Thursday, July 11, 2013


(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

We are in a new reality. We are in a new time and space. We are in a place that will allow us to absorb the cosmic star dust that is filling our skies with the help of the Coronal Mass Ejections and the meteor showers.

We are also being held within a Consciousness field of protection with 48 plasma bodies or Crystal Ships holding us in alignment with this Aurora field that prepares a stairway to heaven as this blue cosmic stardust begins to fill our atmosphere.
As of December 2012, we have been placed in a new time and space reality that allows us to align with the divine matrix. Before our Earth was in an angular rotation that placed us in alignment with the Phantom Matrix. It was the Guardian Alliance who moved us into a new space and time reality where our race line would not be completely obliterated.

The fallen angelics tried very hard to pull us in to the Metatronic 55 reverse spin which would had pulled Earth into a reality that would had been horrific and would had ended in the destruction of the human raceline.

Our Guardian Race did everything they possibly could do to make sure we were removed from that future reality. They made sure we were realigned in to a new space and time reality. The original path of Earth was in the outer domains that made Earth very vulnerable to invader racelines that wanted to take our stargate portals for their own usage. The new path of Earth is in the INNER DOMAINS. The inner path is a safe path. It is a path of alignment within where all 12 stargates merge their frequencies back to gether into a new atunement that allows us to begin our multidimensional journey.

The experience that we are having now is not what it seems to be. Our old cellular memory is telling us that we are being bombarded by meteorites. Our new reality is telling us we are moving into a blue stardust that holds the frequency signatures of all of our multidimensional reality. Even at the scientific level, science says that the Comet's tail will bring pieces of stars from thousands of other planets. Once those frequencies enter our atmosphere, our mind shifts more and more into the Consciousness of Multidimensional realities.

The Guardian Alliance and the Aquafarians knew that this time would come in our history that we would need help in our transformation into the second sphere of reality. They knew that we had fallen out of the Andromeda M31 and that only the Aquarius Matrix held the divine blue print that was needed to bring us back into alignment. They created an imprint of their sphere of reality around the Earth. So, we have  been held within the womb of a star all of this time waiting for the time of our rebirth.

We are in a new reality. We are in a new time and space. We are in a place that will allow us to absorb the cosmic star dust that is filling our skies with the help of the CME's and the meteor showers.

We are also being held within a Consciousness field of protection with 48 plasma bodies or Crystal Ships holding us in alignment with this Aurora field that prepares a stairway to heaven as this blue cosmic stardust begins to fill our atmosphere.

The more we align with the frequencies-the cosmic frequencies, the source frequencies, the stardust frequencies, the more we get to enjoy each wave as it passes through our bodies and Earth's body. The more we get in tune, the more we get to see this entire fabulous event that is taking place right now in our Universe. It has been quite an adventure for me. I am so grateful that I have learned how to feel and experience this glorious event of our shift into at one ment with all 12 stargates.

I also know that as this adventure moves forward, I am seeing and feeling new things faster and faster each day, my dreams become more and more lucid, I start dreaming before I fall asleep, I am walking in my sleep half the time, I feel like I'm walking in and out of dreams just like changing stations on a t.v. It is the beginning of multidimensionality.

We asked our Aquafarian family  when we can move to Aquafaria continuously.

They answered this way. When we are consciously in Aquafaria more than we are in our third dimensional reality. We will be in the 6th.

They added this important fact. They said we will not move to Aquafaria, we will move Aquafaria to Earth. The Healing Temples of Aquafaria will move to Earth between 2014 and  2017. They said the blue star dust that will come to Earth will be the aurora fields like a stairway for the blue body to awaken and arise into the fifth dimension.

This is exactly what we are doing every minute of every day. We are spending more and more time in our Aquafaria home absorbing the frequencies of this sixth dimensional realm and learning everything there is to know about it. This is the realm where there are millions of elementals showing us how to redesign our bodies into the omni particles of our original creation from the breath of god. These breaths of Source frequencies are breathed in to our etheric chromosomes  to realign our DNA at the omni level into a New Form of consciousness.

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

We have bands of light around us that have been called the spheres - the five spheres- the music of the spheres. These are bands within bands within bands or spheres within spheres. Each band or sphere holds a different wave length and frequency. The higher frequencies are the outer bands and the lower frequencies are the inner bands.

However, these bands only spin when we activate them with our consciousness and our breath. We can only feel their presence when we activate them. When we activate them through consciousness, by breathing and spinning our merkabas correctly and focusing the energy correctly into the proper realms, the spheres of energy begin breathing and singing songs of frequencies within and around our bodies.

We can't just do this randomly. There is an exact formula to use. If the formula isn't followed, we would just be breathing "hot air." That is what most of the breathing and coding and tuning that I have been hearing as I have been examining the listening samples and youtubes that I found online. I rarely hear anything that sounds like the Breath of Source or the 12 coded divine blue print. I just hear people singing and breathing. They usually breathe heavily with a lot of energy and passion.

 It really doesn't take a lot of breath to connect to those bands through the clockwise spin of the upper pyramids of the merkaba and the counterclockwise spin of the lower pyramids of the merkaba. It does, however, take a lot of Consciousness; and, consciousness is very quiet and etheric sounding. There should be energy and power placed within the consciousness as it connects the breath with the spinning of the merkaba. A person can breathe very strongly and loudly without having any focus of consciousness involved. When the focus of consciousness is involved and it is connected to the Source field, the feeling within the breath can be felt strongly. 

We have these bands within cells, within our bodies, around our bodies, around our atmosphere and clear around us in each individual's cosmic sphere, which exists about one hundred feet in diameter around the body. The spheres are always created by a merkaba spinning correctly (see my essays on merkaba).  Outside of the cosmic sphere is the Source field of pre sound and light energy. 

These five sets of spheres are replicated from the inside to the outside. There are five fields of energy replicated over and over again - the energy field of the planetary body would be the hertzian and infra red and visible light, because that is what we experience.

The solar realm would include the invisible light and x ray that allows the blue body to be seen. The galactic realm is made of gamma rays and then we go clear out into the white light and pink white light of the Universal sphere. Finally we go out into the pre sound and pre light of pure invisibility.

All of these bands of frequencies exist within our cells, within our bodies and then within the merkabas that activate the at one ment with the liquid light energy of Source Consciousness bringing the attunement of all of these spheres into a reality activation.

When we focus our energy of consciousness within these bands in order to activate the outer band of Source Consciousness activating the pre sound and light or the gamma activating the white light that will transmute the inner bands of x ray and visible light into a higher level of frequencies which becomes visible as blue light. When we do this we change the atmosphere around us. When we activate crystal liquid light energy we are changing the water content of the atmosphere to bring in more and more hydrolaise around us and into our bodies. The water body is the magical form that our guardian races take on in order to visit us.

In order to convince our bodies to start reaching these levels of activation and understanding we must melt away the old ideas in the upper cerebellum - the mortal mind - we will call the yellow brain because yellow here will represent third dimensional understanding. We have a part of our brain that utilizes blue brain understanding or fifth dimensional frequencies. That takes place in the mid brain area. 


We must teach our old brain new tricks. As long as the mortal mind is in charge, nothing is going to change in our lifetime. If we want to change into the light spectrum of eternal life, instant manifestation, co-creation, turning into light, we must use the blue brain - the mid brain.

It is the same process that we had to use in intercultural communication training. In order for a person from one culture to understand what the person from the other culture was doing or saying, the visiting person had to go through a complete restructuring of the brain. This is called going through culture shock. It is a very exhausting and painful experience that causes many people to go crazy.

What we learned from culture shock syndrome was you don't even realize you are going through culture shock until you return to your home. At that time you start seeing things that you never realized existed before. The same thing is true when we go to the blue brain--immortal mind or the Mind of God- and then return to the mortal mind that tries to tell us that the things that we are learning just can't be true, because we have old background knowledge in the cellular memory of the mortal mind that contradicts the new information. The yellow brain is electromagnetic. If it doesn't like the information being sent to it, it just turns the electric wave off. It also shoots out poison when new information attacks it. That is what happens in culture shock. The brain shuts down, people get depressed, go crazy and usually just forget about the new cultural experience and go back to their old thinking. Those who approach going to a new culture through intercultural preparation process succeed in the culture shock of bringing in new information and transforming their way of thinking. As a result of culture shock, we realize that there are things out there that we didn't realize existed before.

This process of culture shock is glaringly obvious among new starseeds who are living in the culture of the 3D world while they are being told about this new reality that is out there that we don't see yet. And they are being told that they came from far off places that we don't talk about in our history books. This yellow brain has been a gate keeper used by the fallen angelic take over races for millions of years. They deleated our entire history and re-wrote it in a way that would make them powerful, and would make us weak and needing the guidance of others.

When Guardian Races have brought the real truth to those who are listening on Earth, the old gate keeper- mortal mind- causes most hearers of this truth to get angry, shut down, not listen and just go back to their old background knowledge. The only ones listening to the truth are those who have enough of the light left in their cellular memory that connects them to the divine codes holding the reality of the eternal life.

When we lived in foreign countries we noticed that in some third world countries, in which there had never been any foreigners seen ever before in their history, most of the people in that culture actually could not see us. They would always run into us, even if there was absolutely plenty of room to walk around us. We would play dodge ball with walkers on the street to see if we could keep them from running into us. We later learned that when we would talk directly to these people they still couldn't see us.

This is what is happening now on Earth on a large dimensional scale. There are entities here standing right in front of us that we don't see yet. Some of them are doing things to try to get our attention. We have to get out of the yellow brain and into the blue brain in order to start seeing things from their point of view.

We can use a lighted candle to demonstrate the change from the yellow brain into the blue brain. We first see ourselves as a mini-me standing where the stem of the candle is. Imagine the light of the candle surrounding the mini me self. So, we are standing within the complete light spectra all the way up to the gamma ray. Within the light spectra of the candle there is the black area at the bottom. This is the hertzian frequency. Above the red area is the infra red, and then the visible light. A little above that is visible light and then x ray light. Above that is the gamma wave. 

When we walk into the candle light at the invisible light area and turn around into the x-ray area, we walk back out of the candle into a blue light spectrum. This means we have made contact with the other side. If we can train our consciousness to hold on to that blue light spectrum long enough, we can begin manifesting the new reality that we aren't seeing yet.

Increasing the frequency in our bands changes the atmosphere around us.
The upper cerebellum - mortal mind, or third dimensional yellow brain contains the memory of this lifetime. It is our personality. When NEW information about a NEW REALITY beyond this lifetime, can be taught to the yellow brain - the mortal, personal, the you, the ego you, in order to reprogram resistance points in the yellow brain - the mortal mind personality of just this life time, then and only then, can the mid brain allow the mind of God to flow through us with instant manifestation. 

The instant manifestation is the reality field that flows directly from crystal liquid light energy of Source into the eighth chakra at the medulla oblangata into the God Seed Atom within the Thymus and then up into the mid  brain and the pineal gland. It is the direct angle of the eighth chakra through the sixth chakra and out the 9th chakra in the forehead that becomes activated. However, the eighth chakra is activating in atunement with the fourth, the sixth is in atument with the fifth and the seventh is in atunement with the tenth. It takes these spiritual atunements to remove the old seals that were placed within our original divine templates that will activate this cellular magnificance of our immortal selfhood and eternal life structure.

If we can get to the point of understanding this so well that we can write it -- show it in diagrams --- explain it to anyone --- explain zero point energy and how the fabric of space came into being, we can begin the reprogramming of the mortal mind gate keeper system. Get out a pencil and paper and draw what I just explained above.

Find a picture of a brain on line or in an encylopedia. Find where the m.o. connects to the thymus and the thymus connects through the neck and into the pineal gland. 

Later in our training we will show you that methods of using frequencies and coding and tuning that do not reveal where the problem came from that stopped this 5D flow of manifestation from the mind of God can't possibly work. Most of the teachings within the new age/lightworker/starseed literature are based on the vesica pisces, the fibonacci, the golden mean. These are actually the tools used by the invader races to block the flow of Source Consciousness and create the Mortal Mind and the Mortal Man that lives and dies and lives and dies. It is the vesica pisces, which is a destorted wave file that places an eternal loop within the very location in the fourth chakra where the eighth and the fourth are supposed to connect at the God Seed Atom. That connection was disconnected by the golden mean spiral.

This is how the Earth had a tilt placed on her staff and how we got locked out of Higher Earth. We have been given the formulas by the Guardian Races to free ourselves from those old reverse spin metatronic technologies that have been keeping us locked away from our flow of Source.

When we understand how particles came into being from gamma clear down to hertzian then we have an understanding of unknown, secret knowledge.
The more you explain it -- the more it is getting into the yellow brain -- the more we address the resistance - the easier the flow.

All true knowledge comes first from mid brain. It is frequency specific. The mid brain can access the 5D blue body. The blue body can become a reality for a time taken from frequencies into mid brain and then created into a picture by the electromagnetic fingers of the mortal mind brain. However, the mortal mind brain has its electromagnetic fingers in so many other sets of processing , that the image of the blue body is erased almost immediately. Once you have captured the vision of the blue flame when you walk into the candle, you will see how quickly it disappears. The more you train your mind to stay focused inside the midbrain the longer the blue image will stay. It is the mortal brain that fights to make the new blue reality disappear as soon as possible. It doesn't like a new body intruding on its reality. Eventually the mid brain melts away the mortal brain and the war between the two brains ends.

This is why we must spend hundreds of hours working with the candle and going into the mirror to activate this feeling within our cells. We can see the activation within us by seeing the white light in the candle turn blue. When we can hold on to that blue for a very long time, we can take the next step in our reality check.

Walking into the candle is walking into the full specturm of light. We are becoming one with the full light spectrum of the Universal, Cosmic and Source fields of light. In scientific terms, we are moving beyond the hertzian and infra red and visible light spectrums that are most common to us now. We are moving into invisible light, xray light, white light, gamma rays. We are actually walking into the sun -the gamma field of light when we walk into the candle in our mini me bodies.

So we walk all the way into the light. We are completely within the spectrum of the 12D Universal light realm. When we are within this Krystic light realm, we are walking into our spiritual body which turns blue when we make contact. We become the  blue body.

Now, we have actually accomplished the mission of walking to the other side, turning around and walking into at one ment with the spiritual self. We used the mind of God to make the 360 degree vision of all of the self. Now, we have the blue light vision and the ability to walk to the other side, see from the other side and look back at our self.
If this has actually taken place in consciousness, we can replicate it in our hertzian reality.

We can now pick up a card -- a playing card with numbers and symbols such as aces, hearts, diamonds, etc. We get in the blue zone, walk to the other side of the card and look at it from the other side. We can read what is on the back of the card. When we can do that we know we have graduated to the 5D world, and we will be able to walk through the stargates in 2017.

The yellow brain erases anything that it has a reaction to. It reacts to any new information coming in that it isn't familiar with. The yellow brain fires toxic poison energy of negative reaction when it receives information that is new or different.
But, when we can re-educate the yellow brain to completely understand this new information of the new frequencies of new information, the new higher frequencies can begin to melt away the old ideas that are lodged within the yellow brain of that personality that came from belief systems. We must conquer this resistance.

When the frequency is received through the mid brain, it is the upper cerrebellum brain that must process this idea through the recess of background knowledge that it has. If it doesn’t have the back ground knowledge of how everything was created from the breath of source, igniting a spark to form an idea into the atmosphere, the sky, the stardust to form the realities we live within from the Omni particle of all creation, the upper brain cannot process the information that it receives from the mid brain's frequencies.

If the upper brain can make the pictures while we create a dynamic inner force field and an outer force field beginning from the mid brain we can relate consciousness and energy. That is how consciousness and energy create reality. To move energy up and to activate the frequency bands, first we must understand the frequency bands. The music of the spheres. The frequency waves of the hertizian level of this earth, the infra red of the parallel earth, the visible and invisible light spectrums, the ultra violet blue body that we have been many times before, the x-ray band that allows all light to stream into the sound bands and create the soup of heaven, the gamma waves that connect our wave bands, to our highest light of Source.


We must understand how our soul has returned to this 6th dimensional realm of the blue body thousands of times and how it has remained there for many lifetimes in between. We must have the background knowledge before our yellow brain - 3D ego-personality will allow these frequencies to be held permanently in the neuronet, and then allow the body to turn into 6th dimensional blue body which contains the mind of god, which contains immortality, which continues co-creating.

These are just all words that are immediately misunderstood and then dissolved by the mortal mind 3D brain and then replaced by former old school knowledge that was formerly placed in the 3D brain - upper cerebellum, until the 3D brain has spent enough time dreaming in Aquafaria, where  the life style of the immortals who live in the Blue realm can experience the actual frequencies-the feeling of, the knowing of this glorious heavenly realm. After we dream it, feel it, know it, once the frequencies of Aquafaria become crystalized within our cells, we can walk out of 3D through the plasma fields and into the 5D realm of reality. 

We can do what we did in the candle. We can walk through the gamma, the white light, and into the invisible realm, and then turn around and bring the blue body reality in to begin the transformation of the mortal mind thinking brain. We first morph into our blue body through our blue brain. We allow our blue brain to transform our consciousness. We connect the consciousness with the energy of this new reality to create the new reality of the New Earth. This is how we will morph into Urtha and see the cloud cities and the realms of the Aquafarians.

Crystalai and aDolphino spend all of their days and nights in this magnificent blue body realm. We breathe it into our atmosphere. We live in Aquafaria in our Lucid Dreams. We allow our Aquafarian families to swim through the neuronets of our chromosomes in order to create our 12 DNA that links us to this world permanently.

At the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, which is in Urtha, next door to our palace in Aquafaria, we  provide the tools the frequency signatures, the wave bands, the music of the spheres, the codes of manifestation, the visual and frequency journeys into Aquafaria, the tools for lucid dreaming. 

We provide everything needed to remove all resistance from the 3D mortal mind brain and to create a brand new back ground knowledge for the mortal mind to process information from when it receives the frequency signatures of the ultra violet blue light from our glorious 6th dimensional realm of immortality, that reality can be processed by the third dimensional hertzian as it is transmitted from the infra red and then processed into the visible light. This is how we morph our present understanding of what we see and feel into our new reality of blue light where we can see all dimensions of our reality. We can begin to see the OTHER SIDE.

We were given this extremely valuable message from the Guardian Alliance and our family and friends in Urtha, the place we call our home of Aquarius. The place the Aquafarians created for us to return to many, many millions of years ago. They prepared a place for those who truly love Source as our omniversal omnipresent all seeing all knowing Mind that is within us eternally, some call this the ALL THAT IS. 

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)
The light bands look for the new information as symbols printed in the frontal lobe.
The personality or mortal mind has its own feed back loop. Once an idea goes into the upper cerebellum part of the brain that idea just loops over and over, we just keep thinking the same thing is true until a new reality over powers that old reality.

We must place the NEW picture in the frontal lobe. Hold it. 
As we connect consciousness to the higher fields of consciousness of Source energy and breath those frequencies into the outer bands where the merkaba is spinning and winding the electrical into the magnetic to create the atunement into Source of ALL THAT IS we are winding up the bands of light and sound into the highest frequency of zero point. Fill all of the body with higher frequency mass. We take the frequency load from within. As we breathe we are loading a higher and higher frequency which is transmutting the lower frequencies into the higher bands. This causes our light cells to transmute into crystal liquid light.

 Scientists understand the omnion frequencies as something a little beyond the quantum. The ALL THAT IS actually exist at a much more etheric realm than what is omnion. However, the sparks and quarks and omnions are frequency fields of textured realities. They are frequency signatures of entities consciousness, dimensional levels, sixth dimensional blue body consciousness field. They are particle realities, and they all have a frequency signature and code. When we put the picture in our brain. We create a picture that represents the code.

When we use the blue body consciousness and look at the front of a card, we can process the codes or symbols on the back of the card in the same way. We connect to the frequency signature of the code on the card, we use the consciousness that knows all and sees all to see the back of the card. It is not guess work, it is actually seeing with the fifth dimensional consciousness. It is connecting to the Super Duper Consciousness of the Soul Family and Over Soul Family who has already been there and back.

We can also learn to connect to our Soul within our God Seed Atom. The more we become at one with that crystal light body within our Thymus, the more we are allowed to see into the imagination of all that really exists that we can't see yet. We must connect to our dreams, to our immagination gland - the thymus- and find the reality within the thymus which is the God Seed Atom. That is where we find our real self. Our self that has existed since the Breath of Source held an idea in a spark, breathed upon it and created a flame that would grow into a manifest reality. 

That same perfect idea can be ignited once again as we allow the breath of Source to enter into our medulla oblongata at the eighth chakra and ignite the God Seed Atom. We then let that light body grow into our full body. We attach to the light within. We allow our spirit body to walk in from the back as we do the ASCENSION FORMULA and morph into the 14th dimensional light in the Core Domains of Inner Earth. We then walk through the flame and merge with our spirit body on the parallel universe. Now we have a complete union of our true selves.

The picture form. The mind opens up the picture because the picture has been translated into frequency. So, I can see Aquafaria because I first make it a reality strong enough in my yellow brain. The image must become so strong that  the yellow brain would not resist it and erase it. Second, I become so familiar with the frequency of the ultra violet blue Aquafarian Reality that I know  it as a frequency signature.

 I become familiar with the frequency signature of all of the family of consciousness of my Aquafarian family, and the atmosphere and frequencies of the crystals, the water, the temples, the mansions, etc. I become familiar with their frequencies of trans- formation that allowed them to change form from dolphins to mermaids, to fairies to stardust and to create rainbows from light and sound. I become so familiar with that tone of home that it became my own breath of consciousness. 

I breathe these frequency signatures into the CD's in the Ascension Kit, Cosmic Kits, Family Kit and Super Frequency Kit. The Cosmic Kit contains songs sung by my Aquafarian Family that describe their Reality in their own words. The song, All is Love from Magic Dolphin describes the way of thinking of this reality the best. The Super Frequencies in Ultra Violet Sun are extremely important to feeling and understanding the Blue Body that exists within the realms of the Sun Alcyone, Aquarius and Aquafaria. 

Each set of frequency signatures is a separate aspect of the entire Cosmic Realm of Angelic Consciousness being woven into my breath from my frequency bands after my wave bands have absorbed the frequencies of Aquafaria.

Each frequency begins its journey from my connection into the zero point of Source Consciousness. Where the Omni particles of all creations is breathed into the Spark of Source and ignited into a Flame to create a rainbow flame of energy to create a new reality from.

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

That spark of Source is ignited from within the crystal heart of each cell in the body . The zero point of each cell in the body contains that spark of Source. That Omni particle that created each soul on earth. That same spark of source created the omni particles or stardust, rainbow, galaxies and universes.

When that spark of Source is breathed into the bands of light and energy to create the music of the spheres, that breath of Source raises the frequencies of the entire mass of the body. The body becomes lighter and lighter until it levitates, walks through walls and disappears.

That doesn’t mean that you are no longer here. That means that you have allowed your blue body frequency to transform the yellow brain. The personality has becomes a believer because it understands it feels, it knows the reality of this frequency of Source, the frequency of Cosmic Consciousness, the Frequency of the Aquafarian Blue Body.

The Music of The Spheres can be heard within the body as a humming singing sound of light whistling through every cell in the body. It is felt as a light feeling of invisibility and weightlessness.

The mind must be re-trained to see, know and feel this new reality. The yellow brain hates NEW REALITIES. The Yellow Brain must understand the reality go Cosmic Consciousness, angelic breaths of reality. The yellow brain must first believe that there is a Blue Body an Aquafarian Reality that swims within our etheric DNA.

These are the realities that we are helping those who desire to experience those realities experience and create into their own reality of a sixth dimensional blue body living and moving and breathing on Earth.

This reality is frequency specific. This reality of the sixth dimension Aquafarian realm of consciousness lives deep within the heart of Mother Earth and deep within the chromosomes of our DNA. These are the frequencies that already exist inside of us as the Omni particle - the star see - the etheric frequency of our sixth dimensional substance.

This spiritual substance is flowing through our DNA as an ultra violet blue liquid light that allows all light from the gamma waves of Sun Alcyone and all Suns of Co-creation flow through our veins. This is the wave band that allows our immortality.
When we become the Lords of our own Yellow Brain personality who inform it of the Blue Reality that exists within us, we have regained the harmonic convergence into the Mind of God. We connect into the Multi Dimensional Mind of God to find we are free to live in all realities simultaneously.

Our bodies are made of bands of light energy. These light bands are anchored in every cell, every chromosome, every muscle, every blood particle. These bands are at every level.

These bands are inside of the body and outside of the body. The 12th dimension light band is 12 inches above the head and 12 inches below the feet. This Christ Consciousness band or grid connects us into the Christ Consciousness of Mother Earth. This Christ Grid is also out in our atmosphere. When we connect our consciousness into this Christ Grid that is a band love light and wave frequency we can wrap our bodies in this 12th dimensional zone of protection and immortality.

We can also create a mini-me of the same reality by placing a mini me of your self inside of your Soul. The soul is a sphere of crystal light nervy that sets right next to and behind the physical heart area. We call this the crystal heart area to remove confusion from what many think of as the soul. The soul is a sphere that weighs 13 ounces and sits inside of the body. The soul has made many journeys to the 6th dimensional blue realm where it goes through a light review of all light experiences it has in the body each journey before leaving the body at death.

The Soul together with the Mid Brain to record all experiences as frequencies. All experiences are either higher frequencies of contractions from the high frequencies.
It is the Souls greatest desire to remove all contractions from its light review.
This is what is taking place in the wonderful realm of Aquafaria. The sixth dimensional realm where the Soul returns to after death is continuously trying to implant this glorious perfect realm where there are no contractions from the high frequency bands. When all of the contractions are removed which were caused by the yellow brain personality, who continuously experiences the third dimensional belief systems, then and only then can the soul feel it has completed its journey.

This life time on Earth the soul is being given the opportunity to connect its light and bands into Aquafaria while in the body and clear all of the contractions out of ties frequency signature so as to enjoy this sixth dimensional blue body inside of and throughout the body .

The body would transform into the blue body of the Aquafarian frequency signature.


This delightful, joyful, creative realm of frequency signatures that are woven into the highest realms of angelic consciousness through the neuronets of this body raise the consciousness fields of the body into a new light body connected fully into the physical body to create a new immortal template for the blue body.

The inner band is a result of all that has made us into a community of signatures presence made from within to without. When we put this picture up here in the frontal lobe that is all we need to do. The sub consciousness - the observer, holds it, can translate the picture into frequency.

Putting the knowledge and the image into the frontal lobe while the seals are intact energy is stationed in the lower seals are defining the personality and the tour de force of the yellow brain are equal. The sensual areas in which the brain defines all that is placed in the body includes what food is, how to digest it, what qualities it has. This same yellow brain that is defining our life and telling our body what will make it well or what will kill it, how our days are numbered, that yellow brain. The areas of absolute polarity who you are in a personality. If you place a picture of Blue Body in your frontal lobe. That picture will be eaten up by the yellow brain only tolerating it for so long yellow brain must be transmuted and dissolved into higher frequency waves. The human is divine, but is only being allowed to work upon the old karma of emotion that was never brought to wisdom.

That is why the Soul returned to Earth because the old karma was never given the wisdom that would allow it to connect to the Blue Body, Aquafaria and never given the knowledge to connect to the multi dimension mind of god.

The soul must be able to process this wisdom while in this body. to remove the death sentence that is given to it by the yellow brain of carnal knowledge, the knowledge given to it by the world.

How does the brain use this great power of frequency?
A mechanism in which to apply to disturb to erupt and make volatile. This energy so that it is a displacement that creates a disconnect in the brain itself.

Rituals are repatriations of daily procedure Daily structures how your day will be produced. How you get up 

The breath is the closest most sensual tangible form that represents the will of God. it is the manifest code of the will the creation desire of God to Create a new reality from.
God made an atom from his breath and formed an Omni particle and created this body and breathed into flesh and the flesh was made man.

The breath of god must be made in an absolute focus. In order for our light bands to do something we must interrupt the connection of the mid brain to the yellow brain. The mind is the cohesiveness between the frequency and the brain has to first turn its attention to a focus where it is at once protected and yet changed by the consciousness intent of reality that is being brought in to it. The first thing is the consciousness awareness that we have put away our body and we are sitting up right from the spinal column. By pass the part of the body that digests food. We must use the nervous system through the back of spine to by pass interference of yellow brain.


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