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The entity called the Elohim of Hearing appeared in front of me as this Huge Being of Light. He explained to me how I would use the streams of liquid light energy, crystal dust energy and the energy of light together from each dimension to form the music of the spheres. He told me how to bring the highest frequencies to Earth through music.
The frequency music in the Ascension  Portal Album was retrieved through the golden portal placed in our ears by the Elohim of Hearing. These frequencies and codes were a part of a larger alignment and  is for the specific purpose of increasing the power of and the speed of  12 activations. Crystalai has channeled the frequencies from each of the five spheres to create the music of the spheres for personal alignment. Each sphere contains three dimensions. Each of these dimensions is created from crystals, light, and energy.
The in Breath of Creation – EIRA is the code that allows the vision of the desired manifestation to be painted on the movie screen of the third eye. ManU is the code of gestation – inhaling the frequency of creation and ManA is the exhale of creation that allows the manifest reality to appear as the hologram you painted on your movie screen.
There are millions and millions of Entities of Light included on every dimension working together on every little project and as a part of larger projects. Our Consciousness is also made up of thousands of Entities. We have been separated from our selves on this dimension and all of the other dimensions.
Soon, our selves will re-unite. We will begin to remember who we really are. This is the process of Illumination. We will become reconnected to our Over Souls or our entire Monad of Selves. 

Begins with the acknowledgement that the consciousness has made an interdimensional connection with Mind at all levels, and has a crystal light telecommunication connection with all of the Over Soul selves in all dimensions.
They are listening and communicating. This statement has been made and so be it.
This consciousness formula is followed by the codes of divine alignment with all that is in the Divine Blue Print of the original creation.
Next, the statement that the Promise of the Perfect Kingdom is here and acknowledged as consciousness aligns with all dimensions.
Underneath those confirmations are manifestation codes of EirA, Manu and ManA, which promote the vision, alignment and breath of this vision of the perfect creation.
Now the mind is aligned with all five spheres, including the fifteen dimensions.
The codes of all of the five spheres are contained in the background with the emphasis being Shay – the fifteenth dimension, the Ra – the Home of the Fifth sphere, and Kee, the Key or bridge connecting to all that is in the Divine Mind of co-creation and manifestation.

Now Shay Ra Kee is brought to the foreground in this song allowing the mind of the listener to focus all attention clear up to the Fifth sphere which contains the other four spheres and aligns all dimensions and all over souls into oneness of the Soul Merge.
EirA, ManU and ManA come to the forground of the music. Next allowing the mind to combine focus of the fifth spheres of co-creation with the EirA or vision in the pineal of the New Earth and all that personally means to you.
Next, that vision is pulled into the crystal heart for the gestation period of the ManU and finally the vision of the co-creator is exhaled in the ManA of creation.
Many of the other codes of creation are in the background of this music to help mold crystal gel and crystal dust into the forms that are directed and created by the Elementals by the formulas contained in Divine Consciousness.
Ascension Joy focuses on the code of Joy that confirms the Divine Right of the individual has been established in Heaven and so on Earth as the spiritual and physical unite into one as the New Earth is formed in alignment with all of the five spheres in this Matrix and in alignment with the parallel matrix of the etheric creation that is mirrored in this creation. 
The ManA of the creation being completed is accented in this piece.

The emphasis in this piece is on the AUM – meaning, I return to Source as the Perfect Sound and Light Body. The sun's portal has opened up the Ascension Portal to return to Source. The top of the head may hurt for awhile as your physical body completely rises into oneness with the spiritual light body.
The frequencies and codes in this piece align consciousness with the sun's energy. This is the actually energy of divine creation. The streaming of the suns energies from three suns is opening the portal of ascension on the Earth at this time.
The codes are the offering the streaming light energy from the sun of the core of the Earth that is uniting with the suns energy from the etheric parallel matrix's of the sun.
The suns of Gaia, Tara and Earth are uniting into one energy of ascension. Gaia was the Father, Tara was the Son or the perfect twin of Gaia created as the offspring of this Grand Entity. The light of Tara was then dispursed and displaced into several planets that we know as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and several others. These planets were all a part of Tara a very long time ago.
Tara is being put back together now. All of the entities of all of the planets, and all of the universes ... This project of individual freedom that combined the perfect state of that Freedom being demonstrated on Aquafaria, Cloud Cities, Light Cities of Inner Earth were maintained in their original form. These are our twins- our perfect half. Soon we will reunite our Sound and Light Bodies into a brand new form that is much grander than before.
The system that was corrupted on planet Earth is now returning to its perfect state. Only this time it will be a much greater- more golden perfect state.

The process of manifestation and co-creation of the crystal hearts desire in alignment with the divine Mind of Creation is the natural process of Magic.
The word Magic is sung as the frequency of alignment with ShayraKee, Mahatma, Maharata Mua Va Kee Ra SHAY Mu a Va. This is the magical alignment oscillating our consciousness back up the doors into the fifth sphere. Those of us who came from the Aquafarian fifth sphere of co-creation know nothing but absolute divine creation and the continuous process of that.
When I return to my dolphin family in Aquafaria we will swim and dance and glide through the crystal pillars creating symphonies of love that create more love to weave together in rainbows of new creations. This is what we do in the fifth sphere. We create whatever the Divine Mind – our mind desires. We desire to create more love. That's what we do.
Merlin's magic along with Kuthumi, Hilarion, El Morya, aDolphino and a few other great alchemists in the sky will use this magical formula of creation once more to create a new better Atlantis, a New Earth, several new universes.
All Magical formulas are made of the music of the spheres, the keys and codes and harmonies and rhythms are sacred geometry of aligning , streams of light crystal dust and crystal gel to mold and harden into forms of great architecture that align with all of the spheres of this matrix.
Each sphere has bands of Light energy that must harmonize as sparks of energy ignite and create streams of fire that mold the bands of light together.
All of the spheres are uniting in this new rhythm of the universe.
It will be a very different drum beat- a rhythm that has never been heard before because it has never been created before.

Focus is on the EirA, ManU and ManA of creating the vision and breathing it into creation. This time that creation process is connected to the Promise of the Divine Kingdom, the Joy of creation, the breath of oneness, the breath of infinity, the breath of Divine Creation move this vision into form.
Each of these pieces combines the codes, the frequencies, the alignment of consciousness as all magicians and creators always have to create everything that exists in heaven  and on earth.

EirA, MaNU and MaNA are the total focus of this piece. These are God Codes for the Spark of Source and the In Breath and Out Breath of Co-Creation. The frequencies of the fifth sphere of manifestation are completely aligned in the breath of manifestation.
SHA Ra Kee- 15th, 14th and 13th dimensions combine into one sphere and with the Consciousness of our great cosmic creators to bring this gift of co-creation back to Earth.
The manifestation process is only possible when the desire and vision of the manifestation has aligned his or her consciousness into the fifth sphere of creation. This frequency will not allow anything that is  Not in the Sources Divine Plan to become manifest.
Anything that was or is manifest outside of the formula of the music of the spheres will no longer exist and no longer become manifest.
This is the exhale of the divine frequency of co-creation and manifestation.
All frequencies and codes of all previous songs are included in this and all others. The codes of aligning with the Source Consciousness at every angelic frequency, every dimension, every crystal form and all angels are included in this album and in every song.
Manifestation the alignment of frequencies with all spheres of the matrix.

Uma Un is the final activation of the Eye of god – the third eye of creation. The pineal gland actually becomes the third eye. This is a mirror projection that allows the creator to see the vision in this movie camera and then to make God's movie.
The activations take place in the pineal, the lower tail bone and the heart center.
These three centers become corrected, realigned as the suns realign, and our consciousness connects to this alignment through these frequencies and codes.
The tail bone is the seat of creation that will reactivate the creative functions of the lower five bodies. The breath realigns the tailbone with the heart center, and then flows up to the pineal and down through the feet and twelve inches below into our reconnection with the Earth.
We become one with our earth body and ready to ascend together. We create heaven on earth through this connection. This is the first time that spherical alignments will allow this complete alignment that goes all the way into the earth and then back up into the knees. There will be a tingling sensation in the feet as they realign as pillars into the Earth.
The crystal cells become awakened from the crystal cell center outward into the pineal – the crown and down into the feet- the body lights up like a light bulb and we become the new energy on Earth. We become the light bulbs of our new pranic creation of energy as we connect to the Starry Brother's electromagnetic funnels lifting us into our Islands of Light We can now begin spinning forward into our new realities of our immortal selfhood.
Our true energy is in the core of the Earth. The sun in the earth connects through our bodies frequency currents and we can connect light into a light bulb or just into the room without a light bulb. I have asked the Inner Earth Scientists to live with me in my home while they teach me this technology.

Ray of Consciousness. Ra Ma'a is our consciousness connecting with the Cosmic Ray of consciousness. We become one with all of this Ray and we create a new Rainbow- a new set of colors that never existed before. We combine all that we have learned in the past 500 million years to create a brand new rainbow.
We align into the fifth sphere of Shay Ra Kee as we carry all currents of the Rainbow of all we are, all that all of our oversouls are, all that all others are, all that is in all five spheres.
This is the co-creation process. We collect all of the colors that could ever possibly be made out of light and sound and create the new music of the spheres.
The ManA creation connects perfectly with the SHAY of the 15th dimension as the mind of the co-creator realigns, recognizes an remembers all that he or she really is. Feel the complete oneness with the frequency of the final shay ra kee.

Activating the third eye, activating the seat of oneness to all you are, your Akashic Records of the past million eons, aligning your light body together with your sound body.
There are three steps to this activation- the pineal gland is turning into the third eye, the eight cells are restored in the tail bone and the heart area begins to ignite all of the crystal cells from the heart outward through the body.
It is to everyone's advantage to come and soak their ears and their cells in these magical frequencies. 
Come soak your Divine Temple in these Angelic Breaths of Cosmic Consciousness
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