Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healing Our Relationship with the Ego

Have you ever had the sense that something was
just a wee bit off with the way most spiritual traditions have treated the “ego” for the last few millennia?
It’s looked down upon, kicked around, denigrated,
seen as something to be transcended – never embraced - and even considered to be a barrier to
But what if setting up an internal battle with our “ego” actually becomes the #1 way we cut ourselves out from the deep spiritual ground of our being?

What if what we actually need to do is embrace the whole of our being – ego and all?
I’m excited to be able to share with you an invitation to join spiritual teacher Patricia Ellsberg on a free experiential seminar on how to shift the whole ground of our relationship with our ego.

Register here for Healing Our Relationship with the Ego: Creating Wholeness Through the Power of Love:

Patricia, in partnership with her sister Barbara Marx Hubbard, developed the Emergence Process as a way to make the shift from ego to essence a living

The Emergence Process has been taught to thousands worldwide and offers an alternative path to wholeness, showing how the ego serves an evolutionary function and that if we subtly war with it we create schisms rather than real growth and transformation.
During Monday’s event, you’ll receive insights and practices to shift your locus of control from your egoic “local self” to your Essential Self without creating polarization, suppression or further harm.  
As a result, you’ll begin to experience more access to divine guidance and the ability to live with wisdom, confidence, creativity, purpose and joy in your everyday life.
Healing the relationship with the ego allows you to come back to your center and live from the wise, loving, powerful and radiant core of your being.
Join us here to create an “internal family reunion” in your life:


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