Saturday, June 29, 2013

Three Powerful Ways to Increase Your Inner Light

Three Powerful Ways to Increase Your Inner Light,
Create Your New Reality and Loving Relationships!

What is The Easiest Way
to Awaken The Ascended and Angelic Master Within,
Create Fulfilling Relationships and Live a Purpose-driven, Abundant Life
… and stay Connected to Your Divine Guidance ?

 Step Into the New Earth and Have the Ascended Life
You’ve always Wanted!

Find out, how Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael
created a step-by-step system can transform ALL Areas of Your Life. 

It is a step-by-step system, packed with information, guided meditations and exercises, which makes Creating Your New Reality Easy. Each of the 12 Activations of Light improves a specific area of your life so that:

You will be able to Attract True Love into Your Life

- Your Relationships become more Loving and Fulfilling

- You will be able to fulfill Your True Purpose in life with Joy

- You will be able to Create Lasting Abundance

- You will become Connected to Your Divine Guidance to make better decisions in your life

You might be thinking:

“Transforming 12 Areas of my Life sounds like a lot of work!”

The good news is, that all it takes is to watch a few videos and your life will
begin to change for the better with ease!

Here are the twelve Chakras and how they relate to your life:

12 Chakra Qualities

Remember: All these areas will improve, just by watching a few simple videos,
where you can relax, meditate and experience the abundant joy and love
of Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael.


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