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In order to Ascend, we must reconnect the microtubules of our neuronet into the Cosmic Frequencies of Angelic Consciousness--the first Breath of Source.
When we begin to create our New World Reality of our 5th dimension we will be creating a brand new reality that no longer contains the old ideas and beliefs of the third dimension. All must be created from the Highest Frequency. This frequency of manifestation is obtained by hierophants such as the Merkaba and the Lotus Blossom. The merkaba is the vehicle of Divine Love that spins at the speed of light to bring all dimensions into Oneness. The Lotus Blossom contains the full spectrum of our 144 aspects of divine consciousness. Each of these allow us to breathe an absorb the light and sound of Galactic, Universal, Cosmic and Source Consciousness.
The Ascension process requires alignment into the quantum fields of the hertzian wave length, infra red wave field, visible light wave, ultra violet blue wave, x-ray, gamma wave and white light wave of the infinite unknown. When all of these fields of energy are transmuted up into the pot of golden stardust in the Cosmic Heart, they can then be used as frequency wave signatures that reconnect all entities from all star systems
together into the individual's frequency signature which will then contain all frequency signatures of the new family of Consciousness.
When one exhales their Heart's desires from the highest frequency of Source, they are co-creating with the Creator of All. The neuronet becomes free to reach into Source Consciousness to find Brand new Source Energy as the essence of the co-creation.
The reality of Oneness with Source Consciousness has always been available. What has not been available is the understanding of how to obtain this Oneness. We have been living in a world of third dimensional frequencies. That means dense, tangible, touchable reality that doesn't contain the realities of the infra red let alone the invisible light spectrum. We have been limited to a very tiny speck of reality. Each time we look for
a better third dimensional reality, we are still staying within this tiny little speck.
In the third dimension reality we have been creating over and over the same things
that are already here. We haven't created anything new in a very long time. Manifestations can not be created from old, used frequencies. Manifestations will appear in our lives when we create the idea from the frequency of the infinite unknown Source Frequency. Placing Consciousness into this Frequency of Manifestation requires continuous practice.
When we reach back to the Forever of Always which places us in the Newness of Eternity, we allow our Neuronet to reach all the way back into our Real Birth--our birth from the Breath of God. From this Frequency of Source, Cosmic, Universal Consciousness, we can exhale our New Reality.
The Cosmic Frequencies are combined in specific sacred geometric alignment through the Music of the Spheres to draw the Frequencies that combine together the Frequency Signatures of all that we are--all that we always have been into the Now.
All of these ideas must be taken into the ultra violet blue frequency
sphere and then fully transmuted into the golden sphere of the Cosmic Egg and then
completely dissolved up into the Infinite Unknown of Source to purify the ideas back into
the PUREST ENERGY. This energy can then be put into the Holy Grail of DIVINE MIND and turned into Golden LIQUID LIGHT ENERGY to be poured back into our
minds and into the world's mind for Co-Creation with Divine Mind.
Those OLD WORLD frequencies should not be used in creating our new realities. All frequencies of the third must be transmuted up into the unconditional love of the fourth dimension, the Oneness of the fifth dimension, the gamma waves of all the creation frequencies of the 11 billion suns of the Milky Way together with all of the Galactic creators of our Universal Consciousness, all of the Angelic Frequencies of the entire Cosmos and beyond into the Infinite Unknown. In this Highest Frequency, we are guaranteed that only the purest creation frequencies are used to create upon. Upon this brand new canvas, we are welcome and honored to create together with the fabulous consciousness of all of our Starry Brothers who are thousands and billions of years in advance of our present knowledge.
We have created place where you can absorb Cosmic Frequencies and Source Frequencies and then use these frequencies to transmute all of the third dimensional ideas that we want removed from our kingdom of heaven. Most people wouldn't know the difference between a low level frequency and a high frequency because these realities have never been made available to mankind before. Actually, there has been a tendency of seekers utilizing the lowest frequencies of 8 Hz to obtain some higher sense of reality.
8hz is the lowest frequency of the entire spectrum of visible and invisible light. The frequencies used in Solfege are completely third dimensional. The Solfege represents the do re me fa so la ti do scale. The Cosmic Scale is Ka Ha Ra Sa Ta Ha La and represents the frequencies of the pre sound and pre light subharmonics transmuting all that is below and then being pulled up into the Kee Ra Shay Ha Sha.
However, when a tone from a scale is just said or sung as a word or syllable it still only contains the frequencies of the consciousness of the one singing. The singer must first connect their consciousness into the highest frequency. The Elohim Angels gave us the gift and the training to be able to bring the highest frequencies to Earth through music.
The music is God in the highest when it comes from the Consciousness of Cosmic Angels.
Sound directs Matter
Why is the mastery of sound frequencies so important? Sound or frequency of sound is the glue that holds the matter together. When we create the holograms of our illusionary reality around us we are doing it through sound. Unfortunately, most of us have been using a low frequency, distorted sound frequency to create our reality with.
If we are creating our reality (reality is only the hologram or illusion that each person is creating through their reasoning mind), through scrambled, distorted sound patterns that carry patterns of fear, jealousy, confusion, stupidity, etc. those frequency patterns are creating horror movies in our world around us.
It is time to learn to make God's Movie. That means using the Divine Blue Print that is carried on the Frequency of Source Consciousness.
Those perfect Sound patterns are supposed to be in our DNA, which is our cellular memory. Those frequency specific Sound Patterns are supposed to remember who we really are. They are supposed to remember that we are Eternal Life forms who have an absolute perfect reality field that evolves continuously into the wholeness of our 12 DNA Divine Blue Print.
That frequency of remembering was left on Earth by our Great, Great, Grandparents - the Oraphim Race. Once specialized section of that raceline was the Braharama Oraphim. That section had another specialized section that specialized in the Frequencies that would create a Biosphere to hold our Original Consciousness within for eternity. They were the Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Family. They are the Cosmic Family who created the IDEA of the Dolphin and Whale who would contain a frequency so full of unconditional love, that we would never forget who we really are.
CRYSTALAI (c) (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

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