Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rite of Divine Grace ~ Archangel Metatron


All Beloved, let us go now to the still space in the chambers of our hearts, where the divine spark that is within each one of us burns brightly. Here, in the stillness, lies the door to the Temple of the Outer Light, where Divine Will becomes Manifest Creation.

Let us now put aside all of our human cares and concerns and rise up into the Oneness that is the Heart and Mind of Mother-Father God. Let us be welcomed into the Temple by the Angel of the Presence. All Beloved, let us now see before us the banquet table of Mother-Father God, laden with all the fruits of the Tree of Life. For countless generations of humanity, we have dwelled in the false darkness of the illusion of separation, allowing ourselves only scraps from this table. Now, we take up our own divinity, on behalf of countless generations of humanity, and are welcomed at the table. In our divinity and in our humanity, we join together the Heavens and the Earth. A new Tree of Life grows in the Gardens of Paradise upon the Earth; the harvest is ours to enjoy, in the company of Mother-Father God. In Light and in Love we came to our being, and in Light and Love we shall remain, now and forever. The false darkness of the illusion of separation is now illuminated. The patterns of human fear and karma are transmuted. We reclaim now our birthright of divine grace. In grace, all of our needs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, are fulfilled in divine time. In grace, we learn and grow strong in our understanding and wisdom. In grace, we are eternally held in the arms of Mother-Father God. Let us now eat, in the greatest of joy, from the banquet table of Mother-Father God; let us eat of the fruits of the new Tree of Life and be nourished and sustained, in grace, now and forever. Let us now drink, in the greatest of divine bliss, from the Chalice of the Waters of Eternal Love, which flow from the wellspring of the Heart of Mother-Father God, and be refreshed and renewed now and forever. Let us now leave the banquet table of Mother-Father God and receive their blessing and benediction. Let us go forth now, back into our world, surrounded by divine Grace. Let us be reminded in all the experiences of our human lives that we have received this divine gift of grace. Let us know that our needs are already given, even before we ask, by Mother-Father God. Let us illuminate the false darkness of the illusion of separation which binds humanity, now and forever.
And so it is, in the Name of Mother-Father God.


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