Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paradise on Earth - Give Peace a Chance

Put your on your hat, goggles and close your mouth!  The collective unconscious is becoming conscious and it ain’t pretty.  And we thought planetary awakening would be fun. HA!

Give Peace a Chance

Imagine that John Lennon is very proud.  Critical mass has decided to Give Peace a Chance.  All over the world, regardless of nationality or spiritual orientation, people have been petitioning, demonstrating and praying for Peace.  The collective intention for Peace has gathered the required energy to shift the planet into Peace.  And now, together we begin the journey from War to Peace.  Does anybody know this road?  Are there any signposts along the way?

Separation Consciousness

For a while, the pathway to global peace will be littered with the debris of Separation Consciousness.  It is the belief that we are separate from our Creative Source, separate from each other, separate from Mother Earth and even separated from different parts of ourselves, that cause us to hurt each other and disrespect our environment.  It is separation consciousness that leads to limitation consciousness, causing some people to hoard resources while others seem to have little or nothing. 

Quantum physicists are now finding scientific evidence proving what our spiritual leaders have told us for centuries: we are all interconnected by a unified field of consciousness.  We are all one and everything that affects you, affects me and All That Is.

So the pathway to peace will start within each individual who releases separation consciousness and embraces the peace of their own Sacred Union.  And such individuals will radiate peace outwardly, and this luminous radiation will connect with other individuals radiating peace.  Thus the peaceful radiations will gather momentum until a tidal wave of peace engulfs the planet.

It’s not as far fetched as it seems.  And if you know what to look for, you will see that is already beginning to happen.  Let’s first understand that our collective decision for global peace created a high-frequency emotional field.  That field of peace energy attracted a matching beam of high frequency energy that is pulsing to us from the Galactic Core, through our Solar Sun and onto the Earth.  Scientists will confirm this is happening, although they can’t explain why. 

When scientists can’t explain things, some people turn to spiritual explanations and might say that these high frequency pulsations are the answer to our prayers.  Whether you believe in some Conscious Creative Source or the randomness of 100 monkeys banging on a typewriter, you will soon have to admit that a new chapter is being written in the history of Planet Earth.

This high frequency energy is pervading everything.  The effect is that the lower frequencies are being flushed up to the surface and are “in our face” like a power washer flushes up the dirt from between the cracks in the sidewalk.

Everything Is Energy

Everything has a unique frequency, including human thoughts and emotions.  If we look at human mental and emotional energy and put them on a scale of 1 to 10, it may look something like this:




When frequencies of compassion and peace come into your energy field, it will flush up anything that is vibrating at the lower frequencies. The higher frequencies know no boundaries and will ferret out everything, even if it is hidden or suppressed.  Eventually everything will be flushed up and out, revealed, and exposed to the light where it can finally be acknowledged, understood, accepted and released with compassion.

Humanity is moving through this transformation in 12 waves.  The first three waves have already begun this process.  The first wave has completed their transformation and is now in a position to educate and support those moving through in subsequent waves.  The key words that represent this transformational support are “Enlightenment, Conscious Evolution, Consciousness 2.0 Upgrades, Divine Human Upgrades and DNA Reprogramming and Ascension.”  And indeed, just being conscious of this evolutionary process makes the transformation easier and more graceful.

First Upgrade

The first upgrade corresponds to the Illusion of Separation, which manifests in your relationships.  There are some symptoms you may experience when you are going through the first upgrade.  Every relationship is up for review, adjustment, and in some cases, dissolution.  You may find that you no longer enjoy being with some people or you may feel “complete” with a relationship.  It’s most graceful to acknowledge that your frequencies no longer match or your soul-level contracts are complete.  Avoid the temptation to try to make sense, find “good reasons” or create a drama to dissolve a relationship that has outlived its purpose.  Release people with kindness, love and gratitude. 

Everyone carries imprints of the trauma we experienced when we first emerged as individualized consciousness after being in Sacred Union Consciousness (before individualized consciousness emerged from the Oneness).  This original separation trauma imprints every relationship in some way.  It plays out when we subconsciously co-create scenarios of abandonment, betrayal, rejection and victimhood. 

As these original traumas are being healed, they may surface into your consciousness as flashback memories during the daytime or as nightmares in your dreamtime.  You may also experience your unexpressed emotions coming up to the surface.  This can be disorienting as you may suddenly feel great waves of anger, grief or sorrow that don’t seem to be related to anything that is happening in your life right now.  Allow yourself to look at the memories, acknowledge the feelings and express the emotions in safe and appropriate ways like writing, any artistic expression, dancing, running, drumming or anything that helps you move energy through your body. Avoid the compulsion to confess, confront or engage others in your memories.  Realize that this is your time to go inside, shine a light on your shadows and love them into the light. 

Show and Tell

Another common clearing method involves your inner child creating a “show and tell” to dramatize separation attitudes, beliefs and perceptions.  For example, imagine that when you were a child, you heard your mother or father tell stories of being lied to, getting ripped off, taken advantage of, or cheated.  Most probably, hearing those stories imprinted you with beliefs like “you can’t trust anybody” or “everyone always tries to rip you off.”   You can tell it’s an imprinted belief when it includes words like “always, never, everyone, nobody,” etc.   

As this belief is coming to the surface to be healed and released, your inner child may project this belief into a current situation and give you the perception that you are being ripped off again; which is probably not the case. You may even be tempted to project blame unto somebody who was standing close by when that old belief is surfacing.  The best thing to do when confronted with an uncomfortable situation is to ask yourself, “What belief would create this experience?”

Then you can decide if you want to keep that belief.  Holding on to that belief will create more of the same type situations in your life.  You can choose to release the belief and replace it with something like, “Everyone in my life behaves with the highest level of integrity.”  Then, you better make sure that you are acting with the highest level of integrity, or your inner child will continue to create outward projections to bring attention to your inner contradiction.

Long-held thoughts patterns and unexpressed emotions can get lodged in your body. So as they leave your consciousness, you may have a corresponding detoxification in your body.  The body will use any method it can to eliminate the lower frequencies.  Your body’s nature elimination systems may go into overdrive, such as the digestive system, respiratory system, skin itching, burning or rashes.  Also general lethargy, fatigue and “foggy brain” are common symptoms of detoxification.  Most miscellaneous aches and pains can be attributed to detoxification.  You can avoid frequent trips to the doctor by tuning in and listening to what your body needs.  Most of the symptoms pass within a few days.  Drink plenty of pure water to flush the toxins through.  Eat more live organic food, get a good balance of rest and exercise and NURTURE YOURSELF.

Emotional-Mental Detox

As uncomfortable as it can be to release and detoxify the Separation Consciousness characteristic of 3rddimensional reality, there is some good news.  At the same time, you are upgrading to Sacred Union Consciousness, characteristic of 5th dimension reality where the lower frequencies of war, poverty, disease and struggle do not exist.  You are rewiring our body/mind system to tune in and navigate in theParadise on Earth reality that has already descended into the holographic sphere of our planet. 

There is a more graceful way to go through this transformation.  Find one of the “first wavers” who have committed themselves to helping their brothers and sisters go through the evolutionary process with relative ease and grace.  There are tools for transformation that serve as roadmaps, signposts and even guided tours to help you along the Pathway to Peace in Paradise.


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