Monday, June 17, 2013

How to End the Financial Roal Coaster and Ease into Spirit of Abundance

Are you ready to 
end the financial struggle, 
heal your relationship with money, 
and experience TRUE Abundance?

Register for this FREE training to experience the deep sense of financial ease and abundance that is your birthright!

A Free Teleseminar with 
The Shift Network’s Director of Telesummits 
Edward Mills

Hi there, it’s Edward Mills, writing to you from The Shift Network offices nestled in the gorgeous hills of Marin County, California.
Today, I’m taking off my Telesummit Director’s hat to help you break free of the cycle of financial self-sabotage and struggle that challenge and frustrate so many modern day mystics and spiritual seekers.
On this free call you’ll receive potent insights and simple techniques that will empower you bridge the chasm that often seems to divide spirit and money. You’ll discover that it’s possible to embrace a deep, intimate and dynamic connection with the Divine Creative Force while also having a strong, solid, stable and expansive relationship with money.
When you join us for this call you’re going to:
  • Learn a fun and simple technique for separating your Self-Worth from your Net-Worth
  • Activate a profound somatic/kinesthetic connection to TRUE Abundance
  • Discover a tool that will make your daily money “practice” as spiritual as your meditation practice
  • Discover how to make your money “practice” as spiritual as your meditation practice
  • Learn an easy “mind-hack” that short circuits fear and doubt and lets you take the actions that lead to abundance


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