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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels

The minds and hearts of the awakening humanity are expanding more rapidly than we could possibly communicate, though of course, despite the rapid nature of your ascension it’s still a progressive and steady one that sees you grow and learn in increments, which have been discussed by other sources.
We are excited at the prospect of beginning to communicate with you much more directly as you open up and expand your channels to the incredible heights many of you are learning to, and we can say with happiness that your ability to bring through our impressions will only increase as much as your ability to perceive of and understand us and the realms we exist in.
We’re so very excited for humanity to open up to the reality of our existence and our immense desire to reconnect with you in very direct ways, because we all, as a united body of assistance for the Earth, have so very much to offer you.
It’s important to be opened up to the idea of our existence if you wish for an uninhibited connection to be found with us, because we’ll only funnel our impressions to those who willingly ask for them.
We seek not to overwhelm humanity or the awakening Lightworker public in any way, and if any soul becomes uncomfortable with absorbing our impressions or channeling our energies through and makes such discomfort clear, we’ll happily detach our energies from theirs and eventually greet them again after your Earth has ascended.
Acceleration of Karma
Your populace specifically is in need of collective ascension, and Gaia has existed in the fifth dimension for quite a long amount of your concept of time. Each of you can make active attempts to connect with and feel the energies of the fifth-dimensional Earth you’re building and growing toward in every moment.
The veils between you and the higher dimensions continue to be torn down with each alignment you pass through, and as we give this message at the end of the month of August, humanity still has many important celestial alignments and configurations to pass through that’ll see your power truly unhindered.
Dear scribe, we note the “thousands of tiny personal revolutions” as you’ve termed them, that you’ve been receiving in the past few days of your time. We ask you to expect many more unfolding aspects of yourselves to be made known, and the overhaul many of you are experiencing will continue until you find yourselves glimmering examples of spiritual beings who’ve done the most difficult Life-path work.
You’re reaching the end of your karmic contract individually and collectively, and this means that karma will accelerate exponentially for you, dear souls.
We note that some of you feel yourselves to be experiencing nearly instant karmic reactions to what you sew for yourselves to experience, and specifically, the negative karma you manifest is being sent back to you with much more rapidity than it previously has.
This is because of your aforementioned closing karmic contract, and because it’s essential for you to experience and transmute any bit of remaining residue accumulated from your dense Earthly experiences and the effects they can have upon you at times.
Recognizing the density prevalent on your Earth is important to understanding why some of you feel your mood or vibration to be dragged down at times. It’s important to remember that you’re transmuting the dense energies given out by the collective as a whole, and when you can remember this you can find equilibrium in the face of a bad mood or a low vibration seeming not to want to leave you.
Balance and Collective Energy-Transmutation
You’re pioneers of bringing the Light energies through and expressing them for your collective to benefit from, and you’ve recently taken on the much greater task of transmuting the dense energy of others in massive ways.
To be quite truthful, the effect this has had on the Lightworker pubic has been much less detrimental than it could’ve been and you’ve largely been able to maintain your balance and continue to find the Light energies despite the heavier weight that’s been added to the backs of many of you.
Those of you who specifically signed up for transmuting the collective’s dense energies have been given the bulk of difficult energy to process and transmute nearly every day, though your Lives are planned-out in a way that makes allowance for the fact that energetically, you simply need to rest at times.
You’re coming to find an uninhibited line of connection to the higher dimensions, and the more you make your efforts to perceive of the higher realms and connect with us souls happily existing here, the more fulfilled your experiences will begin to become.
You’ll find your hearts opening and expanding in an exponentially-rapid manner, and you’ll find your experiences lighten up as your wholeness with the existence around you grows to unprecedented heights.
This is all being Divinely guided and led, and your deepened perception of the metaphysical realms has always been meant to herald a collective establishment of a society in alignment with the ideal of each citizen.
The pure Light energies many of you are unlocking within naturally lead one to question everything that’s been hidden, and the prevalent corruption and tyranny present in your government and financial institutions among many others will be fully exposed because such exposure is an ordained facet of humanity’s growth into purer fourth-dimensional planes.
Our Main Task is to Serve You
The fourth dimension will herald exposure of everything that’s been hidden for darkly-inclined reasons, and while there could be some difficulty along the way of surfacing such exposure on an individual and collective level, the result will be humanity’s building of a full-on Galactic society, built by and for each one of you.
Your restoration into full consciousness is being brought about by you, but the Company of Heaven has and will continue to assist you as we wish for you to reach the states of consciousness we’ve been able to.
Our main task is to serve you, the awakening humanity, and to help you serve the rest of your populace who will become open to the existence of the spiritual realms and the activities of those who’ve used money and power to keep you in the dark for generations.
Exposure will come about, and will largely be driven by the actions of the awakening public.
Already, so many souls have stepped to the forefront of the collective consciousness to offer revelations concerning the cabals, and we ask you to continue paying attention to exposures regarding the surveillance activities of the American NSA, the British GCHQ and the spy agencies of plenty of other countries; some of which haven’t yet had their activities exposed.
An entire, strong network of lies and half-truths has been fashioned around your society, and those who’ve suppressed your history will be held accountable for what they’ve done as humanity is subsequently informed of what they’ve suppressed.
A great sense of liberation and freedom will result, and prosperity will flow like water to every nation, every family and every person. Humanity will find the importance of establishing widespread unity, and the harmony you’ll breed and spread will see you easily and happily working together to bring your planet into the Light in every way.
The re-engineering of your cities will perhaps be the biggest feat for you to perform, but you’ll be assisted by your personal and collective drive to enact widespread and positive change on your world. You’ll also be assisted with technologies given by us and others, and the widespread disclosures you’ll be given regarding such technologies will see you able to understand and utilize them.
Cabal Exposure: A Collective Clearing-Event
Humanity will be able to fully utilize the potential of the technologies we’ll offer, and will be able to benefit incredibly from the inspiration you gain to help build a new world.
There could be some catalytic difficulty along the way of exposing the darkness that’s laid dormant in your collective consciousness, and beyond the transmutation of much of humanity’s dense energy, exposure of the dark’s activities will serve as an immense clearing event for your collective.
So very much will be revealed that you wouldn’t perhaps expect, and we ask you with Love to brace yourselves for much greater and more flowing insights and revelations than you’ve been given thus far.
The Light energies have largely made their way back to your planet, and the exposures coming about as a result have truly only begun and could leave humanity quite overwhelmed and even exhausted at times. Each bit of work you perform will be for the greater good of your collective, and those of you who are particularly keen on spreading peace and unity will pioneer helping your collective to do just that.
It could be difficult for some to establish unity and peace with those they’ve perceived themselves to be different from, but in the end, humanity will have come together despite everything that’s been played upon in your culture that teaches you to think you’re separate or different from each other in any way.
Indeed you’re not, and we know that an ever-increasing number of Earthy souls can feel this.
Unity, prosperity, abundance and wellbeing will be established for every soul on your planet, and you’ll find yourselves very fulfilled and satisfied with yourselves and the experiences you’ll have from here on out.
Those of you working already at the forefront of the Lightworker consciousness will perhaps expand your roles even more than you already have, and we anticipate many stepping up in the time ahead to help inform your collective about specific facets of your evolution into full consciousness.
Working Fruitfully Behind the Scenes
Your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.
A certain quotient much be reached before the collective energies can resonate with the frequency of the fifth-dimensional energies you’ll be constantly absorbing and assimilating to Create the reality you’ll find around you, and at present, the collective is still largely feeding into the mechanisms of separation and unawareness that would only keep you situated upon a lower vibration forever if allotted.
We and so many others, along with you awakened souls scattered about in various different places on your Earth, have been working fruitfully behind the scenes on your return to full consciousness and on the awakening of your collective in time for the most potent events related to your ascension.
You’re beginning to reach heightened energies that will allow for the presence of such energetic events, and in the face of the vastly-purer energies you’re entering into and the metaphysical events they’ll cause that humanity will be dazzled to witness, we ask the Lightworkers to continue their energy work as much as possible.
There’s so very much for you to experience that’ll help initiate you into the higher dimensions as a collective, and we trust in the Lightworkers and in humanity as a collective’s ability to put an end to separation and hatred and see your populace feed into the pure energies of harmony and Love that will lead you onward.
We ask for you to enjoy the journey and seek the destination in healthy and balanced manners. Understand that you’re growing back toward the higher dimensions in every sense, and that you don’t have to be separated from these realms or from us as many of you tend to convince yourselves you are.
Nothing about your existence on the Earth says you have to deny the higher dimensions or otherwise not perceive of them; only you allow yourselves to believe that the veils between your world and the higher dimensions are too thick.
Understanding Channeled Communications
Indeed they’re not, and at this stage they can be practically seen through as ever-more souls embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with them.
The higher dimensions and the existence of us souls in these dimensions will be widely disclosed on your world in the time ahead, and the communications we’ve been offering for so long will come to be understood by your collective as aspects of the assistance we wish to give you along your ascension.
Messages from us and many others published to your internet that have only been viewed by a certain segment of the Lightworker public will be opened up to, as it’s understood that we very actively communicate with humanity in an effort to reach you and help you grow back toward our realms.
Previous ridicule or mock will give way to open-minded understandings about the reality of the assistance we’ve given for so long.
Indeed, we’re not lower-oriented beings looking to gain humanity’s energy by fixating you on us or our communications. If the messages of any channeled being don’t resonate for any reason, we wholeheartedly recommend seeking what works best for you as an individual and fashioning the purest connection to your inner-realms that you can fashion.
Every one of you can open up and channel brimming communications from the higher dimensions, and upon allowing yourselves to believe that this contact can indeed be real, you’ll find excited contact from us or from whoever you wish to open up to.
As examples of the diversity one can pick up on when becoming open to a higher-dimensional connection, we’d like to go against the usual flow of our messages to allow two different collectives to come in and offer short condolences.
The Ascended Masters Speak
Greetings, my dear children, I am Jeshua speaking for the Ascended Master collective. We and so many others have been watching and listening as the dear Hathors have given their words and impressions, and we too seek to let you know that we are and have always been here, waiting for you to open up to us in any way you can.
We’re all here for you, dearest souls, and many of us have went as far as to incarnate on your Earth in many different lifetimes to reach your collective.
Why, then, would we choose not to communicate with you from the spiritual realms? We’ve done absolutely everything we can to reach humanity and to help you understand the reality of your existence, and in doing so, we’ve become very close with you.
We wish you to know that we’re not going anywhere, and your ability to pick up on us will continue to increase.
The Pleiadians Speak
With Loving thanks to Jeshua, I am SanJAsKa speaking for the Pleiadian High Council, the Council of Nine and our General Council.
You’re (currently) speaking with millions of Pleiadian souls, and I am representing them as we seek to let you know of the Love we possess for you, as well as your ability to pick up on our impressions and those of every soul and collective in the higher dimensions.
Your ability to reach the higher dimensions and various ascended entities and collectives is much stronger than you’ve been led to believe, and you’ll find yourselves able to pick up on and understand much deeper and more intricate impressions as you broaden your telepathic abilities.
Continue to practice channeling the higher dimensions and the pure energies you’re being given in any way you wish, because we too will remain here for every one of you.
The Hathors Conclude
With thanks to the Pleiadians and the Ascended Masters, we express that there are so many more collectives you can pick up on. We’ll conclude this communication at this point so as not to tire out our scribe, with the reminder that your perception of the realms of full consciousness can only be affirmed by you.
Some may attempt to discredit one’s perception of the higher dimensions or the many wondrous things that can result, but you’ve each incarnated with the knowledge of your personal Godhood and Divinity, and can shine in any and every moment.
Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes, as well as the Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians.
Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Message from the Arcturians ~ Transmutation of Form


As I often do, I asked the Arcturians to assist me to deeply understand this message in a manner in which I could integrate it into my daily life. Below is the message I received:
Transmutation of Form
Our Dear Ascending Ones,
Your bodies are transmuting at a cellular level to resonate to a higher frequency of reality. Hence, you are remembering to recognize a higher frequency energetic reality along with your physical reality. Whenever you perceive a higher frequency reality, your body adapts to the resonance of that reality for as long as you can perceive it. Hence, whenever you experience a higher energy field of reality, your body adapts to that frequency of perception.

You have been taught to believe that only the physical reality is REAL and that other version/frequencies of reality are “a figment of your imagination.” However, your body believes in you, not the ones who programed you. Therefore, once you begin to perceive these higher frequencies of reality, even if only for a few seconds, you perceptions send that information to your body. Your body then begins to adapt to that version of reality.

The New Normal
There is an inner threshold of “normal” that is based on your perceptions. For example, if you move from a very cold environment to a very warm environment, over time your body will realize that your external world has changed in temperature and inner workings of your body will begin to adapt to life in a warmer world.

Another example is your bodies’ adaptation to an increasingly polluted world. Once air pollution would create a great response in your body, but now you have largely – and unfortunately – adapted to poor air quality. In the same manner, you will adapt to a higher frequency of reality. Whereas now you may be able to maintain a higher frequency of consciousness only while in meditation or engaged in a creative activity, as you meditate more and fill your life with creativity, your body will adapt to a higher resonance of “primary state of consciousness.”

For example, you have been taught that the beta wave consciousness of total focus on the external (holographic matrix) world is your real world. However, as you consistently remember to begin your day with calibrating to your alpha wave consciousness through meditation, enjoyable exercise and/or creativity, your perceptual field begins to focus on a higher resonance of your environment.

As the baseline resonance of your consciousness raises, your expanded abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience begin to habitually augment your physical senses of sight and hearing. Furthermore, your clairsentience naturally expands as you incorporate telepathy and empathy into your life. Additionally, your perceptions of smell and taste provide you greater information about the food your transmuting body requires.

Believe in Higher Perceptions
When you remember to “believe” what your higher perceptions and your bodily sensations communicate, you reinforce the changes that are occurring within your Earth vessel on a cellular and molecular level. In your third dimensional reality, you were trained to believe that your body was something over which you had little control. Yes, you could choose to look in a different direction, have different actions and behaviors, but your body was a mystery that was healthy or sick of its own accord.

As you continued to awaken you began to realize how much influence your thoughts and emotions had on the health and welfare of your physical vessel. You are aware how your body feels if you are depressed or anxious as opposed to how your body feels when you are happy and having fun.

Once you continually choose to keep your consciousness high you can perceive flashes from the fourth and fifth dimensions. These fleeting perceptions of higher worlds assist you to realize that the frequency of realty that you choose to perceive is the reality that you live. Furthermore, the calm recognition of these observations directs your body to accept the frequency on a cellular and molecular level.

At the same time, allow your belief system to fully embrace the fact that you are resonating to a higher frequency so your perceptions will seek out higher frequencies of reality. For example, your vision will also look for the aura of each person, plant, and animal. Once you include the fourth/fifth dimensional aura in your mundane perceptions, you further activate your higher perceptions.

However, you will only be able to perceive the higher frequencies when your consciousness is calibrated to alpha waves and beyond. You are still wearing a physical Earth vessel and are engaged in all the challenges of a third dimensional world. Therefore, there may be many times when you are “just physical.”

When this drop in consciousness occurs, love and forgive yourself unconditionally. You are in the midst of a transmutation of all life, without a rulebook or a map. Therefore, be good to yourself and accept that there are times when you must still function as a third dimensional human. Enjoy these times, as you will miss them more than you think.

Activating Your Higher Perceptions
As you continue to activate your higher perceptions, your experience of “realty” will expand into the multidimensional fields of the fifth dimension. Many are still calibrated only to their third dimensional perceptions, so they will begin their evolution by perceiving more of the fourth dimensional world of auras.

On the other hand, you Lightworkers have stabilized that expanded perception and are moving on to conscious, daily perception of the fifth dimensional resonance that is now perceivable via your daily consciousness. We say “daily consciousness” as most of you have a daily consciousness that is largely in alpha waves.

With the increased inner awareness of alpha wave consciousness you will quickly identify when negativity enters your heart or mind. When your consciousness, and hence your perceptions return to the third/fourth dimensions, you will easily identify the feeling of density. Please remember that you are still wearing your Earth vessels, no matter how altered they are. Hence, you need to pay bills, drive in traffic, and clean your house or whatever task lowers your resonance.

Monitor Your State of Consciousness
It is vital that you recognize when your consciousness has dropped, as your perceptual field will soon follow, as will your reactions to life. When your consciousness rises again and you re-calibrate to your new expanding reality, your feelings of joy, Love and hope will return. Then, you can more easily attend to the flickers of fifth dimensional reality as they pierce the waning veil of third dimensional illusion.

When you experience the perceptions and feelings of your new reality you can consciously choose to use your higher perceptions to give you greater information about your physical and higher frequency surroundings. As long as you are wearing your Earth vessel, you will be able also to perceive your physical reality unless you are resonating to higher theta or delta wave consciousness.

Remember that your brain must be calibrated to your mind and your mind calibrated to your cosmic mind. Otherwise, you will be responding to the outdated 3D computer of your brain. Also, remember to connect your physical heart to your High Heart so that you can integrate your expanded perceptions with the wisdom, power and Love of your Three Fold Flame.

When you unite your physical form with the heart and mind of your Lightbody, you can easily choose to focus on Love and release all concepts, thoughts and feelings of a fearful nature. You are no longer limited to your physical Earth vessel, but the illusions of the physical world can make you forget to connect with your Multidimensional Self.

Reshaping Your Life
You begin to reshape your life by training yourself to consistently modulate your state of consciousness to alpha wave and beyond. As your higher states of consciousness become normal, your expanded perceptions become normal, your emotions of calm, loving acceptance become normal and your Multidimensional thinking becomes normal.

When Multidimensional thinking is normal, you will perceive a temporary slip in consciousness into 3D thinking as a short journey into the physical, from which you can easily return. You will remember that your physical body and physical realty is your connection to Gaia, your Earth Mother with whom you have promised to enter into the partnership of Ascension.

With a firm sense of partnership with Gaia, the third dimension will no longer be the lower frequency, which causes you problems, but the reality that you volunteered to enter. With the reminder that you chose your present incarnation you can choose to live in the higher frequencies of reality but “go to work” in the physical world to fulfill your birth contract.
With the knowing that you chose your reality, and wrote – and are currently writing – your own script there is no room for being a victim. Please remember that you chose your lessons in order to learn what is necessary to fulfill your Earthly mission Therefore, you may have to unconditionally forgive your Self for choosing some of your challenges.

With the full awareness of your Multidimensional nature, the higher frequencies of reality are always a choice. You make that choice by calibrating your consciousness to the frequency of reality that you wish to experience. In other words, you are no longer trying to ascend.

Your Power of Choice
You can choose to live in the knowing that you are ascended and your primary state of consciousness is no longer restricted to the physical plane. However, because you are new to this Self-image, you will likely have many temporary excursions into the challenges of third dimensional Earth. However, remember to instantly readjust your consciousness back to alpha wave and beyond.

Be patient with your Self.
Be loving and forgiving of your Self.

You are a great Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to venture into the depths of illusion in order to assist all the beings on planet Earth. What you are doing is unique to your Universe, as you are ascending a planet and its inhabitants into the fifth dimension without physical destruction. Remember to be loving toward those who choose not to participate in the Ascension process.

They have taken this incarnation to learn about Ascension, but they desire further incarnations in the physical plane. Ascension is a choice and not all of Gaia’s humans will make that choice. However, they have grown immensely by taking an incarnation during Gaia’s time of transmutation. Therefore, release all judgment about what others should do.

Focus on your own choice and on the others who have chosen a similar experience. Furthermore, release the concept of time. Time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. If you focus on “when it will happen,” you lower your consciousness into the realms of time.

Live in the NOW
Live every moment in the NOW. If you don’t know how to do that, look to your pets, the plants, the sky, the earth, a pool of water. The fifth dimension and beyond is free of time. Hence, all experience occurs within the NOW of the ONE. We know that this concept cannot be understood by 3D thinking. Therefore, take a long walk in nature with no watch, ride your bike, do yoga, paint a picture, play a song, go to a concert etc. etc.

When you engage in creativity your sense of time becomes distorted and you move into the NOW. When you live in the NOW you resonate to the higher frequencies of reality. Fortunately, your creativity will greatly expand as you continue your journey back to your Self. In fact, you will be consciously creating your life with your every thought and emotion.

Therefore, remember to be the master of your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions create and stem from your state of consciousness. It is one thing to perceive the fifth dimension and even to visit it. It is another thing to release ALL habits of third dimensional thoughts and emotions so that you can remain in that resonance.

When you were a baby and learned to walk, you did not become angry with yourself for falling down. You simply stood up and tried again. Eventually, your crawling was replaced with walking and even running. Go into your Divine Child to regain that patience with yourself and the childhood wonder of exploring an expanded version of reality.

We are with you NOW,

The Arcturians

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Unified Heart Chakra and how to access it

Chakras Overview
Chakras may be thought of as energy centers both within and outside the body. They allow us to pull subtle energies in from the cosmos and translate that energy into useable data for and toward the evolutionary movement upward. Chakras function like subtle vortexes calibrating inflows and, in some cases, radiating out what flows in. The Unified Chakra Meditation references a column about four inches in diameter. It extends from the eighth chakra (emotional body) down the center of the body and through the physical chakras to about eight inches below the feet. This column supports a tube of Light about 1¾ inches in diameter. The tube runs exactly down the center of the entire length of the column. The ‘Waves of Metatron’ (see Alpha-Omega Chakra below) move through this tube of Light.
There are seven major and generally accepted chakras that are associated with the physical body. Traditionally, they are identified numerically One through Seven and named according to their location. In the Unified Chakra Meditation, the starting point is at the base of the spine with Chakra One traveling upward, i.e., Chakra Four is the heart and Chakra Seven is the crown (top of the head). (Note: In the ReUnion Process, these chakras are numbered in reverse: Chakra One is the crown, and Chakra Seven is the base, or root chakra. In both models Chakra Four is the heart.)
Chakra One, located on the coccyx at the base of the spine is called the base chakra or the root chakra. Many teachings refer to this chakra as the location of Kundalini energy. Kundalini is the energy source that (traditionally) rises up from the base of the spine and flows up through the spinal column ‘turning on’ all the chakras as it blasts out through the crown, creating an enlightened state. The root chakra is associated with physical survival, the security of our body and our identity as a human individual. Unlike the other six chakras, the root does not have an endocrine gland connection.
Chakra Two, located in the naval area, is referred to as the spleen chakra, the naval chakra or the sex chakra. It flows creative energy in the form of human creation, artistic creation, and prosperity. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Two is the gonads.
Chakra Three, located in the solar plexus area, is the chakra associated with instinct, dynamism, and our sense of personal willpower. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Three is the adrenals.
Chakra Four, the heart chakra, is considered the center of the physical chakra system. It has been called the ‘seat of the soul,’ as unconditional love, intention, compassion, understanding, empathy and forgiveness find their home here. Here also is the center of all healing – pure love. In the Unified Chakra Meditation, all the energy systems within and outside of the body are brought in and through the heart chakra in order to balance the flows entering into and radiating out of the body and its field. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Four is the thymus.
Chakra Five, the throat chakra, is considered by some to be the place of clairaudience (paranormal hearing). This chakra balances the flows of communication, creativity in the form of self-expression, wisdom and learning. The endocrine connection associated with Chakra Five is the thyroid.
Chakra Six, the brow chakra, is believed to be the place of clairvoyance, telepathy, the ability to receive and decode light images. Also known as ‘the third eye,’ this is the chakra that puts our life in perspective. The endocrine connection usually associated with Chakra Six is the pituitary, and sometimes the hypothalamus.
Chakra Seven, located at the very top of the head, is associated with inner wisdom and dimensional consciousness. Known as the crown chakra, it is considered to be the center of pure consciousness. Some consider the crown to be the doorway leading to detachment from the illusion/material world and, hence, our vehicle for conscious union with God. The crown encompasses the head, the brain and the ductless glands within the brain. The endocrine connection traditionally associated with Chakra Seven is the pineal gland. In some belief systems it is also associated with the pituitary gland.
The Alpha and Omega chakras exist outside of the physical body. To my knowledge, they have not been addressed in chakra information prior to the late 1980’s and early 90’s. These centers have been dormant for humanity as a whole until the mid 1990’s. The beginning of the new millennium we all received a mega shot of divine energies to help us remember our true identity (and I suspect, to help us survive the transformational shifts happening here and now).
The following information, taken largely from “What Is Lightbody?” by Tashira Tachi-ren, has been condensed and consolidated as an overview to promote understanding when doing the Unified Chakra Meditation.
The Alpha and Omega chakras are finely tuned regulators for electric, magnetic and gravitational waves. They serve to anchor us to the frequency for the divine structural blueprints for all sentient species. When open and operating, these centers regulate wave amplitude and frequency (Waves of Metatron). These waves stimulate and support the flow of pranic life force energy in the 1¾ inch tube of Light (mentioned in paragraph one of this article). The waves assist in coordinating the physical body’s transformation to the preexisting template of one’s Lightbody. Our Lightbody (or immortal body of Light) is the primary communication link between the soul, the brain, the center of inner wisdom and universal consciousness.
The Alpha Chakra, located 6-8 inches above and about 2 inches forward from the center of the head, connects one to the immortal body of Light, which vibrates at a level described as ‘completely spiritual’ … no more me, my, mine.
The Omega Chakra, located 8 inches below the end of the spine, connects one to the planetary hologram and to the entire holographic grid of incarnations. (Note: This is NOT a karmic connection.)
(Think of the Alpha Chakra as the repository of time/space imprints and the Omega Chakra as the key to entering that repository.)
Chakra Eight (emotional body) is located at the exact center of the head, 7-9 inches above the Alpha Chakra. It is the etheric blueprint for the ‘karma game’ – stuck places where flows aren’t moving in a coherent way are here. It is also the master control for mutational changes of the body systems and for merging body energies through the Oversoul. Emotional body tends to live in the past.
Chakra Nine (mental body) is located above Chakra Eight. The function of the mental body is to determine your reality. Mental body tends to live in the future and does not like change.
Chakra Ten (spiritual body) is located above Chakra Nine. It flows information from your own spirit into your other chakras. It is responsible for forming your unified field, which connects you to Oversoul, Christ Oversoul and I Am Presence. It makes you transpersonal rather than personality based.
Chakra Eleven (Oversoul) is located above Chakra Ten. It is instrumental in the development of the higher frequency circulatory system. This system heightens sensitivity and magnification of the physical senses. It has many interdimensional functions designed to connect us with other systems. It also communicates the reprogramming necessary to shift into Light.
Chakra Twelve (Christ Oversoul) is located above Chakra Eleven. This is the Christed level of your spirit self – Divine Love, Will and Truth. (Christ is identified here as a level of consciousness/a frequency of awareness.) It helps to restructure the meridians of your body necessary to shift into Light.
Chakra Thirteen (I Am Oversoul) is located above Chakra Twelve, often referred to as the ‘I Am Presence,’ the individualized presence of God appearing AS you.
Chakra Fourteen (the Source) is located above Chakra Thirteen. This refers to God, The OneSelf, The Source.

The Unified Chakra
From the book What Is Lightbody? and The Tools for Living Heaven tape set
The Unified Chakra Meditation is the base technique of Angelic Outreach.
It supports your mutation at every level. The Unified Chakra creates a bubble of Light that allows you to handle vaster and vaster frequencies, and acts like a force field. It helps screen out other people's pictures of reality. Most of you walk around in other peoples' energies because your bodies are separated. The main thing for Lightworkers is to get in your bodies and figure out what your energy is.
The Unified Chakra is the best way that we know of to assist you to follow your Spirit with every breath and every step.
We suggest that you do the Unified chakra every single time that you notice that you are in the past or the future.
At first that will seem like an incredible task, but if you will do it with discipline, you will find that within two weeks you will unify instantly. By the end of four to five weeks, you won't step out of the merge. Unlike a lot of meditations, you do not leave your body; you stay conscious. It is an altered state, but it is one that you can live in.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Opening my heart
Into a beautiful ball of Light,
Allowing myself to expand.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand,
Encompassing my throat chakra
And my solar plexus chakra
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand,
Encompassing my brow chakra
And my navel chakra
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my crown chakra
And my base chakra
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my Alpha chakra
(Eight inches above my head)
And my Omega chakra
(Eight inches below my spine)
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I allow the Wave of Metatron
To move between these two points.
I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my eighth chakra
(above my head)
And my upper thighs
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I allow my emotional body to merge
With my physical body.
I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my ninth chakra
(Above my head)
And my lower thighs
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I allow my mental body to merge
With my physical body.
I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my tenth chakra
(Above my head)
And to my knees
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body.
I allow my spiritual body to merge
With my physical body,
Creating the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my eleventh chakra
(Above my head)
And my upper calves
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the Oversoul to merge
With the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my twelfth chakra
(Above my head)
And my lower calves
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the Christ Oversoul to merge
With the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my thirteenth chakra
(Above my head)
And my feet
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the I AM Oversoul to merge
With the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my fourteenth chakra
(Above my head)
And to below my feet
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the Source's Presence to move
Throughout the unified field.
I AM a unity of Light.
I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
I ask that the highest level of my Spirit
Radiate forth from the center of my heart,
Filling this unified field completely.
I radiate forth throughout this day.
I AM a unity of Spirit.
I AM a unity of Light.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Lord Kuthumi
channeled through Rev Deb of Project: Eagle Triad
To Begin Today through September 6th, 15 minutes Per Day

Greetings to [Lightworkers and Future and Present] Sananda's Eagles! I AM Kuthumi and I have been asked to bring you the next Divine Attribute which you will be programming into the mass consciousness grid.
And that Attribute, my Divine Beings of Light, is `Allowance'…allowance without `judgment'. For Allowance is one of the necessary ingredients to your ASCENSION process and that of the Earth.
And it is asked that before beginning your meditation you invoke the Presence of Divine Grace, for she does, indeed, play a big part in this ASCENSION you and our Beloved Gaia are both going through. Therefore, without further ado, let us begin:

It is asked that, for the first few minutes of your meditation, you do something which you are oft asked NOT to do, and that is to bring into your mind what it is that you most judge to be `negative' or `dark' upon your planet. This can be anything, from the energies associated with the wartime slaughter of men, women and children, to the personal relationships you have in your life, or to the rape and pillage that your planet undergoes on a daily basis. Pull the feelings you have toward these perceived `dark energies' from your mental and emotional bodies and place them firmly in your heart center.

For the second portion of you meditation, we ask that you then visualize and `allow' the energies of Divine Love -- which also reside in your heart center -- to lovingly wrap themselves around the energies you have judged to be `negative'. Bathe them in the Knowledge that all occurrences on your planet are being Divinely orchestrated, that our Creator IS in control, and even what you have deemed to be `dark' is also a part of the Divine. Rest in this KNOWING that there are no `accidents' or `coincidences', and through even the `darkest' of moments, all is happening for the Divine Purpose of bringing the so-called `Light' and `Dark' into Perfect Balance.

For the last portion of your mediation, we ask that you then project these feelings of `Allowance' and `surrender to the Divine Plan' into the energies composing the mass consciousness grid. Send unto the peoples of your planet the Knowing that whatever they fear, whatever they have judged to be `dark', whatever they have feared to be `hopeless', is naught but the movement of their Creator flowing through the denseness and bringing ALL into its rightful state of being. And so it SHALL BE!


channeled through Rev Deb of Project: Eagle Triad

As you quiet your mind and your physical body, breathe deeply, and go to that space within your own heart… that space of quiet and calm, that inner chamber where True Love does abide.

As you rest within the silence, free yourself from the thoughts of your daily activities and turn within to communion with Me.

I want you to go with me to the Christ Consciousness Grid, from where we shall look down upon the New Earth which is being prepared for you.

In your mind's eye, I want you to see the Earth in a new, glorious and HEALED condition… the condition originally set forth in the Divine Blueprint established in the beginning by the Source.

The air is clean, the water is pure, teeming with abundant and healthy marine life.

The colors of the foliage and fauna are vibrant, shimmering with the richness of perfection.
No longer does mankind dwell in the illusion of polarity. There is no longer dark vs. light, good vs. evil, male vs. female, one religion vs. another religion. All has been made Whole. All is now One.

Visualize the inhabitants of this beautiful Earth living in harmony, acknowledging the Christ in each one they meet, realizing that each is but a part of the One.

All countries live in a state of brotherhood, peace and global cooperation. No longer does nation rise against nation. All weapons of mass destruction have been eliminated…. The swords have been beat into plowshares.

See and feel, from your own heart, the love that is expressed one to another, as the Holy Child goes about the Father's business.
No longer is there poverty among you.
No one fears the abuse of another, or the hatred hiding within another's heart.
There is true sharing among all the brothers and sisters… eliminating any concerns of lack or impoverishment. Greed has left the hearts of the people and they freely offer their alms to the One in gratitude. This is the day the lion shall lay down with the lamb.

No longer does man live in ignorance of the higher Celestial Realms.
Without fear, he welcomes and communes with his brothers and sisters from other dimensions, other star systems, and other universes, knowing that all have come forth from the Source of Creation.
Peace, joy and true love shall reign in every heart. All has been made new. All has become One.
For this is the NEW EARTH… and the NEW HEAVEN.
And so shall it be.

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