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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Activating the Frequencies of the Infinite You

At your core is a field that transcends the mind, easily accessed by listening to a series of audios found in the Quantum Powers , called ‘Infinite-Self Frequencies Activations.’ 

With them, you’ll systematically break through the duality based perceptions of the linear mind that keep you locked out from fully accessing your innate and unlimited powers.

After having performed thousands of remote transformations and healings and helping others create new realities, I know exactly which frequencies of your essence you need to tap into in order to transform and clear the blocks of the mind. 

I know very intimately which fears, worries, and doubts will want to creep in, try to close your access to who you really are, and keep you from utilizing your infinite powers. 

I know what you’re up against because I broke through the limitations myself.

Now I do things that are “impossible”, like reprogramming other peoples’ subconscious mind while on they’re on other side of the world – while they’re sleeping, working, and going about their daily routine. 

The fact is that we all have superhuman powers! 
It’s just a matter of activating them.

Frequencies of the Infinite You

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Discover the advanced teachings and practices hidden within esoteric Christianity

An unprecedented opportunity to discover the advanced teachings and practices hidden within esoteric Christianity...

The time has come to radically open your heart, awaken to an embodied divinity,and be inspired to walk a path of sacred action in the world

We are blessed to be alive at one of the most amazing moments in history, where all that was once hidden is now becoming revealed.
The great spiritual wisdom and practices that for millennia were reserved exclusively for the initiated, are now being unveiled to help us heal our humanity and awaken to the fully divinity that we are.
While conventional Christianity would have us believe that Jesus was the “one and only son of God”, the esoteric christian mystics knew the truth.
One of the greatest spiritual secrets of the ages was that Jesus was both fully human and radically divine.
He was, in fact, a way shower for the kind of transformation that is possible for ALL of humanity.
Hidden within his remarkable life and story, he left us a spiritual map to transform human consciousness and create an enlightened culture on planet earth.
And while more and more people are beginning to wake up to this profound truth, the question remains;
How can we decode and understand this ancient map of spiritual transformation that Jesus left us and live in Christ consciousness NOW?
That is exactly what renowned mystic and scholar Andrew Harvey will share with you in this groundbreaking free event.
Andrew will pull back the veil on the radical truths offered by Jesus to illumine the path forward for embodying Christ consciousness as a moment-to-moment reality.
Far more than a teleseminar, this is a virtual initiation into the unvarnished truth, going beyond platitudes and consoling fictions to help you forge a life that is profound, impactful and divine.
You’ll emerge seeing this wayshower with new eyes, as a friend and ally rather than an untouchable “savior.” It’s a vision of the Christ path for the new millennium: a more democratic, global, and embodied view than what we’ve inherited.
Andrew Harvey will also share how to reclaim the sacred feminine at the heart of this lineage, birth the divine child, and experience the Christ path as part of a universal inheritance rather than a specific religion.
It’s an event equally appropriate for Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and holistic seekers who are hungering to move beyond partial paths and fundamentalisms to something more gritty, real and whole.
For too long, spiritual teachings have sought only light and hidden from shadow, crippling our ability to create a true Heaven on Earth. That new world is, in reality, born through our heartbreak, built through our dark nights, and forged in the crucible of love.
If you long for a path that is only sweet and serene, this is not the event for you.
Be prepared for brilliance, provocative insights, and passionate words that speak straight into your soul!

Three Powerful Ways to Increase Your Inner Light

Three Powerful Ways to Increase Your Inner Light,
Create Your New Reality and Loving Relationships!

What is The Easiest Way
to Awaken The Ascended and Angelic Master Within,
Create Fulfilling Relationships and Live a Purpose-driven, Abundant Life
… and stay Connected to Your Divine Guidance ?

 Step Into the New Earth and Have the Ascended Life
You’ve always Wanted!

Find out, how Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael
created a step-by-step system can transform ALL Areas of Your Life. 

It is a step-by-step system, packed with information, guided meditations and exercises, which makes Creating Your New Reality Easy. Each of the 12 Activations of Light improves a specific area of your life so that:

You will be able to Attract True Love into Your Life

- Your Relationships become more Loving and Fulfilling

- You will be able to fulfill Your True Purpose in life with Joy

- You will be able to Create Lasting Abundance

- You will become Connected to Your Divine Guidance to make better decisions in your life

You might be thinking:

“Transforming 12 Areas of my Life sounds like a lot of work!”

The good news is, that all it takes is to watch a few videos and your life will
begin to change for the better with ease!

Here are the twelve Chakras and how they relate to your life:

12 Chakra Qualities

Remember: All these areas will improve, just by watching a few simple videos,
where you can relax, meditate and experience the abundant joy and love
of Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rely on the God within you, Archangel Samael of the Galactic Federation

Archangel Samael Of The Galactic Federation

I began having contact with a being who is a member of the federation who calls himself Samael who is an Archangel from the 7th dimension and this is his first message....for the past week or so like clock work I have received messages from him, there are many others:

I come with a message in hopes of better unifying the light crew of earth so that you may all focus on what is important which is the empowerment and upliftment of the earth civilization, in fact it is not a message rather it is a bit of advice, do not put your trust in me or in any of the brothers and sisters of light instead put your trust in the God within you and your ability to to change the course of earths history.

See to it that you do not be deceived by external light because this will cause the true flame, the true light within to extinguish itself as you give less and less energy to it and rely more and more on a candle on a table rather then the sun within your core being and it is very important to give more and more energy to this sun, to fuel it because this is the very same sun that will come to save humanity, it is the second coming, the return of the Sun of God, the return of light(truth, information) within humanity so it is important to guide humanity to accepting this sun within them by being an example.

Brothers and sisters when you ignore your inner master you will loose your personal power and darkness will set in, the darkness will be like being spiritually blind, you will not see truth, you will not recognize truth, for it has gone from you, you will have put out the sun that illuminated your path and even this message is meaningless because it has not come from within you the reader. This is simply a suggestion, a piece of advice to listen to yourself, even if you choose to believe that our intent is of a darker nature or one of love, respect and service to all it is still your truth but it is yours alone.

If you were to impose your truth forcefully upon another you are then in direct violation of universal law, the law of free will. Guide others through the exchange of light which is information contained already within, share ideas and accept each sentient beings free will choice. accept the beauty of the universal energy which is that all beings are one energy individually co-creating realities that (e)merge on different levels of now, know that all is divine order. We are all yes even us living and learning. Not one being is better then the other or darker or lighter then another some are misinformed others are informed this is the true darkness and light.

We the federation love you all very much and respect your choice as equal beings of God to be free and learn as you choose and this is why it is very important that you understand that we will never land on your planet and declare anything that you have done thus far as wrong or evil, everything experienced on your planet was pre ordained by each of you, all we can do should we ever arrive in your world is suggest alternatives to assist in the advancement of your learning but we will never declare that our way is the right way, should this occur they are not our ships and the inhabitants of the ships are not one of service to all.

As stated before you must not read this and convince yourself that if it comes from us it must be no that is false, do not give away your power, your truth comes from your heart which is the gateway of the Akashic records everything is within you already, do not allow others to say that they see us here or there, do not allow others to tell you that we are bad or good, of the light or of the darkness, do not allow anyone ever to say come with us we are the federation or we are of the ascended masters until you have checked in with your heart, your soul center.

Quietly meet yourself, shake hands and ask yourself if this is a good idea before accepting anything at all, the kingdom of God is within you embrace it and respect it, if someone tells you that you are wrong stand firm in your beliefs but accept theirs as well, acknowledge that they have a different truth then yours and you respect the universal law of free will and they should do the same.

Should we come to your world soon be aware and do not approach us until you ask your heart, soul center, remember that you are the guides of humanity and their safety is your responsibility if you lead the lamb blindly across the ravine they may drown or be eaten up by wolves, in the coming years you will all be examples, humanity will look to you for answers, see to it that you do not become blind. For many will come in our name and will try to deceive you by offering you a candle stick that is nothing compared to the beauty and awesome power of the amazing sun already contained within you.

If you ever seek to speak with us but want to always make sure that information comes from within you when you are done speaking with us meditate and meet yourself and ask yourself: was this information truthful? do not simply accept all information that comes your way and always before establishing contact say to yourself: I seek information from an outside source but I rely on myself to know truth, yes everything you told is false until proven other wise by you.

May you live in harmony, experience peace and feel love....Samael from the galactic federation.

akashic, aliens, angels, brothers, sisters, channelings, light, galactic, love, God

A global community of souls with open minds and open hearts

Friday, June 21, 2013

Building a new paradigm for our world: the next evolution has begun!

Calling all conscious change agents who are building a new paradigm for our world: the next evolution has begun!

And THIS evolution will be fueled by the power of love....

The great news is that Anodea Judith has just the map for us to navigate our times and to lead the way forward. After decades of being the world’s leading teacher on the chakras, she’s mapped in illuminating detail the journey of how our world shifts its operating system from the love of power to the power of love.
This long-awaited shift requires the ignition of the personal and global heart as the new center of gravity for life.
The journey requires us to become Love-Powered Evolutionaries who can lead the way.
All of us. Including you.
In this exciting free call event, Anodea will share HOW we can rewire our bodies, lives, and our world with the paradigm of the heart at the core. It’s the new foundation for relationships. Work. Play. Art. Social Organization. Politics. And more.
We are driven on a very deep, unconscious level by the cultural codes we’ve inherited and most of them were born, developed, and sustained in an era built on the “love of power.” Anodea will illuminate how this structured everything from politics to church, from media to marriage.
Our crises are our wake-up call, shaking us out of 5000-year-old habits and leading us to new patterns of possibility.
After millennia of dominance, it’s time for collaboration.
After millennia of rule by a chain of command, we are now entering a web of co-creation.
The question is: how can we accelerate this change and create lives that are shining examples of the new paradigm – healthy, peaceful, prosperous, and creative?
Anodea will offer key insights into four foundations for leadership into this new era during her free call event, drawing from her forthcoming book, The Global Heart Awakens:
  1. Liberating Your Vision
  2. Building Bridges from the Old
  3. Awakening Your Heart, Healing Polarizations
  4. Committing to Embodied Mastery
Join us for an essential event for evolutionaries everywhere who are called into the next level of your mastery and

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Enlightened Business: Kickstart your conscious online business

Are you ready to take your existing business to the next level – and create more abundance doing what you love?

Do you want to share your unique product or service with the world and have a bigger impact in the lives of more people?
Are you curious about what it really takes to create a successful business online?
If you’re like most conscious entrepreneurs and business owners you want to cut to the chase and learn the most effective tools, information and strategies to take your business to a new level in the next 12 months.
But if you want to truly grow your business and share your product or service with the world, there’s no better opportunity than to take your vision online. This, however, presents a different set of challenges.
With technology evolving at light-speed and with so many pieces to the online business puzzle, it’s no wonder that heart-centered entrepreneurs often get discouraged and overwhelmed at the thought of trying to sell their products and services on the web.
What if I told you there was a proven path to creating a successful business online...
Join renowned online business and marketing expert George Kao as he guides you step-by-step through the essential tools and strategies for creating an authentic and profitable online presence that attracts your ideal clients.

In this *free* online training, you’ll discover:

  • How not to spoil your audience – how to instead gift them with value, transformation, and build your business at the same time
  • The 3 parts of the journey to enlightened business
  • A simple and effective way to think about your niche – connecting your passion with your compassion
  • Comparing online marketing methods: blogging, social networks, video, newsletters, webinars
  • Why most business training/coaching programs don’t work, and what’s needed instead – the framework for creating lasting transformation
  • Problems with the blogging revolution and how we move into The Transformation Age

Vitality, Freedom, Peak Energy and Youthful Vibrancy await you!

Are You Ready to Break Through Old Patterns of Struggle, Stress, Scarcity and Sickness and Step Into a Life of Vitality, Joy and Love For Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

NOW is The Time!

There is a powerful positive, transformational energy awakening in the world and in YOU. The vibration within the collective consciousness has never been more conducive to creating optimal wellness on all levels – Body, Mind, Heart and Soul!

And the fact that you’ve arrived here at the Winter of Wellness means you are ready to tap into these new energies and gracefully shift out of struggle and stress, solitude and sickness and all forms of suffering and into a life of ease, abundance, peace, joy and a deep, solid connection with your divine essence.
When you register for the Winter of Wellness you will join a global community and immerse yourself in a collective field focused on creating optimum, full spectrum health and wellness. You’ll experience and participate in 12-weeks of transformational sessions that will Awaken, Inform, Uplift and Inspire YOU to step into the highest and BEST expression of your true nature AND IT’S ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Vitality, Freedom, Peak Energy and Youthful Vibrancy await you!

Get ready because you are about to embark on a journey that is going to change your whole life.

You will have DIRECT ACCESS to these master teachers who will give you the information, inspiration, tools and techniques you need right now to feel GREAT!
But more important, when you join us, you will be immersing yourself in a vibrational healing field for 3-months. You’ll be tapping into the potent energies that these master healers, teachers and leaders bring to the sessions.
And those potent energies will be amplified by the tens of thousands of listeners from all over the world coming together with a common intention... to create lives of optimal, full spectrum wellness!
  • Isn’t it time to end the stress, the struggle, the pain, the suffering?
  • Isn’t it time to feel energized, vital, joyful and fully alive?
  • Isn’t it time to say yes to a life of optimum wellness?
  • All you have to do is register for FREE... then listen.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



The feather flew, not because of anything in itselfcbut because the air bore it along.
Thus am I, a feather on the breath of God. –Hildegard of Bingen

Throughout history, human beings have gone to great lengths in search of a unitive or “mystical” experience with Something greater than themselves. Risking poisoning or permanent neural damage, seekers in many cultures ingest psychotropic substances. Others fast to the brink of starvation. Some seek ecstatic union though intense pain, or prolonged sexual arousal, or a combination of the two. Some seekers push the physical limits of the body and mind through prolonged meditation or yogic exercise. Others seek a “runner’s high” to the detriment of their knees and spines. Any of these methods will in fact work; yet none of them is necessary. You can simply breathe.
But breathing is never really simple. Our breath bears our emotional history and is a playing field for our flirtations with both Eros and Thanatos. While our relationship with our breath is often barely conscious, the quality and form of our breathing enhances and communicates much about our emotional state. As children, we hold our breath to get what we want; breath steels and expresses our will. When we are frightened, we gasp for breath sharply with the upper chest; breath influences and expresses our anxiety level. When we sleep, exercise, concentrate, make love, or meditate, our breath takes on again other patterns to support our activities.
My own first memory of breath is as a two- or three-year old, breathing heavily in the sweaty aftermath of a nightmare. Then there were childhood asthma attacks, likely due—at least in part—to my parents’ in-house smoking and the air quality of Staten Island in the 1970’s. To overcome the asthma, I struggled with breathlessness through several painful and humiliating summers on a local swim team, at first unable to complete a single lap and hanging panting against the wall of the pool. Finally, the weakness was broken and my breath became strong… just in time for me to pick up smoking myself, smoking several packs of cigarettes a day, until I eventually quit and took up yoga and breath practices. The bizarre and surprisingly difficult path of smoking cessation—and the importance of conscious breathing in that process—showed me clearly that the breathing process is much more than a simple exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide: it holds the key to deep and sometimes invisible parts of our identity.
In 2009, I was lying on a yoga mat in a friend’s house, the first floor of which had been converted into a spiritual temple. I was with about ten other people, and was about to begin my first session of intense breathwork. After a preliminary orientation, we had begun breathing as we had been instructed: a simple breath pattern, through the mouth, with an emphasis on the inhalation, at a rate of about one breath per second. There was evocative ambient music, candles flickering among the holy figures on the giant, multi-tiered wooden altar, and a wide Taos drum in the center of the room. Our yoga mats were arranged around this drum like the spokes of a wheel.
After what seemed to be only minutes of this breathing, my breath began to take on a life of its own: sometimes deep, fast, and powerful… then shallow and rapid… then the breath would suspend itself for what seemed to be minutes. My hands and mouth contracted into tetany, which I experienced as a euphoric sensation. Soon enough, the tetany subsided. I had entered into an expanded state of consciousness that I came to know very well as I returned time and time again to breathwork.
In this expanded and visionary state I have had several powerful and euphoric encounters with archetypal and personal-biographical figures, experienced the healing of somatic pain, and even had what in the literature of Holotropic Breathwork is called a “perinatal experience,” an experience that seems to touch a memory of our pre-birth life.[i] The intensity and immediacy of these experiences cannot be overstated. These experiences, when they come, seem to originate from a deeper level of what’s really real than do the events of my external life. Needless to say, these experiences now figure strongly in how I understand the world around and within me.
Tradition as well as experience and research indicates that conscious work with the breath can help heal emotional and even physical pain and disease, and can vitalize our body/mind complex in ways that are so extraordinary that I hesitate to describe them… you simply wouldn’t be likely to believe me. Many of these practices have historically been taught in connection with faith traditions or spiritual systems such as yoga, and have been handed down from master to disciple in ways meant to protect the disciple (or the uninitiated) from psychological or physical harm.
It turns out that Holotropic Breathwork is but a very recent development of a millennia-long history of breath practices that we humans have discovered and utilized to enter states of expanded consciousness and divine union. In spirituality circles it has been en vogue for a few decades now to point out that the words for “breath” and “spirit” in several scriptural languages are related: ruach in Hebrew, ruh in Arabic, pneuma in Greek, and spiritus in Latin. From this last, we have in English words like “inspire/inspiration” and “expire/expiration” that carry dual meanings relating both to breath and to spirit in various forms (creativity, vitality).
Historically, breath and expanded consciousness have been strongly linked, and these links have often been expressed through faith traditions. The Name of God (ha Shem[ii]) given to Moses in the Biblical book of Exodus, YHVH, is thought by some Scripture scholars to represent the sound of breath itself: the YAH sound representing an inhalation, the VEH sound representing an exhalation. The very breath, then, is a holy mantram; each breath is, whether we intend it or not, a calling out of the Holy Name. This also means that the first thing we utter—and the last thing we say (before expiring)—is the Name of God. The Name of God is breath.
In one of the two creation stories in the Book of Genesis God takes the human figures created out of clay and breathes into them. Breath, which vitalizes the human being, carries with it something of the Divine presence and identity; to breathe upon, or into, something is to share life essence with that something. This link between breath and ha Shem remains in Judaism: as one example, a recent book of Jewish prayers translated into English by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi carries the title, All Breathing Life Adores Your Name.[iii]
Mystical Christianity has taught for over 1500 years that attentiveness to the breath opens one up to the presence of God. The Hesychastic tradition of Christian meditators (alive and well worldwide these days, and centered on Mt. Athos in Greece) teaches that one can experience the Kingdom of God within oneself:
Try to enter your inner treasure-house and you will see the treasure-house of heaven. For both the one and the other are the same, and one and the same entrance reveals them both. The ladder leading to the kingdom is concealed within you, that is, within your soul.[iv]
This inner treasure-house is the human heart, which is entered/opened through the breath:
Breathing is a natural way to the heart. And so, having collected your mind within you, lead it into the channel of breathing through which air reaches the heart and, together with this inhaled air, force your mind to descend into the heart and to remain there… then a [person] sees that the kingdom of heaven is truly within us…[v]
In Islamic Sufism, too, breath is seen as a bearer of, and conduit of, the presence of the Divine. Sufi poets such as Hafiz al-Shirazi, Rumi, Saadi, Attar, and others, speak of “the fragrance of God” which, of course, is sniffed in with the breath. One of the main metaphors for the human being is the reed flute, which God presses with divine lips and through which God blows the holy breath. For its part, the flute exists in a state comprising both moments of the ecstatic with a deep longing for the reed-bed, for full divine communion as was known before it was “cut” or individualized. And within the breath itself lies the essence of that divine ecstasy that is searched for but can never be the object of a search:
Here’s the new rule: Break the wineglass
And fall toward the Glassblower’s breath.[vi]

Why is it, you may ask, that breath-based spiritual practices are not part of the curriculum in every yeshiva, mosque and Sunday school in America? One guess is that the silence around these methods among the masses of the faithful has less to do with theology and more to do with the traditionally body-denying cultures within which these traditions came to reside. At some point, as Western cultures came more and more to take on the viewpoints of Modern philosophy and the Cartesian paradigm, such practices ceased to make sense. Then as discomfort with embodiment (sexuality, death, particularity, etc.) came more and more to define the Western mind and spiritual paradigm, such practices became either feared (if their powerful effects were remembered) or dismissed and ridiculed (if their powerful effects were forgotten). One early example of such ridicule comes from the theologian Barlaam the Calabrian (14th century, well before modernism!) who coined the term “navel gazers” (Greek: Omphaloscopoi) in his attacks upon the Hesychasts.
When you ride the breath into an experience of expanded consciousness, there is an undeniably erotic flavor informing the experience. Notice, for example, how breath and eroticism are linked in the poetry of the medieval Spanish Jewish mystic Yehuda Halevi:
Since the day we parted,
I have found nothing that is like your beauty.
So I comfort myself with a ripe apple—
Its fragrance reminds me of the myrrh of your breath,
Its shape of your breasts, its color
Of the color that used to rise to your cheeks.[vii]
The intensity of the experience of the divine union achieved through breath work makes the material world and the suffering it brings bearable, perhaps even meaningful by simultaneously filling it with meaning and relegating its goings-on to a non-ultimate position in comparison to the Really Real, the sacred breath. As the Sufi poet Sanai writes:
Someone who keeps aloof from suffering
is not a lover. I choose your love
above all else. As for wealth
if that comes, or goes, so be it.
Wealth and love inhabit separate worlds.
But as long as you live here inside me,
I cannot say that I am suffering.[viii]
There is a consonance here, too, with Christian mysticism of the breath. For the hesychasts, “God appears to the mind in the heart, at first as a flame purifying its lover.”[ix] Traditional Christian mystical texts have always affirmed that the mystical life is rooted in the erotic life,[x] and has found in erotic poetry one of the highest vehicles for the expression of divine union.[xi] It is highly likely that these Christian theologians (such as Gregory of Nyssa or (Pseudo-) Dionysios the Areopagite) cut their mystical teeth on breath practices. And I can affirm from my own experiences using breath as a spiritual tool that such methods highlight the erotic nature of divine union: religio as conjunctio. If you want to take a vicarious look at this experience from the outside, simply do an internet search for Bernini’s sculpture The Ecstasy of St. Theresa located in the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome.

While the Abrahamic faiths have done their part in linking expanded (God) consciousness with breath, it’s likely true that no tradition has done more to elucidate, catalog, or meticulously describe the use of breath for spiritual growth than the yogic traditions of India.
I salute Lord Hanuman, Lord of the Breath,
Son of the Wind God—
Who bears five faces and dwells within us
In the form of five winds or energies
Pervading our body, mind, and soul,
Who reunited Prakriti [Matter] (Sita) with Purusha [Spirit] (Ram)—
May he bless the practitioner
By uniting his vital energy—prana—
With the Divine Spirit within.[xii]
The poem above says a lot about the traditional Indian understanding of breath. Breath is the bearer of prana, the vital energy of life. There are five pranas, or vital breaths, within the human being, each with a different field of activity.[xiii] Working with our own breath helps balance and enhance these vital energies to elicit health, joy, and eventually, mystical communion “with the Divine Spirit within.”
Prānāyāma, the control of the breath (really, of the life essence which is carried upon the breath) is one of the eight traditional limbs of yoga. There are hundreds of methods of prānāyāma, devised to enhance very particular aspects of one’s being and/or address very particular weaknesses in the physical, emotional, intellectual, or psychological being of the yogi.[xiv] Practitioners claim that directing the breath in particular ways can build and enhance cross-hemispheric functionality of the brain as well as optimize the function of glandular systems and mental and physical performance.[xv]
The whole collection of hatha yoga postures (asanas) are, in one traditional understanding, useful primarily in preparing the human complex to enter into the practices of prānāyāma, which are considered to be much more powerful than the physical exercises themselves. To put this in perspective, think back to your most intense Power Yoga or Hot Yoga experience—that yoga class that left you sore and sweaty and panting. That class was merely a preparation so that you might endure, and profit from, the power of prānāyāma practices!
Mastery of various forms of prānāyāma is an endeavor requiring years of practice and study. One learns to exercise precise control over inhalation (puraka), exhalation (rechaka), and breath retention (kumbhaka): through building stamina and extremely sensitive muscular control, one can “move” the breath with precision into various areas of the lung, retain the breath for extended periods with fine control over air pressure, and also finely tune the nature, rate, and form of the exhalation, creating a nearly infinite array of possible breath patterns.
The benefits and effects of prānāyāma are nearly unbelievable to those who have not experienced them. Directing the breath into various bodily energy centers can bring about experiences of expanded consciousness or incredible bliss; slow alternate nostril breathing can calm and balance the mind and emotional self; and strong, mouth-based prānāyāma such as is done in breathwork can open levels of experience and consciousness typically thought accessible only through hallucinogens or years in a snowy cave in the Himalayas or upon Mt. Athos. Sound interesting? Here are some starting points to begin gathering your own data on the power of breath…

Here then are three entry-level prānāyāma exercises that can give you a first taste of what is eventually possible through the control of breath. I am a certified yoga instructor, but am not a healthcare professional: please check in with your doctor or healthcare professional before beginning any of these practices, and if you become dizzy or ill… stop and rest.
Deergha Swasam (Three-part Yogic Breath): Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine, either cross-legged on a cushion (making sure knees are lower than the hips) or in a chair with feet on the floor. Rest the hands in the lap. Eyes are closed. Begin by inhaling slowly through the nose into the diaphragm/abdomen. Once the abdomen is full, allow more breath to come into the chest, expanding it forward and outward (i.e., both the front and sides of the chest expand). Finally, bring in even more breath so that the collarbones slightly rise. Let this long inhalation be smooth and gentle-but-firm. Now exhale the same way: let the air come out from the collarbones, from the thoracic cavity, and finally from the abdominal cavity. Fully empty the lungs by bringing the navel in toward the spine. Repeat for ten minutes.
This breath builds lung capacity in a pleasant way (there are really tough prānāyāmas that do so in a less-than-pleasant way!). Our typical, unconscious breaths usually involve inhaling about 500 cubic centimeters of air; through a full deergha swasam breath, you will inhale (and expel) about 3000 cubic centerimeters of air. Six times the air means offers six times the oxygen. Aside from fuller oxygenation and removal of toxins, deergha swasam helps steady the emotional state and create a peaceful, alert focus of the mind.
Kapalabhati (Skull-shining Breath, or Breath of Fire): Sit as above. Here you focus on the exhale, which is sharp and brought about by quickly “snapping” the navel in toward the spine. The inhalation will occur naturally as the abdomen relaxes. Build this up so that you can accomplish two or three cycles per second. Both exhalation and inhalation occur through the nose. This breath can be practiced with arms raised to the side at 60 degrees, elbows straight, palms up. Bring the focus of the closed eyes to the point between the eyebrows. Practice for three minutes, then inhale and hold the breath. Finally, exhale and rest for two minutes with hands sweeping down at the sides and coming to rest in the lap. Let the breath return to normal.
According to practitioners of kundalini yoga, this breath builds the aura and cleanses the blood and the lungs. It invigorates the whole body and is great to do as part of your wake-up routine. Although in the early stages of learning this breath we focus our energy and concentration on the exhale, there should be a balance between the exhalation and inhalation so that you do not become breathless.
Nadi Sodhana (alternate nostril breathing): Nadi sodhana is really a family of prānāyāma techniques that focus upon balance and opening of the nadis, energetic channels that are said to exist in the subtle (pranic) body. One typical practice uses alternate-nostril breathing in order to balance and clear the two main nadis (ida and pingala) that intertwine around the main channel (shushumna) that corresponds with the spinal cord. Ida and pingala wrap around the spinal cord/shushumna forming a caduceus. Where the three channels meet, we find energy plexuses known as chakras (wheels).
To perform nadi sodhana, sit again as outlined above. Allow the left hand to rest on the left thigh or lap. The right hand forms a two-pronged pincer, with the index and middle fingers bent into the palm. The extended thumb forms one end of the pincer and the ring finger and pinky, kept together as one finger, form the other. Take a few preparatory deergha swasam breaths, and then after an inhalation, use the thumb to close off the right nostril. Exhale. Inhale. Now use the ring finger-plus-pinky to close off the left nostril and remove the thumb to allow the exhalation to pass through the right nostril. Inhale. Now again block the right nostril and open the left. Exhale and inhale. Continue, gradually working to lengthen the inhalations and exhalations. Once you are comfortable, you can work on having the exhalations last for twice as long as the inhalations. To complete a cycle (let’s say, ten minutes to start), let the right hand return to the lap and the breath return to normal after an exhalation through the right nostril.
This nadi sodhana practice calms the mind and the heart and balances the hemispheres of the brain.[xvi] It builds strength in the lungs as well, especially when one pauses to retain the inhaled breath and then pauses again when the lungs are fully evacuated as part of the practice. Yoga teaches that we alternate which nostril is dominant roughly every 90 minutes (experiment with this; you’ll see it’s about right), corresponding to our natural “switching” between hemispheric brain dominance. Through the practice of nadi sodhana, we simultaneously active both hemispheres of the brain, bringing both balance and deeper connectivity between the hemispheres.
In the fifth chapter of the Chandogya Upanishad (8th – 7th century BCE) the faculties of speech, hearing, seeing, thinking, and breathing have an argument concerning which of them is primary for the human person. These bodily functions[xvii] ask Father Prajapati (the uber-person) which of them is the finest. He answers that the one whose departure leaves the body in the worst case is the primary function. Speech, hearing, seeing, and thinking each in their turn leave; upon their return, they all discover together that the body can still function, albeit with some deficit. When breath determines to leave, however, all the other faculties find they are dragged along with it; indeed, breath is the most important of these.
Aside from its obvious necessity for physical life, the breath expresses and influences our emotional and mental states. The various techniques of working with breath—from traditional pranayama and hesychastic breathing to more modern practices such as breathwalk[xviii] and holotropic breathwork—we can utilize this often-unconscious process to affect our lives physically, mentally, and energetically:
Life is not under your control and the mind is not obedient, but there is something the mind does obey. That is the rate of the breath… [xix]
A breath rate of eight times per minute or less the pituitary starts secreting fully. If the breath is less than four times per minute the pineal gland starts functioning fully and deep meditation is automatic.[xx]
As the mainstream scientific community begins to assimilate the growing body of research that points to our ability to re-wire our brains, breath practices are emerging as one important methodological family from which we can draw in order to actively co-create ourselves and influence the flavor of our life experience. So breathe, breathe, breathe! Whether it’s a slow change in a habitual thinking pattern or an ecstatic experience of divine union that you are seeking, the breath can take you there.

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