Monday, October 14, 2013


There is a law in this new reality. The law requires us to become co-creators with the mind of God. The reality that we live within must and will be created by the individual through his or her mind of God. Those who do not create their new reality will continue to live in the old realities left in their heads from the lower Earth.
Our evolution requires us to create new realities from the wisdom of our past. It requires  us to learn to live through the frequencies of Source rather than through old ideas from the background knowledge of Lower Earth.
When my Blue Crystal Family sees me, they see a beautiful aray of light bands that are woven into artistic designs like a basked woven from the thread of a rainbow. All creation is made of light bands. The light bands are frequency specific. Each band of light has a frequency or a pitch. That frequency or pitch can vibrate faster or slower, which creates a new frequency signature. The bands of light with a slower wave length can be changed by bringing into them the band of light with the highest frequency.
The highest frequency of zero point from Primary or Source Consciousness is brought into the lower light bands through the breath of Consciousness. We have been trained how to connect our Consciousness into these higher and lower light bands and to shift their energy level by connecting our breath into the light band of Source Consciousness.
This is a process that can be learned and understood. This is the process that must be used to levitate, to disappear or to ascend. The process is the same process used to create a spaceship that can travel beyond the speed of light. Since the process is the same, we can turn our bodies into spaceships that travel beyond the speed of light. That spaceship is the merkaba body.

 There are formulas for collecting these frequencies. The 12th dimensional consciousness can be thought of as coming from the 2nd universal level or from 12 inches above the head. The 13th dimensional consciousness can be thought of as coming from the inner etheric core of Mother Earth. The 14th dimensional consciousness or band of light holds the heliotalic or helium element of light. The parallel 8th-or 16th holds the spiritual gamma ray. And the 15th holds the co-creative aspect of light. We have created a series of meditations that teach you how to use your merkaba to collect the frequencies from the light bands of universal, cosmic and source consciousness. Once we have connected our consciousness into and through all of the dimensional light bands and transmutted into a higher frequency through the outer band of Source Consciousness, then and only then do we EXHALE the Breath of Co-creation onto the microphone to create the frequencies that crystalize into our new reality in the quantum field around us.

We are actually creating our FUTURE REALITY when we exhale the co-created frequencies through the Mind of God from the photosynthesis or negative imprint onto the magical Ultra Violet Blue Film of creation that develops itself, just like a photograph onto the quantum canvas in front of our eyes. This is how we manifest through frequencies. This is why we create these Frequency Signatures on the Ascension Kits, Cosmic Kits and SuperFrequency Kits. Each frequency represents a unique frequency signature of alignment through an idea, a thought, a vision, an imagination of the Future Self in Higher Earth that will be a part of the Utopia that we transform into between now and 2013. The more energy and effort and understanding that is put into the creation of the new reality that we step into, the more the UTOPIA becomes your individual Utopia. The ETERNAL LIFE  is created in alignment with One Individual's Frequency Signatures and Soul Codes and woven into the highest wave bands of Source Consciousness through the process of the Music of the Spheres which creates the new harmonic alignment into our new reality.

We also refer to this energy vacuum created to ride within the merkaba space ship, the Cosmic Egg or the Golden Egg. We provide meditations that allow you to practice riding up into this Cosmic Egg that is three feet above your head. That meditation is called the Golden Merkaba.
When we use the term crystal heart, we are talking about entering into the crystalline, etheric center of the heart of each cell in the body. In scientific language this would mean breathing the zero point frequencies of Source Consciousness into the microtubule of the cell which is reaching the center of the neutral Source--we call this the spark of Source within each cell. We ignite the spark of Source with the breaths in the music.
We are held within this Consciousness of Source, which is the Mind of God, which is who we are. This is why we don't actually leave, or move. We just stay right where we are, but in a less dense form. However, we can choose to travel if we want to because once we have moved out of the energy levels of negative positive into neutral, we can travel beyond the speed of light.
We breathe the frequencies from the Primary Consciousness into the omni particles that create atoms. That outer band- the light band of Source- holds the music of the spheres together through the highest frequency at all times. When we wrap ourselves within the light bands of the universal, cosmic and source frequencies, we are riding within the Golden Sphere.

It is our BREATH who can over ride the physical mechanism of mass that is connected to the omni fields that create gravity and inertia and move beyond the material world.
The entity that binds us together into this powerful energy that can over ride mass is the breath. The breath is our connection to the frequencies of Source or the outer band of Primary Consciousness that allows us to ignite the spark of Source which frees us from mortal mind completely.
The breath connects to the Primary or Source Consciousness into the Mid Brain which is frequency specific.
The upper cerebellum containing the world belief system, does not contain pathways into the frequency specific mid brain. The mid brain is a very detached center of receiver ship, which information comes in unattached forms, in pictures of the future. These pictures from the midbrain are infiltrated into the personality as substratums of this Now reality.
When we place pictures of the desires we wish to manifest in the frequency specific mid brain we simply EXHALE to manifest that image in this Density. The idea or form must be held in FREQUENCY before it will manifest.
The mid brain tends to block our frequency specific messages from the Mind of God until we are able to train it. Our Blue Crystal Elemental family can actually play the harpstrings of our DNA and breathe rainbow bridges into the mid brain to transform it into becoming a receiver of our heart's desires that are sent through the frequencies of our subconscious.

When we work enough with the breath connecting us into the frequency of Source Concsciousness and breathe that frequency into all of the inner bands until we begin to break free from the chemically dependent third dimensional consciousness, we begin to feel more and more detached from the world. The more detached we feel, the higher our frequencies have risen.
When we breathe energy of consciousness into the light bands they spin faster. 
This is the point of igniting the spark of Source within the crystal heart of every cell in the body. This causes the entire body to light up like a Christmas Tree. This allows the flow of energy to shift from the mortal mind into the immortal mind.
This is the frequency needed before manifestation can take place. Once you have placed your mid brain in the frequency of Source , you can create an image of the desired item that you would like to manifest, place the image in the mid brain and exhale the frequency of that image out. In the mid brain, the frequency specific aspect of the co-creative realm with the mind of God exits.


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