Thursday, April 4, 2013

Don't Just Settle For the Now. Spiritual Guidance from the Fey Realms

Before I get started with this message. I, Wish to tell you a few things. I have been battling in my mind now for sometime. Fighting What I was being told about my soul, and my higher self, and the identity of who I really am. I normally just channel the Fey realm itself working with the wee ones. But some of our Brethren Fighting within the wars of Heaven are a part of that same Fey realm. They are Star Elves. Warriors of the Light. Working along side of the Paa-tal. Through the reading of the channel, of Archangel Metatron and Understanding my position, it has been confirmed to me that what I was receiving was true and must be told. The following is a message from The Star Elves. We are the Warriors of Light Contacting you in Love, Beautiful Day dear souls, We have a very important message to give to you. Don't Just Settle. Working on your growth is never ending until you are merged with the Prime Creator. It is eternally your goal to reach source. You are never done obtaining wisdom and growth. Just focusing on the now and not bettering yourself, is not working towards source. You are constantly moving toward source until you reach source. Once in the Light, your Job of learning is never totally done. You will be moving closer and closer until you merge with the pure light. It was never intended for you to stop progress. Feeling that you "have arrived" or "you made it", and then only focusing on the now moment, Is not helping your growth. Growth never ends. When doing this you become stagnant. This lack of progress is causing you to stop growing in the light. Your focus needs to be on the gaining the constant wisdom and grow into each step, into your next density. If you do not do this then you are settling for staying were you are at this moment. Do you understand dear ones what We are saying? It is very important not to get stuck because you have chosen to believe you have arrived to your destination. The work of the light is never over. this is a misconception of many. understanding that there is no time and there is no rush is one thing. But totally focusing on the Now moment and not progressing is what the dark wish you to do. the more you are focused just on this now moment the less you are moving toward the source. The less you move toward the light. the less you evolve. If you stop evolving then the dark will have there way. We are constantly evolving toward source. bettering ourselves to meet our maker. The dark has used the now moment to stop the progression of your growth. The "now moment" is just that, a moment. A Moment in eternity. It does not mean to stop your work and growth toward light. It means that this moment in eternity is now. and Now you should be working toward your next moment. and so on. and so on. each moment in eternity is growth to the next. your now moment should be spent working toward your next moment. Building your wisdom and raising your vibrations to obtain the next density. Don't just Settle for the "Now Moment". You are beyond this Moment, You are eternal. Your Soul-selves are of the higher densities. you need to Constantly work toward obtaining the higher. the pure , the ultimate. the source. Many things are happening within your world, and the dark has had there hands on a lot of whats happening. to stop progress is stopping your evolution. Evolving to the next moment is important for humanity. The dark has always tried to stop this. They have always tried stopping you from obtaining your highest potential. Now is no different. they still are trying at their last effort to stop your evolution. Understand dear ones that this is truth. The darks Last efferts to stop evolution, has caused many of the light workers and way showers to stop their light work. You must keep working for the Light. you must stop focusing Just, on this "Now Moment" and Start Focusing on working towards Source. Never Settle for Just Now. You are an eternal being. You are a beautiful, magnificent powerful being. Our Creator made you As a co-creator. Your Goal is to be merged in his ultimate pure light. Keep working to obtain this dear ones. We Love you. We are the Star Elves. May you all, feel Love, peace and Joy.


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