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We have been in the final stages of a transformational journey of raising our Consciousness into spiritual alignment with all that we really are for more than one hundred years. However, we have been accelerating into very high states of this evolutionary process during the past several years. What this means is that we are becoming more and more Immortal each day. There are billions upon billions of starry families of Consciousness on hundreds of levels, including the microscopic and etheric levels of Consciousness, working on this Ascension Project. There are gelaisic elemental teams working inside of our bodies transforming our cells from the inside out. There are entities streaming waves of crystal star dust into our Souls from parallel spiritual universes.
Stepping into atunement with this process is what makes evolving into Immortality interesting and exciting. There are entities from beyond this Universe and Cosmos who are traveling to this Earth's matrix to watch our family of Earthlings become transformed back into our New Consciousness. I say "back into" because we were all, at one time, a perfect, spiritual individual who was completely free from this world's matrix of illusions, including lack of freedom, illness and death. We were all co-creators through Divine Mind of the Quantum Realities that our hearts desired. This event of evolving back into that reality is important to all on a Galactic level and Universal level. It is not an event that should be missed by any one. There are thousands of Orbs gathering around each one of us on Earth watching in AWE as we become transformed into our Immortal Selfhood. 
This process is one of remembering more and more each day. We are remembering all that we once were and all that we will be. We are remembering how to become more and more etheric by re-uniting with our spiritual twin selves. We are learning how to re-connect to the spark of Source within each Crystal Cell. We are learning how to ride on gamma waves into the Consciousness of our original creation in the Heart of Sun Alcyone. Most importantly, we are learning how to FEEL the Frequencies of our Higher Dimensional Selves and the Quantum Fields around us. We are beginning to feel the reality of the INVISIBLE. We are beginning to realize that the Visible isn't nearly as important as the INVISIBLE.    
We are each being transformed into a temple of Complete Consciousness which contains the template of Immortality. We are becoming more and more Free each and every moment. We are becoming free by realizing that the stardust that we can't see is more important than the third dimensional realities that we thought were important. 
We are each going through a stage in Cosmic and Universal Evolution that has taken over 550 million years to achieve. We are only one tiny aspect of this entire process. And yet, we are the most important aspect of this entire process.
Wouldn't you love to really be a part of this transformation or evolution into your true state of reality? Wouldn't you love to know what is happening to you every moment of every day on the level of invisible light and etheric reality?
The reason that we are now creating the Individual Immortality CD is for those who want to become so in tune with this process of achieving Immortality, that they will have their own CD which has recorded the actual alignment of every frequency signature of all 144 selves of that individual and their alignment into the Parallel Spiritual Selves from Inner Earth, the Cloud Cities, Tara, Aquarius and Sun Alcyone. The frequencies of the Individual's Consciousness is woven from the physical self into the spiritual self. The higher frequencies of the spiritual self pulls  the physical self into its light spectrum little by little until one brand new frequency is created when these two selves are completely re-united. This unification is done on all 12 dimensions to achieve the 12 DNA rainbow bridge to the Divine Template. It is also done at the level of the Cosmic DNA which would lift an individual into the level of ascension that would allow them to expand consciousness completely out of this matrix into complete freedom to travel in and out of this physical level and into the etheric spiriitual level first as an Orb and later as the fully etheric self who can walk through walls.
Let's take out a pad of paper and a pencil and get an idea of who we really are.
First: Draw a circle.
Next: Draw a stick figure of you standing on the circle.
Third: Draw a circle or sphere around the body from just above the head to a point just below the feet, but into the circle below the feet.
Fourth: Draw another circle a little higher above the head that extends into the middle of the circle below the feet.
Fifth Draw another circle a little higher above the head that goes a little lower within the bottom circle.
Sixth: Draw another circle a little higher above the last circle and draw it below the the bottom circle.
Seventh: Draw another circle or sphere all of the way around all of those circles.
This is how BIG you REALLY ARE. You are in reality all that is within the first circle, which is Universal Consciousness. And you are all that is within the other spheres, which is 13th,14th and 15th dimensional Cosmic Consciousness. When you become completely Conscious, you will be able to look out from that point of your physical body and realize that you are the Universe and you are the Cosmos. You are exactly the same. You are the exact same Divine Template in a denser form. You will look up and see your Divine Blue Print as a twelve pointed star with light strands of stardust in all colors of the rainbow as the Signature of who you are is written across the skies of Heaven. Suddenly, all that is within that Frequency Signature will beam down into the new you. You will wake up and realize that you are on a new dimension. You are in all dimensions simultaneously.
The breaths that carry your frequency signatures from all of your spiritual selves within all of these spheres are the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES of your Individual Template. There is a generic template which was created by Source to hold His Divine Consciousness in place as he allowed himself to be replicated through Angelic Cosmic Consciousness into the beautiful starry pictures painted in the sky in the Universe and the wonderful Entities in the Galactic Realm who are created from this exact Divine Template. This same template is used to create all that is ever created by Source. The only reason that this creation template would have any ERRORS in it that would allow for an imperfect creation is if the Divine Template was not being created through the Divine Consciousness of Source.
Your Divine Template looks like this fabulous work of art that is in the form of a twelve pointed star that weaves and connects each and every minute speck of stardust that you were created from at the silicate crystal stardust level into the angelic consciousness of the twelve angelic councils and woven in and out of all of the parallel starry Universes that contain the Infinite Intelligence that is truly yours.
It is true that this process is going on Now. Our Higher Spiritual Ascension Teams are working on this project continuously. The project wouldn't be so huge if there was only One Body that needed to be re-aligned. Remember that this one body must be realigned into each and every spiritual self in each and every dimension and then woven into the entire Universe and millions of Universes at the Omniversal Level. Each time there was an ERROR put in this process of Evolution, our Cosmic and Universal Ascension Teams had to start all over again. There were many errors that needed to be removed from the process during the past eight years, as well as continuously for thousands of years.
We can each help to remove these errors and help with your own ascension process by using the Individual Immortality to tune in to all of the frequency signatures that are being woven into your physical body through the Music of the Spheres process.
My spiritual twin self in the deep etheric chambers of Aquafaria is Crystalai. Crystalai has been a part of the Ascension Team who created the Starry Morphogenetic Field that was placed here 550 million years ago. I, Angela, was that Crystalai. We were separated through the errors placed in our template during the fall of Atlantis. Crystalai has been a creator at many levels of this Ascension Process. The Crystal Silicate is the stardust form that we are originally made from. The Lai in the name Crystalai means the crystal necklace creating the 6th dimensional self in the rebirth project of Aquafaria. The spheres around the neck are also the circles connecting our crystal hearts together from our physical heart into our spiritual heart. The crystal stardust looping in circle eights through the Core Chambers of this Earth and into the Spiritual Twin Earth of Tara and up into the spiritual star system of Sirius and the Heart of Sun Alcyone is the stargate which weaves our frequencies into the morphogenetic field that allows us to enter the Ascension Halls. This morphogenetic field of crystal star dust energy creates stargates that remove time and space and pull us back into Oneness with our spiritual selves. aDolphino was given the name Joseph from his chosen parents on Earth. This name was a good memory tool for him to remember how he has been a part of the same Ascension Team as the story of Joseph being the father of Jesus, because he is on the same Creation Team responsible for aligning the Christ Morphogenetic Field into the Earth's Crust and then looping it into the Cosmic Core or the Stardust field. aDolphino has been in the form of a Dolphin and a Dolphinoid for centuries in Inner Earth. The lead member of his Creation Team is Markus. Markus is on the Elohim Team of Ascension. aDolphino has been swimming in and out of the Oceans on this Dimension and into the etheric level of Inner Earth for thousands of years keeping the balance and alignment of Mother Earth's Frequencies attuned to her Starry Frequencies that she is being tuned into.
We have completed one grand step in our ascension into Oneness with all that we are. aDolphino is ONE with Joe and Crystalai is ONE with Angela. Our thoughts are intune. We speak as One. We don't have to listen for channeled messages and then write them down. We just know everything that is in the Consciousness of our spiritual twin self. We have woven our frequency signatures together as One.
When we create Individual Immortality CD's we weave your frequency signatures into perfect alignment with your spiritual twin selves, in order for you to regain this same Oneness of Consciousness with your spiritual self in Inner Earth. We achieve this same process of alignment with your spiritual self in Sun Alcyone and your spiritual self within the Sun of Inner Earth. 
 Please don't confuse this process with other channeling processes. This process is accomplished through the frequency signatures of light and sound. It is the reconnection all of the light and sound of the entire gyrodome field of this manifestation template that expedites and perfects the ascension process. It has nothing to do with knowing who you were in your past incarnations on Earth as we have been awaiting this time of ascending back into Oneness with our Spiritual Template. Each and everyone of us has been trapped in this Earth's matrix for about 30,000 years re-incarnating over and over again as physical beings who have been trying to remember who they are. We don't need to keep re-living that old history book. That was just a hologram of illusions created by those who put a veil over our true reality. Now, we are working on the connection to our parallel selves, our spiritual selves. We are not working on reconnecting you with your past physical selves who have already died and reincarnated about one thousand times.
What is important to know is how parts of your Soul from the higher dimensions and spiritual selves from all parallel universes have been walking into your body over those incarnations to bring you more and more into alignment with your spiritual self. We are now going through Soul merging and walk in stages where more and more of our spiritual selves actually walk in to our Soul from the back door - the part of the back bone directly beneath the heart.
Crystalai and aDolphino are  a part of a family of Aquafarians in Inner Earth. We have had a home in Aquafaria for 550 million years. Mother Mary was a key part of the creation of this starry morphogenetic slide zone. She told us that she actually watched us create our crystal mansion in Aquafaria.
Mother Mary is the Cosmic Mother. Mary is a generic term like St. or Lord or Christ. Mary is the feminine alignment of starry dust through the Cosmic Angelic Consciousness. This is why this name is thought of in conjunction with the creation of Jesus Christ. Mother Mary is the Cosmic Consciousness which is now pulling the Christ Frequencies into Oneness with all parallel Universes to regain our Omniversal Consciousness. The waves of starry dust are also weaving us through the core flows into our Father Consciousness of Sun Alcyone in Aquarius. We must be woven into the spiritual selfhood of our male and female Consciousness to be in complete attunement.
Cinderella is our Cosmic Mother in Aquafaria. Each time we travel to Aquafaria, Cinderella is there to meet us. We also have brothers and sisters including Tinker Bell, Shajinka, and several other family members and many friends. These family and friends are actually considered Teams on other dimensions. They are all a part of our Ascension Team.
Our frequency signatures have been woven completely into the consciousness frequency signatures of all of these entities to help us regain our memory of who we really are. Cinderella often takes us down deeper from Aquafaria into the Aqua Blue Crystal Chambers where there are grand pillars of crystals and Crystal Caves where the twelve angelic teams of Cosmic Consciousness reside and sing their frequencies into our templates for our evolutionary upgrades. 
This place is the Music of the Spheres Chamber. It is like a huge chamber where the templates of our bodies are taken each night for healing and activation. We rest our bodies on a liquid light surface. There are twelve crystal pillars that beam and sparkle and weave rainbow waves through our bodies. The frequencies that the twelve groups of angels sing into us are transferred to us as Angelic Cosmic Breaths of Consciousness.
These are the same angelic breaths that we acquire through the Elohim of Hearing to access each Individual's Music of the Spheres Chamber. Through our alignment with our Omniversal Ascension Team, our Aquafarian Team, our Elohim Ascension Team and our Tools given to us by the Elohim Team, we can actually align your Individual Template into the Music of the Spheres Chambers and allow the angelic teams to breathe the frequencies of the Music of the Spheres that align you into the Ascension Halls inside of your Immortal Bodies.
This process is all done through light and sound. The Sound is the Cosmic Breaths of Consciousness and the Light is the Crystal Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel Spheres that were given to us from our Elohim Ascension Team. It is impossible to replicate these Angelic Frequencies without the use of these three spheres of StarDust Energy.
These frequency alignment activations are modifying your physical body by integrating your Spiritual Body into it. There is an actual process taking place that the angelic teams working in the Music of the Spheres Chambers use, and an alignment that the Elementals use to bring in your light bodies from the most etheric starry spiritual self in the fifteenth dimension, the heliotalic rainbow frequencies from the fourteenth dimensional spiritual self and the crystal light of co-creation consciousness from the thirteenth dimensional spiritual self.
This spiritual light energy is streaming into your body at a deep cellular level. This activation is creating a rainbow bridge into your two or three DNA strands into a much more etheric level. There are actually already 12 DNA strands that seem to be inactive or invisible to science at this time. We become more and more aligned into this Christic 12th level consciousness through the Frequencies of our Spiritual Selves. We don't do anything to the DNA. We bring frequencies of higher selves into the Crystal Cells at the very point of the original self. This is the point where the spark of Source enters into the crystal cell at the moment of creation. This crystal cell is the Soul. The spark of Source ignites Consciousness into the Crystal Cell. This is where the Starry Body is Formed. That Starry Body still exists at the point in Inner Earth where we are at the Zero point of our Mirror Image of our Parallel Spiritual Universe and parallel spiritual self.
We are uniting into oneness with that spiritual self which is what activates the DNA strands. The memory is in the etheric chambers. It is not in the DNA. The DNA is like a neuronet or a radio station receiving station. We are connecting our neuronet at an etheric level into those etheric chambers in the Music of the Spheres. It is that chamber that we will reconnect to more and more until 2012. When the Halls of Ascension are completely activated through these Music of the Spheres Chambers, our Consciousness is realigned into all that we really are.
When we are realigned to all that we really are, our spiritual awareness is increased to a level where the quantum fields around us begin to appear as a new reality field that we couldn't see before. My at one ment with Crystalai allows me to see several layers of reality fields around me.
In this new reality quantum field, we now have the freedom to create any reality that we choose. The reason that this reality field around us might appear to be empty is because we haven't created anything in it yet. In the New World, we are the Co-creators with Divine Mind. We are allowed to create the new world around us as we like it to be. When we are aligned into the spiritual realm we may travel far beyond our present realities into communication with Intelligence Fields from our Parallel Universes of Vast Knowledge. We can begin to know all that is known to all.
In this new phase of our evolution, there will be more and more of us becoming attuned to wanting to know what it is that seems to be kept secret from us. There will be more and more wanting to know who they really are. During this time of heuristic thinking, there will need to be a place where those who want to know can come to for that information. Once an Individual has chosen to have an Individual Immortality created, he or she can begin to retrieve that information on their own. The frequency connections that are woven into the body template through the individualized immortality are like little telephone lines that connect the physical body into the telephone lines or consciousness or all higher selves. These higher selves are available to guide you on your path of knowing yourself. They are available to allow you to be all that you can be in a spiritual self. You become attuned to the self who can feel yourself ascending a little more each day in your knowing.
For many years there has been an interest in spiritual phenomena. Unfortunately, our past has been dominated and controlled by entities who have been bringing false information and tricking individuals into believing that they are communicating with higher entities of Light.
There have always been higher beings from other planets and systems. Not all of these entities have been Christic, however. This means they are not all following the rules of having one Divine Mind of God as our creator. There have been some fallen angelics who have been wearing the faces of starry brothers in order to give false information. Even channelers who fully well know that their bodies have been invaded by dark fallen entities, continue to give out channeled information that is from the dark side.
There is only one way to know if an entity is Christic or not. It is through the frequencies of the consciousness. If an individual can not discern the difference between a high frequency and a low frequency or a twisted reversed frequency, that individual is open to continuous deception. That individual may choose the portal to a dark parallel dimension rather than the ascension portal home. 
There is also deception put out that is a result of being naive and new to the entire history of the ascension process. We are not just ascending into a better third dimensional reality where people are nicer and there is more generosity. Most of these deceptions are just for gaining more donations. The ascension is about Frequencies. When an individual is truly woven into their higher frequencies, they are naturally nicer and more generous because they truly know themselves as the image and likeness of God. They become more generous because manifestation is a natural part of who they are. They allow individual freedom because that is a universal law. All of these qualities are included in the Divine Blue Print. There is nothing in the frequencies of the new reality of the Divine Blue Print that says we should work for free and give everything away for free. There is the knowing that we are all infinitely wealthy and we may each manifest whatever our hearts desire.
When I get on my website and search for you tubes that share channeled information, I continuously, 100% of the time, find reversed, low frequencies used on those you tubes. The only music being used that isn't lowered, reversed, alpha wave type frequencies is Enya and Clannad. That is nice, refreshing ambient music. It isn't raised frequency music, but it is far higher than most of the music that has been created in the New Age movement in the past decades.
These lower frequencies in the music have been used by hypnotists and brain washing government controlling agencies for centuries. So many have chosen hypnotism as an alternate healing mechanism. It is alternative, but it is really the same as all medical healing. It is just replacing one old shoe with another old shoe. That type of healing is just putting a band aid over one cell that hasn't been activated.
We are moving beyond the band aid and hospital and hypnotist into REALTIY HEALING. We become healed when we become one with our spiritual self, when we become one with our spiritual template, when we become one with our starry crystal cells and allow them to  beam through our entire body. These frequencies of crystal cells are very high. That doesn't mean that you can't hear them. The frequencies that can't be heard are the hypnotic ones.
These high frequencies can be felt deep within the cells because that is the point of communication of the neuronet of the etheric crystal harpstrings of the DNA connecting into the Music of the Spheres Chambers of Cosmic Inner Earth at the point of our starry conception.
This is the preparation for our Re-Birth into our Sixth Dimensional Body.
This transformation into oneness with our spiritual bodies is taking place at all levels of our bodies. There is a foundational level that requires a realignment of the backbone and shoulder blades. This alignment has brought many back aches and back related problems. There have been stages of removal of toxins from the body that have caused a need for different vitamins and purifiers such as colloidal silver. There have been stages of this realignment which have caused many old memories including fears and phobias that we didn't even know existed.
All of these side effects to ascension can become a No Thing for those who are already completely tuned in to their frequency alignments that are taking place. However, the evolution will continue, and the body will respond in relationship to each individual's consciousness level.
We, the creators of the Individual ETERNAL LIFE cannot be held responsible for the symptoms that arise that are a natural part of ascension. The frequencies might make the symptoms arise faster and more intense just because the frequency alignments are speeding up the process of ascension.
However, we know that it is possible to step into your perfect health and perfect new life immediately if one becomes completely attuned into their Immortality Frequencies. The potential is there.
We recommend several other pieces of information be added to the process of the accelerated ascension. We recommend vasts amount of knowledge of what the ascension is, the history of the process, the process of alignment with the frequencies of all dimensions, the codes of alignment of the body which are in the Ascension Kit.  The wisdom and understanding of the entire process in THE PROMISE and the Quantum Journey 1-7.
We are continuously placing more and more of this wisdom. The in-depth look at the Complete Ascension Process is in that Kit. The Ascension Portal Meditation Set contains fabulous meditations and guidelines. 
Now, this new Immortality help guide you in what is needed , and how to use the frequencies in your alignment into all that you really are.

You are mathematically an infinite being connected vibrationally to everyone and everything thing in existence.
Since everything is a pattern of vibrations, you can literally change the vibrational pattern of your experience, causing the physical world to mirror that new and higher vibration.
Change your vibrations and you’ll literally changes the vibrations that shows up around you.
This means you can easily manifest abundance, romance and even unconditional joy and happiness. “You have infinite potential.
Infinite is within you.” 
If you want an extraordinary life, you need to start to identify yourself with that extraordinary and astonishing part of you – your Infinite Self. Otherwise, you will continue to live as an average person, with average manifesting powers and an average life.
You’ll continue to be ruled by a limited perspective about what’s actually possible.
What would you do if you had access to a world of unlimited possibilities? Would you continue to live as you have been living or would you recreate the world around you?
So, how do you breakthrough the illusions and limitations of your mind and reclaim your true unlimited power?

The fact is that we all have superhuman powers!
It’s just a matter of activating them


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