Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Story that Brings Forth Your Light: From the Inner Eclipse to Full Daylight

Have you ever wondered how your story about you is affecting your life?

Is your story empowering you into new possibilities or draining your potential?

Would you like to discover how to shift it into a story reflecting the truth of who you are?
We all know the feeling of being spellbound by a story, hanging on every vivid detail, whether it’s in a movie or at the feet of a beloved grandmother.
The reason why is that we are myth-making creatures and story-telling animals. We weave disparate events into something that is whole and powerful and filled with meaning by seeing it through the lens of story.
Stories are far more than fiction. They enroll people in dreams. They birth companies. They keep families together. They make our life into art.
And they empower us into new possibilities. Or, if the stories are negative, they can impoverish us and keep us in stories of victimhood.

To some extent, we ALL eclipse our light with disempowering stories. We rehearse a story that is less than the glory of God within us. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Truth be told, we ALL eclipse our light with disempowering stories.  Yet we also hold the power
to shift our story to one that brings back the full daylight to our life.  One that reconnects us to our power, letting us dream bigger and transform our life into art.

If you long for a more vibrant, self-empowering story  to take shape in your life, then first you must change the narration.

Writer, performer and ritual priestess Luisah Teish is a master shifter of stories and she will be featured on a free teleseminar that will give you the tools to re-script your life story to one of empowerment and fulfillment: The Story that Brings Forth Your Light: From the Inner Eclipse to Full Daylight

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Luisah will empower you to mine the gold from your traumas and tragedies so you can see the arc of your life in a wholly new way.  She’ll help you
discover your more liberating, hope-filled narrative that is in alignment with your authentic life path.

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