Saturday, October 12, 2013


It is our responsibility to make a new reality. We don't have to go out and do political campaigns or go save starving children. We have to make the reality that we want to appear before us as our new world in our imagination. It is the imagination in the Thymus that activates the creation fluids of crystal liquid light energy to cause the manifestation directly from the Mind of God.

There will not be a new magical 5D world until we make it. We must make it individually first. Eventually, some of our realities will over lap and there will be characters in our movies. First, activate the imagination. Draw pictures. Visualize, Feel It. Be It. Make It.

We manifest our new reality with a lot of help from our elemental aqua farian friends and family from Density 2. That higher reality that our new Earth (in the fabric of Urtha) is morphing into INNER EARTH at this very moment in time. Our magical blue water fairies are dancing in the anti particles of the water and the atmosphere. I have found wonderful magical pictures of waterfalls that have a large amount of ionization in them. The ionization is the fuzzy, furry looking vaporization within the places where the water is falling. It is magical. If you look at such a picture or visualize it in your imagination you can tune in to the actual magical frequency of ionization. It is this ionization that is changing the chemical foundation of this place we called Earth to our new Urtha Spiritual Parallel Universe reality.

The elementals from Inner Earth are already hear. The consciousness of Inner Earth is already here within the trees, the flowers, the sunlight. We have to learn to look at the anti matter, the anti particles to see the new reality growing around us. And then we do our part in the creation by creating the reality that we wish to manifest within that invisible light that we can feel so strongly becoming a magical part of our reality.

It is our DNA that manifests our reality around us. If we have old 3D memories of old 3D water in our cellular memory, that is what we will keep seeing. However, if we start planting the picture and feeling of the ionization of the new water from Inner Earth into our picture, we have 99 percent of our reality. We are mostly water particles.. It is the water that will transform us from the inside out. Crystal Liquid Light Energy directly from Source Consciousness is always available to complete the manifestation job. We must connect our imagination, our feelings, our emotions into the Highest Frequencies of Source Consciousness and then when we breathe, we are breathing the co-creative substance of Source Manifesting the Realities that live within our DNA.

First, we need to tune back in to the magic. We need to find that magic in our Thymus. The Thymus was the center of our imagination and creativity when we were children. That Thymus was our true God Seed Atom deep within working as a movie screen that would project the realities that still lived within our cellular memory from the other side--the anti particle side.

I collected articles from Conan Doyle which documented the experiences of children who had taken pictures of fairies. These were real pictures. Doyle spent his life proving this reality. This is one of the most important stepping stones for parents to connect to the realities of their children. They need to know that the pictures created by the children are REAL. They are more REAL than the pictures created by Adults. It was the DNA of those children carrying the cellular memory of the water fairies that allowed them to project that reality out into the movie that they created all by  themselves. They could take pictures of these fairies to proove their reality to the unbelieving adult. Conan Doyle went to great extent of veryifying the authenticity of the pictures and proving that they were actual pictures taken by these children. There are hundreds of these events verified.

Now, is the time for the adults of this NEW EARTH to begin activating their Thymus in order to have the re-birth or the memory that is within the thymus gland, and deeper within the God Seed Atom. We must reconnect to that place. It is a spiritual science. It is the way we were made. It was not supposed to be taken away from us at age 13. We are supposed to be the creators of our magical movies.

 Instant Manifestation reveals the actual Scientific Forumlas of Manifestation. This is different than Law of Attraction. It is based on a different Frequency. It is based on the Highest Frequency of Source Consciousness which is the Crystal Liquid Light Energy called EirA. It is based on the true Spiritual Scientific formula of Creation within the Crystal Heart known as the Thymus which connects directly into the Mind of God to create the negative of the picture. And then we Exhale from the Pineal Gland into the Pituitary to develop the film on the Third Eye and see the reality projected out on the Radial body within the sphere of the Light Body Reality Field.

We have absolute proof in developed pictures of children doing this exact formula of creation.

Why could only those two children see the fairies that they took pictures of? Because they were the only two children who had developed that imagination within their thymus before breathing their reality into the projector around them. The adults couldn't see the fairies. The thymus of the adult began INVOLVING at age 13. The thymus changes from a fabric of magical creation in to pure lard by the time the adult is 30.

Now is the time of our EVOLUTION. Now is the time of our REBIRTH. We can allow our Thymus to be born again. We can begin our Evolution. We are just going to have to practice our magical fantastic imagination even more than we did as children.

The Earth and the Galaxy has been a part of the Load Out Mission for 500 million years. The twelve stars, including Earth (who was a star) were all blown apart when we were Tara -the Star. We were placed in this Milky Way Galaxy as a Hosting System to allow us to grow back together again and then be escorted back to Tara.
That has been the mission of the Guardians and Hosts for millions of years. The Fallen Angelics and Invader Races made the situation much worse than it was and so the Guardians sped up the plan to the EVAC mission.
Planet Earth, herself--or any of the actual stars-could not be rescued from the Milky Way Black Hole. 

We were separated from Planet Earth on December 21, 2012.
We have been living in a Star called Urtha ever since.
We were placed within a Star Essence of Earth and the Tara System. That Star is called Urtha. We are now living in Urtha. Earth is not really here any more. The Earth did fall into the Blackhole. We had to be placed within Urtha to have our human angelic raceline saved.

All new reality is created within the Highest Frequency-- the Frequency of Source --the Mind of God. We manifest our realities around us throught our DNA. The DNA is like a microchip that carries the information that will appear on the video screen. If we keep playing movies with old DNA microchips, that is what we will see around us.
As we activate our DNA into higher DNA, we are able to create new movies onto that new DNA that is activated.

While you are activating your DNA with the Frequency Music, you also need to be creating your new reality.
That is why I am offering this course called Instant Manifestation. It is nice to learn how to make large sums of money appear and new vehicles appear and all of that, but the thing we need to manifest the most right now is our new reality.

 Many will begin to feel more and more like committing suicide or leaving this place because we just don't belong in this place that isn't actually here any more. This is an old movie made up by some not very nice people who don't like us at all.

This world of magical, dancing, love and light has always been here. We have just had our minds 
blocked from seeing it. Only black magic could block us from our Reality. That 
darkness has been transmuted into whiteness through the light of the highest 
frequencies of consciousness blending and uniting as One. White Magic reconnects 
our Consciousness with this reality of the Magic, the fantastic reality of the Co-
Creators with the TINY. The elementals, the devas, the fairies and the angels are 
creating with us through the tiny elements and atoms and particles of crystal dust, 
gel and light. This grand new creation is being created right before our eyes. We 
watch it each morning as we see the hydrolaise restructuring the forms of water and 
oxygen into a purified form that breathes new consciousness into the Ocean and 
Streams. We watched our Monterey Bay become more Aqua Blue Each day. We see 
more and more from the Crystal Cities of Inner Earth coming out and merging into 
the Aqufarian Cities of Light. This is the merging of the Consciousness of Love into 
Oneness. They are creating a Harmonic Convergence Zone of Divine Love. My 
family of Aquafarians who live in both the underwater crystal cities of Monterey and 
in Aquafaria stream their light and love through braids of light energy streaming 
together particles of love and light in the atoms and electrons sparking, connecting, 
streaming, braiding the electronic circuitry of our original reality for us to remember 
once more.

They create as a child creates. They create through visions of the magical, through 
the communication with the tiny elves, fairies and devas, the tiny gelaisic snowflakes 
that weave together magic at a very tiny level. The crystal gel, the crystal light and 
the crystal dust are the elements of creation. These elements sing together with the 
atoms that they create upon. They sing and create through the magic of love. They 
create vortex upon vortex within our cells, our atoms, our atmosphere; and they 
spark and unite into a brand new creation every second of the day and every 
millionth of a second everyday.

These tiny little flakes of love are braiding and creating a fantastic world inside of us 
and around us. Now we must bring to life our Mind of a Child who can see this brand 
new reality. Our thymus gland in the center of the chest can now become awakened 
to see this fairy tale reality where we create the magical miracles of the original 
Atlantis creation. The spark of source sits right in back of the thymus. Ignite this 
spark by uniting consciousness with all realms of the five spheres. Merge 
Consciousness to unite with all selves from the past and future. Merge with all great 
entities of creation. Merge with Sunat Kumara, our Logos our Original Selfhood in 
Shamballa. Merge Consciousness with Sananda who has maintained our perfect 
selfhood in the Cloud Cities, Merge Consciousness with our Aquafarian Family who 
has maintained our perfect Consciousness in Aquafaria, Merge Consciousness 
with our Galactic Family in Aquarius, our Cosmic Consciousness of co-creativity 
include Zadkiel and his angels of creation, his devas, his fairies, his elementals are 
now ready to merge with our Consciousness so we can Co-Create the Divine Plan 
as it has always been.

Your family will love enjoying the frequencies of these Cosmic Entities, Snowflakes and Dolphins
 through the holiday season. These frequencies lay the foundation for the family to begin creating
 their own Rainbow of Frequencies that will weave and braid into their Islands of Light. 

We have had a veil put over our eyes, and our consciousness that hasn't allowed us 
to see this Divinely perfect Plan of Creation for a very long time. Now we can 
celebrate the availability of this Vision. This vision waits inside of us. We must 
breath the consciousness of this reality into our thymus from the spark of source 
right behind the thymus. The spark of source ignites and grows into a flame of 
consciousness and grows into a crystal sphere. This is the new Crystal Heart that 
our new Consciousness streams the co-creation through. This stream of 
consciousness extends from the Spiritual Body just behind the Crystal Heart, 
breathing the new Consciousness through into the Thymus. The Vision of the 
Fantastic can then be Imagined. As we allow more and more of the Galactic Suns to 
braid together their Divine Consciousness and stream that consciousness through 
our pineal area and our thymus area and through our tailbone area, the more we re-
connect to the streams of consciousness of co-creativity. We breathe this 
consciousness into our vision. We see it growing in the thymus gland from the light 
of the spark. This vision is then taken up into the pineal area where the spark of 
source ignites again with the sun's consciousness and the spiritual body streaming 
liquid light consciousness through the center of the head into the eye of all seeing all 
knowing all acting all creating. This stream of consciousness is the light of the movie 
projector. The vision that is created first in the thymus and then in the third eye is 
then projected out through the center of the forehead as we breath the 
consciousness of co-creation out into our manifest new reality.

The Spark of Source grows into the Crystal Heart that has merged together the 
Consciousness of all entities of Love and Light. The Grand Entities of our Co-
Creation. They are merging and blending their love and light into our Crystal Heart 
as we merge into all that they are. We merge into Oneness with their Minds, with 
their Love, with their all seeing Eyes of the Grand Reality. This love is accelerated 
as we spin our merkaba at the speed of light to merge with all that exists in all 
universes and galaxies as we spin our consciousness at the speed of light energy 
that connects to a star in every breath we take. We merge with the stars and the 
suns. We become a star once again. Mother Earth Becomes a Star Once again.
Exhale all of the old realities from your consciousness. Exhale them into your 
Spiritual Body to be transformed into the new 12th dimensional Christ 
Consciousness. Wash out the old 3D Consciousness by realizing that it was once 
yours and now you are returning this old worn out Consciousness to be Re-
Energized by the TINY Creators into a Brand New Creation.
Exhale the old, return it to Source, return it to Spirit, return it to your Soul, to your 
higher self. Any of these higher Entities know what to do with this old belief of 
realities created from the dark nothingness. This nothing ness no longer exists. It 
can't be used to create from any longer.

We now create from the Light. We now create through White Magic. We now create 
with Zadkiels elementals, devas, fairies and angels.
We now create by weaving braids of love light and crystal particles of gelaisic 
snowflakes that pop and spark and glow and crystal dust the magical new reality.
This new harmonic convergence of all of our selves, all of these entities of creation 
is the music of the spheres, the blending of all of the melodies into one grand 
symphony. This new harmony sings within our cells and within our minds as we allow 
the brand new pure angelic harpstrings to awaken our crystal cells into 
remembering who we are. We can feel this new love of all of our selves uniting and 
merging into oneness. We feel the frequency of love, the vibration of the tone of 
home, the sweetness of remembering who we are, we feel the vibration deep inside 
of us singing continuously. We feel the joy, the ecstasy and the glory of this purity of 
sheer silk energy streaming inside of us and through us streaming the 
consciousness of divine love into our minds and our hearts. The movie projectors of 
our minds radiates and glows as the perfection of our Divine Realities becomes 
projected into the movies screens in front of our eyes.

These Divine Realities begin to project through the eyes after the Frequency alignment is completed to become one with all Angelic Consciousness in all Five Spheres and ignited by the Spark of Source. The Ascension Kits prepare this alignment.

We live through the electrical circuitry of the liquid light streams connecting our 
hearts and minds to the galactic, the cosmic and into the Heart of Mother Earth 
where our Divine Reality is waiting for us to merge into our golden crystal dust body 
that we have become separated from and our Spiritual Body that waits right behind 
us waiting for us to re-connect in to.

We connect these flames through our crystal heart sparking and igniting and 
growing as it merges with the crystal heart of Mother Earth in Earth's Core, and with 
our Crystal Heart in the second sphere, third sphere, fourth sphere and fifth sphere. 
Our sparks ignite and grow and become twin flames - the spiritual and the physical 
merge into One. We reconnect to all we once were. We remember our glorious life, 
the essence our pure energy of creation that never gets tired and never grows old.  
We remember the glorious, passionate life of continuous creating through the purity 
of love, the energy of our devas, fairies an angels. We remember that we are these 
entities. We are the tiny. 

We are the co-creators. We are everything that our higher selves of the 
Cosmic Creation is. We are the ones that allowed the Cosmic to be 
experienced as the physical. Now we become the physical that allows the 
cosmic to experience itself.

We now take our pearls of wisdom that we have created from this life on Mother 
Earth. We now take those pearls and melt them in the flames of the crystal heart that 
are merging our cosmic consciousness into the old physical experiences. This 
Cosmic Flame merges, melts and transforms these pearls of wisdom into a new 
crystal dust, crystal light and crystal gel. The Cosmic begins to create the new 
realities through this physical form that has united completely with the Cosmic 
Consciousness of the Grand Creators.

We don't leave this world to Ascend.  We merge our consciousness back into our real world 
where there is no separation from all of our other Selves--our past and future selves 
where they have remained in the White Magic of the perfect creation of instant 
manifestation through the divine principle of creation. Creating in Oneness with the 
Cosmic Consciousness. We become the co-creators of the Divine Plan as we 
merge our consciousness, raise our consciousness into the Harmonic Convergence 
Vortex that blends and unites all Consciousness into one powerful funnel of a brand 
new mind, a brand new day, a brand new reality. We walk completely into our FUTURE SELVES
 in our Islands of Light.

Our mission on Earth was to bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through music. Our Cosmic Team has asked us to do everything possible to get these frequencies out to the ears of those who are needed to be on our team. We were told that you will know that you are being directed by the angels if you hear and sense these frequencies as their breath of consciousness speaking to you.

There is no more separation between the pearl of wisdom and the grandness of 
creation. These frequencies of consciousness, these pearls of wisdom melt into 
Oneness as the twin flames of the physical and the spiritual explode into the new 
Fire of Creation, the new ecstatic, boundless, fabulous, precious, glorious frequency 


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