Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exploring the Frontiers of Personal Awakening and the Planetary Shift

Instead of being the end of something, let’s become the new beginning: Generation One of a new era!
As GENERATION ONE, we are the first generation of humans on this Earth to be aware of ourselves as one planetary body, affecting our own evolution by everything we do, realizing we can destroy ourselves through the misuse of our new power or evolve ourselves into a universal species that is capable of more than we can currently imagine.
As Generation One, we can create a new template for society and literally BECOME the human pioneers for a new era.
Everyone – no matter what age, faith, culture or point of view is NEW to our current crises and opportunities. No one has “crossed the gap” from planetary breakdown to global breakthrough by harnessing our radical new capacities and technologies. The human technologies of personal and social evolution are now accelerating to keep pace with our rapid technological evolution.
In The Generation One Intensive we will make real progress in realizing astonishing new self and social capacities to respond to our crises and opportunities.
We will lift the lid from the top of our individual vocations and expand our worldview to step forward as the first members of Generation One.
Let’s dare to live the truth that we truly ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for. For millions of years, we’ve evolved largely by chance; now it is time for evolution by choice.
In the Generation One Intensive, we will be doing advanced work in personal transformation as well as developing the ability to bring unitive consciousness forward and build the capacities to realize our vocations in cooperative actions that repattern our society.

So join us to explore the frontiers of global and personal evolution with two leaders from the frontlines and learn how you can be part of the movement that just may change the world
>>> http://fe.gd/ypb
The awakening is real, and it is coming. You are all paving the path for others to follow. The true awakening is a collective experience and not an individual realization, for it is not possible to stabilize and ground the realization when you are in isolation. 

"The new era is one in which each individual comes to know their divine sovereignty as an emissary of God, connected with their innate wisdom and sacred depth. And they are to do this while in deep communion with other souls, for the knowledge and wisdom to build the new world cannot be dependent on one person. 

"It is the community that is the birthing ground for the new world and thus you must become highly skilled in clearing the emotional and spiritual field for love to flow between two beings and within larger communities. This opens up the possibility of the new templates for heaven on earth arriving with more ease and with a better chance to be made real. 

"Generation One will embark on this journey of personal and collective awakening together."


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