Thursday, October 3, 2013

The New World – Channeling from Lemuria

This channeling comes from Lord Zeniel Melchizedek who is the Head High Priest of Lemuria. He has asked us to share with humanity something that we had been told some time ago but certain things had to happen visually to Earth in order for the readers to accept his words.

But first, take some deep breathes and allow the beauty of the New World enter your conscious as you begin to read the words of truth and wisdom.
“It is a good time for you to share with humanity about the new Earth that is coming from our perspective considering that we reside on Earth and were the first created humans to inhabit and build the different societies with the reinforced plans and energies of the Anunnaki and the Universal Council of Light.
We have shared with you before about the valleys and channels that lay beneath the snow and ice and we know about this not only because we read energies imprints of the Earth but also because we live in the place of snow and ice.
As you see, the ice is beginning to melt in various regions of the Earth and many believe this to be a bad thing but as you know, the Earth grows and changes with the aeons and she is preparing all of you for what is to come.
Slowly, slowly, the forgotten worlds of your world are beginning to be revealed and re-emerge from their silent slumber. The sacred shrines and places within nature are beginning to awaken to this time of their remembrance as they unveil themselves in all of their glory.
This is SUCH an exciting time, not only for us and for other tribes in the universe but also for humanity, for you are beginning to see the NEW WORLD that you have been told about starting to show humanity her face for the first time in thousands of years as places no modern human knew existed. You have been told about the New World, the merging of the Kingdom with Earth consciousness and now you are SEEING it materialize before your very eyes.
All of the holy and sacred Ashrams that were built by the Anunnaki and then rebuilt by the Masters in honour of the MAHATMA I AM Presence energy are entering your world as your world is beginning to become the New World. Shamballa, Shangri-la, Atlantis and even parts of Lemuria will be uncovered completely as the Masters are returning and though they are children still and are still being born and have yet to be born, these Ashrams are being activated back into Earth reality in preparation for their functioning.
You have been told about the coming third eye and this third eye is what you all shall see through to recognize these Ashrams. There are so many different realms and domains becoming available to you. As you have been told, the New World shall come whether humanity as a collective is ready for it or not and the hard work you have put in to bringing the New World into realization is being made known to you in all of its glory.
The old skin of the Mother Serpent is now being shed and as she does so, so does the Earth shed her old dimensions like a skin, for the time of purification is here and no longer is needed the old layer of the last age which does not bring further use or productivity to human conscious or soul evolution.
Layer upon layer the Earth Mother is shedding her skins, bringing refreshment and newness to humankind for the old ways of thinking do not belong in the new world and times are changing so fast now that it is hard for you to keep up but you must all try to.
You have also been told by St. Germaine that the Masters are returning and that time is beginning to move backwards and this also explains for you why ancient places and ancient archeological finds are now being discovered for though they will make your world brand new, it is with the old that you shall experience a new world for it is within the ancient times that humanity were more spiritually and technologically advanced.
It is also important for you to know that the geometric measurements and shapes upon and within Earth are also changing for as the poles cross to turn time and all things material and known inside out, so must the geometry of Earth change.
It is naïve of people to believe that Earth does not change for she changes always and never stops changing but there are new aeons such as this one where she completely rebirths herself into something new and exciting.
This is what the divine plan is exactly; it is not something that is pushed or enforced by the hand of any being; it is a cosmic force that representatives of the cosmic forces are given the responsibility to implement.
The entire universe is being affected by the new changes on Earth which is why many of the tribes are so interested in human ascension and evolution. Her birthing pains and birthing groans are heard and felt by all neighbouring planets and they are assisting in her giving birth to herself; they act as the doula’s of this planet’s rebirth.
The frequencies and vibrations of Earth are also changing as she is no longer working with the same energies. It is important for you all to know that you are ALL bound by the laws of Earth and it is SHE who decides her changes. You come from the stars and the Earth and you belong to the Earth and your bodies obey the laws of Earth without you having even a choice. The divine plan which she dictates that is designed by the hands of the Anunnaki and is implemented by the avatars and Masters must harmonize together in perfect symphony. The Anunnaki and other tribes of the universe are the readers of maps and the makers of ways and they understand the importance of working in alignment with nature and the cosmic forces of all universes.
You know that with this new Earth, the new human model of the new children will begin to inhabit the planet. These children who are the returning Masters of the ancient civilizations from both Earth and other planets and constellations of the universe are being born and will be born within the human DNA matrix in the image of the Anunnaki in order to bring the enlightenment and ascension boost that Earth conscious needs.
These children are and will be spiritually, mentally and technologically more advanced than the current human model. It shall be they who reveal the new science that your current scientists are keeping hidden. The new children shall reveal cures for diseases and viruses which have kept humanity in a constant need of ingesting chemicals to stay alive and dependent on those chemicals which require them to take yet more chemicals. They shall enforce alternative and natural sources of power instead of nuclear sources and raping the Earth of all that she has.
These children shall bring diplomacy and TRUE democracy and the age of war shall disappear further and further into the past until it becomes just a myth.
All of this shall be so and it is all of this that the Anunnaki and their allies have been fighting so hard to make a reality. Humanity shall once again become a place of harmony and balance as it was long ago in the Kingdom/Queendom of Nibiru and so we hope will continue to BE.”


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