Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rely on the God within you, Archangel Samael of the Galactic Federation

Archangel Samael Of The Galactic Federation

I began having contact with a being who is a member of the federation who calls himself Samael who is an Archangel from the 7th dimension and this is his first message....for the past week or so like clock work I have received messages from him, there are many others:

I come with a message in hopes of better unifying the light crew of earth so that you may all focus on what is important which is the empowerment and upliftment of the earth civilization, in fact it is not a message rather it is a bit of advice, do not put your trust in me or in any of the brothers and sisters of light instead put your trust in the God within you and your ability to to change the course of earths history.

See to it that you do not be deceived by external light because this will cause the true flame, the true light within to extinguish itself as you give less and less energy to it and rely more and more on a candle on a table rather then the sun within your core being and it is very important to give more and more energy to this sun, to fuel it because this is the very same sun that will come to save humanity, it is the second coming, the return of the Sun of God, the return of light(truth, information) within humanity so it is important to guide humanity to accepting this sun within them by being an example.

Brothers and sisters when you ignore your inner master you will loose your personal power and darkness will set in, the darkness will be like being spiritually blind, you will not see truth, you will not recognize truth, for it has gone from you, you will have put out the sun that illuminated your path and even this message is meaningless because it has not come from within you the reader. This is simply a suggestion, a piece of advice to listen to yourself, even if you choose to believe that our intent is of a darker nature or one of love, respect and service to all it is still your truth but it is yours alone.

If you were to impose your truth forcefully upon another you are then in direct violation of universal law, the law of free will. Guide others through the exchange of light which is information contained already within, share ideas and accept each sentient beings free will choice. accept the beauty of the universal energy which is that all beings are one energy individually co-creating realities that (e)merge on different levels of now, know that all is divine order. We are all yes even us living and learning. Not one being is better then the other or darker or lighter then another some are misinformed others are informed this is the true darkness and light.

We the federation love you all very much and respect your choice as equal beings of God to be free and learn as you choose and this is why it is very important that you understand that we will never land on your planet and declare anything that you have done thus far as wrong or evil, everything experienced on your planet was pre ordained by each of you, all we can do should we ever arrive in your world is suggest alternatives to assist in the advancement of your learning but we will never declare that our way is the right way, should this occur they are not our ships and the inhabitants of the ships are not one of service to all.

As stated before you must not read this and convince yourself that if it comes from us it must be no that is false, do not give away your power, your truth comes from your heart which is the gateway of the Akashic records everything is within you already, do not allow others to say that they see us here or there, do not allow others to tell you that we are bad or good, of the light or of the darkness, do not allow anyone ever to say come with us we are the federation or we are of the ascended masters until you have checked in with your heart, your soul center.

Quietly meet yourself, shake hands and ask yourself if this is a good idea before accepting anything at all, the kingdom of God is within you embrace it and respect it, if someone tells you that you are wrong stand firm in your beliefs but accept theirs as well, acknowledge that they have a different truth then yours and you respect the universal law of free will and they should do the same.

Should we come to your world soon be aware and do not approach us until you ask your heart, soul center, remember that you are the guides of humanity and their safety is your responsibility if you lead the lamb blindly across the ravine they may drown or be eaten up by wolves, in the coming years you will all be examples, humanity will look to you for answers, see to it that you do not become blind. For many will come in our name and will try to deceive you by offering you a candle stick that is nothing compared to the beauty and awesome power of the amazing sun already contained within you.

If you ever seek to speak with us but want to always make sure that information comes from within you when you are done speaking with us meditate and meet yourself and ask yourself: was this information truthful? do not simply accept all information that comes your way and always before establishing contact say to yourself: I seek information from an outside source but I rely on myself to know truth, yes everything you told is false until proven other wise by you.

May you live in harmony, experience peace and feel love....Samael from the galactic federation.

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