Saturday, July 6, 2013

Finding TRUE HAPPINESS in ALL Conditions

Basic, common happiness comes and goes in waves. It is most noticed through your reactions due to certain situations and events that you experienced. Since life in general is very unpredictable, normal happiness is considered to be a little unbalanced. It is True Happiness from the Joy of Being all that you are as you are that comes from deep within your Self that is imaginative by the necessities of life that constantly flows around you. 
If you take the time to truly see, you will be able to recognize the many dear souls that continuously experience True Happiness, Joy and total enjoyment of Being exactly who they are – they continue to be selfless towards all others, giving of their hearts while providing comfort and support during other people’s concerns, joys and even their successes. They do not look at any situation and focus on the negative aspect because that is already evident, what they are able to do is create a positive flow of energy that is able to encourage a positive mind set and upliftment to those they come into contact with. It is understood dear ones that the dominant cause of unhappiness is when you allow your Self to see through your Ego Consciousness. When you consciously make the effort to move away from your ego and overcome its pull with love while connecting to other dear souls and with life you are also developing a greater possibility to bring in True Happiness. 
The opposite of Ego is self-givingness. It is clearly understood that your Ego will draw in unhappiness through the short-term happiness. Realize dear ones when you are self-giving, the act of giving creates an everlasting and deep inner happiness and joy. Knowing this, you will be able to determine those in your life that display this truly sacred way of living as they are spirit-oriented, which comes from their profound connection with their own Inner True Self by the direction of their heart and soul. They have been able to make and maintain a divine connection with God’s Presence within them and have learned to reflect His energy, His love and His light to all people they are in contact with that are close to them as well as those around the world through the interconnectedness of the life bonding spirit that thrives among all things. Comprehend dear ones, the more you connect with the Spirit of God, and to other Divine Beings that you are drawn to by your heart and your soul, the more ecstatic your journey will be. 
As givers of joy, joy will always come forth through all your actions, words, feelings and thoughts. As you continue to dissolve your ego and transcend its negative tendencies, you will be greeted by pure delight that will flow through your entire being. Understand dear ones, as you discover more of your True Self that promotes a higher consciousness and awareness you are evolving your soul from within, which in turn permits joy to come forth and spread throughout all you do in all areas of your journey. When you make the connection to God, you will experience ultimate joy – the feeling you may experience of delight and bliss comes from the improved relationship being developed between you and God. 
It is relatively easy to understand the difference of normal happiness that only has a short life span to True Happiness which is founded with true joy that has an everlasting life span that is created from your higher consciousness. Understanding that normal happiness is unstable, it comes and goes provides you with essential learning of what kind of input is created that brings about this kind of happiness. Upon discovery dear ones, you will come to realize that normal, short-lived happiness is created by external events where True Happiness is created from the Joy of Being that is found within and is unfettered by the challenges life can often bring. Remember dear ones, short-lived happiness is created from your external situations and events whereas True Happiness is based on your Inner Happiness of Joy and Delight of Being all that you are as you are and is always derived from higher consciousness that is met from going within learning and knowing all of your Self and finding comfort and peace, regardless of what is happening around you. 
Many dear souls that live within basic and normal happiness only feel this happiness when outcomes of any situation are to their favour or liking. Whereas True Happiness that is joined by delight and joy is felt under ALL conditions because of their orientation with their inner self is deeper and goes beyond all contradictions. Normal happiness is always a surface felt experience where True Happiness is always accompanied by Joy and Delight which are reflections of the peace found from within your Inner Consciousness. Delight and Joy will always accompany True Happiness dear ones. 
We observe often how easy it is for many dear souls to complain and to be in a constant state of frustration instead of seeing the positive light of their day and moment. Since anger and frustration are considered to be partial emotions they are easier to maintain, where Joy and Happiness are true expressions of God’s Presence in your heart they are much more difficult to attain and express. It is common knowledge dear ones, that when you want something, you will put all your effort into each step, including what it takes to bring you to a state of perpetual joy, happiness and delight of being all that you are as you are. 
When you are expressing from True Spiritual Happiness, understand dear ones, nothing can disturb this pure demonstration that is calming and uplifting. Saying this, it is also imperative that you understand the opposite of your joy and that is sorrow and sadness. It is important to identify with your sadness, learn of its origin and begin the process of letting its cause go in order to bring back happiness and joy into your life. Understand dear ones, when you have reached True Happiness you are also reaching Divine Joy which is always pure and shared through your heart from the Presence of God. This level of Joy does not require the balancing factor of joy’s normal opposite which is sorrow and sadness. Understanding that your basic and normal happiness is derived from the satisfaction of your desires being fulfilled, True Divine Bliss is unable to be compared by any enjoyment known…there are no words to express Divine Bliss, just and inner knowing that is divinely supreme and brings forth great waves of True Happiness. 
It is easily understood that any success creates happiness, where any kind of failure will produce sorrow. We wish to remind you that basic normal happiness and the success that accompanies this form of happiness are founded by your lower emotions. The contentment felt from these experiences is short-lived. The devoutly spiritual souls go about their duties and work regardless of the possible outcome of success or failure. They are always happy and always filled with a sense of peace of contentment. There are many dear souls that live among you that always live through a continuous place of pure joy and they share this joy with all the other dear souls that cross their path. The dear souls that live with pure happiness and joy are able to found in all walks of life, they are not found within any particular class of people. They have within them, an inner knowing that is permanent that Joy is a realization of their soul that has the ability and potential to touch everything life has to offer them. Sometimes dear ones, if you are paying attention, you may be greeted by such a person with a sweet and loving smile that expresses the divine quality of their being in one single love-filled action. 
When you express your Inner Joy, things like wealth, power, status, etc., you are expressing your pure self, without being encumbered by the weight of exterior success. You willingly and consciously demonstrate through your actions even if they are subtle of your comfort with your inner Self that reflects your spiritually prosperous relationship with God who is always in action in all you do. Material prosperity does not have a position when you are expressing Divine Joy and Pure Happiness. Spiritual prosperity is a difficult dimension of consciousness to achieve. Great discipline is a constant requirement and initiative to reach such a level is never derived from your Ego. 
The opposite of frustration is always satisfaction and happiness is the opposite of sorrow and sadness. Understand dear ones how satisfaction is met – it is founded after achieving the goal you set out to attain where common happiness is met through success. When you have achieved through pure joy and happiness your actions always illustrate the FULLNESS of God in Action. The feelings you felt and maintained were based on trust and faith knowing from your Inner Consciousness and the divine contentment you have flowing through you, all will be, as it should. 
As your journey progresses, through the highs and lows a lot of thinking takes place. When joy is met through your mind, clarity is often the result. With clarity and joy what you hold as value provides you with inspiration, the ability to unfold deeper understanding and knowledge of your own Truth through the never-ending need to explore and know your Self and the beauty of what you discover. Dynamic joy is realized through true and happy interactions with others and from the peaceful contentment with your inner self that fulfills all wants and desires. 
When your physical body feels joy, your senses are stimulated and encourage you to see life as a constant adventure to learn and love. Joy moving through your heart is expressed by your compassion, respect and love towards all others, regardless of cultural background, class or any other category that people can be labeled under. When joy is expressed through the heart, acceptance is automatically given knowing you are all connected through the omnipresence of God.  It is through the sacred spirit of Joy, that feelings of bliss are often expressed. You are happy for being alive, being able to openly communicate with God by going within and seeing Him in all external areas of your life. Happiness is also found through your experiences; even the most challenging of situations are filled with happiness. Whenever you have had moments of peace, silence, and connectedness with someone; where you have known beauty, love and goodness you have known pure happiness that is eternal. 
When you are moving through your journey from a higher consciousness, one that is rich with Spiritual Prosperity, you demonstrate a great level of self-discipline. As we mentioned a little earlier, attaining spiritual prosperity is not gained through egotistic initiative. This kind of prosperity has nothing to do with material wealth; we are speaking dear ones of the prosperity of your soul, being able to maintain control of your busy mind, your will and your emotions. Spiritual Prosperity dear ones comes when you have gathered knowledge containing the Word of God. And through God’s Word you have learned to control your outbursts and other characteristics that were pulling you away from God instead of bringing you closer. Do you know dear ones what it is that brings Spiritual Prosperity to you, and binds your whole Self together into perfect Oneness of your whole self that is filled with pure joy and happiness? It is the Word of God dear ones and that word has always been LOVE. Let love lead the way to the pureness of your Self in all action, word, thought, feeling and will. You will never fail dear ones as you have already succeeded by becoming ONE with your Self and with God. 
And so it is… 
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 


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