Monday, July 1, 2013

Integral Evolutionary Practice

Accelerate Your Expansion of Consciousness

Integral Evolutionary Practice

This FREE PROGRAM consists of seven modules, each of which you will receive by email at an interval of several days.
The modules provide an overview of the primary healing modalities in our Integral Evolutionary Practice.
Our purpose is in contributing to make the breakthrough required to Birth the New Era.

The Birth Essentials

1 – Expanding Your Consciousness
Why and how to orient yourself
2 – Spiritual Attunement
Neutralizing lower and activating higher vibrational frequencies
3 – Conscious Embodiment
Developing and engaging our Core Power through primal energetic connection
4 – Embracing Emotions
Connecting with, embodying, and releasing negative emotions
5 – Energetic Intuition
Accessing our Inner Guide and diagnosing and testing
6 – Evolving Beliefs
Neutralizing and re-framing old beliefs and patterns
7 – Self-Evaluation
Questionnaire to identify how to address your core issues

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