is also part of YOUR Ascension plan.
Since your individual ascension is about raising your own awareness levels high enough to manifest what you want consciously and positively here on Earth whilst being aware of your higher presence.

It is through this that a higher vibration attraction-point is achieved in both your body and mind THROUGH your inner solar sun. This is achieved through the magnetic pull of your soul which is linked to this planet Earth and grounded to her like a fixed energy beacon of love.
Through this process of change which is happening you will feel exhilarated, free, and loved if you allow it!

Thanks to Earth
and her beautiful Human nation, Our collective universe(s) will benefit from the trials and tribulations of her heart and your heart. This how the Divine expansion happens!
Whatever goes on in this world…good/bad/indifferent is kept recorded by the Guard Angels. Whereby other nations in this cosmos can benefit and learn from the experiences of a human nation, who is at this moment of NOW, is eternally offered the return to innocence.
You are loved, appreciated, adored in your return to your divine higher nature.
This is the Expansion you came to live this life out for!

The way forward in the density of life is to continually recognize your inner state of presence… and making that CHOICE … of Returning to Innocence at every moment. This is sometimes felt as the MASTER SOLAR presence.
In this way what others think, do, or say to you will have no affect on you except to ENHANCE your life experience into a better one!

This choice can be done moment to moment in YOUR life.
This enables you to feel good! Why feel bad when feeling good is your natural state of connection.
You deserve to feel good, you deserve all good!

This guidance and knowing helps you manifest what you desire in our 3rd dimensional reality too.

Therefore the higher aspects will be drawn to you naturally!

You may face some hostility on the way by others who wish to hold you back from connecting to your inner solar sun.

By remembering your true essence, by remembering your inner solar sun, you will be lifted!

The following is a very good mantra/affirmation for your inner solar sun to radiate and glow.
 You can read it when you are relaxed, or when you face the glows and heat of the evening sun.

  • The ancient Egyptians did this process to connect to their divine!

Remember  You are Worthy, You are Loved,
You are of A Purity which is SO Powerful!

The following mantra you can place nearby for YOU to read, smile and remind yourself that:





Our Cosmic Universe is a relaxed representation of us!
Our cosmic Universe does not struggle, it simply flows allowing the Angelical energies to sift through it (which is a maths equation) and make it expand, greater and greater! There is so much power taking place within all this.
  • It is a cosmic principle too.

Therefore we must allow ourselves to be relaxed for the process of expansion and ascension into the awareness state!
In this way the Divine power will work through us properly and positively.

This planet is surrounded by angels who help you when you ask of them; this is a cosmic principle on Earth. This is a divine right, an angelical blessing for all of us!
This is our beautiful home planet; we shall always eternally look after it with our love, grace, and honor.  This is the place to BE, this is the place where Love EXPANDS!
Planet Earth asked for herself and all her inhabitants the divine right of angelic presence from the beginning, the above mantra that I have shared with you was her call out telepathically!
It was the message, heard by the power of love which surrounds our entire cosmos.

This is the same love which surrounds YOU now and makes up your reality.
So have fun with it,

 You are part of an Eternal Divine Power.

Blessed Is YOUR Life! Blessed is YOUR Expansion!
With love,


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