Saturday, July 6, 2013


Most humans have always been focused within the physical template. Most
spiritual teachings that focused on yoga and chakra meditations have
always been limited to the spaces within the body. The teachings were
always based on 7 or 8 chakras. Most teachings share the understanding of
becoming more relaxed or at peace with oneself as the spiritual state. This
is not the spiritual state. This is just the relaxed state. The truly spiritual state
allows one to know that he or she can completely heal themselves by
realigning into the Oneness with the Frequency of Source. This means
raising the frequencies of the material substance into the spiritual etheric
substance. We can walk from the physical into the spiritual or we can
become so spiritual that we walk through walls while in our bodies because
they have become completely at one with the Spiritual.
The highest frequency always transmutes the lower frequency up into it. In
the Music of the Spheres, the highest frequency of Source Consciousness
transmutes all that is below it up into Oneness. It is true that the Sphere of
the Earth is transmuted into the Solar Sphere, the Solar Sphere is raised
into the Galactic Sphere, the Galactic is raised into the Universal, the
Universal is raised into the Cosmic and the Cosmic is raised into the

Omniversal Source Consciousness. However, this does not happen one
step at a time in reality. In the reality of Source Consciousness, the true
sacred geometry of the Music of the Spheres pulls up all of the frequencies
of the five spheres into the perfect harmonic alignment of Oneness all once.
There is no time in Divine Love. This is the NEW FREQUENCY of Oneness.
This transmutation from the lowest frequency in the Earth’s sphere into the
highest point in the Cosmic Sphere, where the Elohim of Hearing and the
Omniversal Consciousness Team connects into and transmutes up all that
is of a lower frequency of consciousness, happens at 12 points through
Earth. These 12 points look like a beautiful star that weaves all of the
wondrous frequencies of light and sound into and through each other into a
glorious tapestry that sounds like the Symphony of Love.
These 12 points coming through the Sphere of Earth into the Infinity of the
Infinite Unknown that will be created through the new tapestry of the harp
strings are not geographical locations on planet Earth. They are the 12
crystal pillars within Inner Earth, within the blue crystal liquid light area that
intersects into and through the mirror of the Spiritual Parallel Earth and the
Cosmic Intelligence of all 12 Angelic Tribes. These twelve tribes are reunited
into Oneness through the 12 Cosmic Light Councils, and these are
combined through the Omniversal Consciousness, which aligns into the
Source of All.
It is this location in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth where the Inner Earth’s
Sun connects into Oneness with the Crystal Heart of Sun Alcyone that
creates the Oneness of the Spiritual re-birth into the Oneness of the Music
of the Spheres tapestry. Deep within the Earth there are the 13th, 14th and
15th dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness. These dimensions also combine
into one new frequency which holds the home of the Music of the Spheres,
where the 12 crystal pillars within a large cave like structure that sits within
aqua blue crystal liquid light exists. The 12 angels of healing and
transmutation are in this location overseeing the Ascension of all on Earth.
This is the place where everyone will be taken to reconnect into the full
spectrum of light and sound that heals the body, transforms the body into a

new chemical and spiritual structure and allows the body to take on its new
form into the re-birth of the sixth dimensional body.
This place of the Music of the Spheres is the place of light and sound. The
angels each sing their wonderful Cosmic Angelic Frequencies of healing,
and as they sing they create rainbows that weave and intersect into the all of
the new tapestries through the harp strings of their minds. This place is like
a Santa’s workshop where one body at a time is taken into the sacred
chamber and woven back into the tapestry of the Music of the Spheres that
allows the Consciousness to remember it’s original Oneness with Source.
This sacred place is the place where Cinderella and our Aquarian family
take us to when they swim with us deep down below our mansion in Aquaria
into this most Divine Crystal Temple. This is the place that I go and sit and
wait until the angels sign through me these sacred breaths that weave one
individual at a time into the Oneness with their harp strings of the sacred
tapestry of the Music of the Spheres. 

As sound lines up on the key frequency signatures of the body and the light
bodies and spiritual bodies within the light bodies, the physical structure
becomes a part of the Whole Structure of the Real Body. The Real Body
includes the area of one foot around the body and three feet around the
body. The Merkaba Body can be thought of as the Divine Love Vehicle that
aligns all Five Spheres of the Music of the Spheres into Oneness. The more
we breathe the Frequencies of the Oneness of Divine Consciousness into
the atmosphere around us and into the homes and areas that we live in, the
more we are bringing the kingdom of heaven to Earth by re-aligning the
Oneness of the Spiritual and the Physical. The Spiritual has much higher
frequencies than the Physical. Therefore, the Physical will become
eventually completely transposed back into the Spiritual. This is when we
will be able to walk through walls and Orb to other Universes.


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