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Monday, November 25, 2013

Remove All Karma!

The Masters will guide you through Restoration of the Soul to remove all karma, so any time throughout the ages you have seen less than the Presence of God in yourself or all of life will be removed from your Akashic records and your body, so you are free to live on Earth as your God Self, Presence to Presence with others. Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

Uncover your gifts and talents, move out into your community and become the true and full expression of your Presence in action wherever you find yourself in the world. Expand your capacities to serve and truly live the life you were meant to live according to your own unique Blueprint for these extraordinary times. You got yourself here, now expand the Love and Light of God you have been given to not only complete the contract of your soul, yet also to inspire others to do the same.
~ Mary Magdalene and Lady Miriam

These times are the most exciting humanity has known on your planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Your entire planet and everyone upon it is moving into their next level of awakening and this will inspire many around your world to build communities where everyone will be supported to live in Unity Consciousness. These communities can be as small as a family unit or as large as a small town or village and in truth, there is no limit to what can now be created and manifested upon your paradise planet when you are living, speaking, listening and loving Presence-to-Presence. Many will also be guided to simply be examples of what it looks like to live as your Presence on Earth. 

Those in your world are literally starved for the kind of spiritual intimacy that can only come from living as your Presence and once that is established, then the desire to expand the Love and Light of Source throughout the larger community is natural. Love was not meant to be confined or contained as there is truly no end to it.
Masters Kuthumi and Lady Claire:

The belief that there was ever a lack of Divine Love or Light or any other good thing that would be in support of Unity or Christ Consciousness has been one of humanity's greatest misconceptions as there simply is no lack unless it is created and supported as a belief within the mind of the ego.

To experience true intimacy Presence to Presence, you must first of all be available, and that means being fully present in the moment. The ongoing practice of being present then extends into the community where everyone can come together as loving co-creators and collaborators focused on whatever needs to be manifested or created for the highest good for all. Everything will be accomplished through cooperation and everyone will be creating as equals. There will be true respect and appreciation for the gifts each one brings to the whole, and everyone truly has a gift even if it has not been discovered. This Teacher Training will help to uncover those gifts.

Leadership will unfold naturally yet it will not be based on the ego needs of any one particular person. Everyone living as their Presence will be acting as leaders as they keep focusing on whatever will expand and sustain Unity Consciousness within themselves and within the community as a whole.
Deep listening and speaking from out of the sacred silence of your Presence beyond the preconceived answers or opinions of the ego will be included in your ongoing practice of unconditional love. Knowing can then arise spontaneously out of the Divine Love and Light that is encoded in your Spiritual Heart. Living from this Heart is what will establish the kind of intimacy you have not experienced since your last Golden Age, which you probably experienced in Atlantis or Lemuria or both.
Communities will provide its inhabitants with ongoing opportunities for practicing deep listening and true spiritual intimacy where much more meaningful exchanges can take place between all members of the community and beyond. This has been a planet of lonely people who are now reaching out to be shown how they can truly move into Unity Consciousness and begin establishing the foundations for a new Golden Age of Freedom.
In these times people will be shifting much of their attention out of their 3rd dimensional lives so they can focus on their deeper desires to expand the Love and Light of Source within them. Many will be doing this by coming together in Councils of Light to practice living Presence-to-Presence. This Teachers Training will include practicing working in powerful Councils that will truly be reflecting the Councils of Light on the inner planes and in that Love and that Light, there will be no veils between us and our Presence and the spiritual Masters.
You will learn how to be instrumental in creating both Councils and Communities of Light that will act as magnets for attracting all you need to manifest and support yourselves in the new Golden Age. Unity Consciousness will continue to expand within and around your world until fear is completely replaced by Love and the world around you will only be reflecting its Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. 
Discover the unique gifts you have come to share as your part in this new Golden Age for that will give you a purpose that will fulfill your heart’s longing far beyond the temporary pleasures of your world. You were truly destined to be here at this time and to assist in precipitating your new Golden Age of Freedom. You have come to Earth to be a living example of what it looks like to live as your Presence while walking in your world. You are living in extraordinary times that will go down in history as the most critical time of choice you have ever faced since the fall of Atlantis.  
If you would like to be part of a Golden Age Community of Light that can “light” up the world, now is the time to step forward and fulfill your Divine purpose.

You will learn from the Masters how to:
*Live more fully in Unity Consciousness knowing that it is a prerequisite for creating a Golden Age community.
*Practice living in the equality and neutrality of the Presence so you can meet each person and come into Council without a pre-conceived agenda.

*Reach solutions that will serve the highest good of all.

*Practice being a co-creator with others who are all living as their Presence.

*Use the foundational principles of cooperation, collaboration and equality to create and sustain communities in our new Golden Age.

*Identify the gifts you can bring into the Golden Age and discover ways to build upon them. 

*Know what it will look and feel like to live in Unity Consciousness. 

*Use your breath to practice creating, living, listening and speaking from out of the sacred silence of your Presence. 

*Co-create and sustain a Golden Age Community.

*Develop the standards for living in a Golden Age Community.

*Create peace and harmony in a Golden Age Community.

*Bring out the mastery & visions of those in your Golden Age Community.

*Use the decision-making process that the Masters use in their Council of Shamballa.

*Be the wisdom keepers for the next generation to come.

The Spiritual Community:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The New Golden Age Leadership: Uplifting, Balancing & Transforming Our World

You are being called to step forward and create new ways of being and living that will bring our world into an era of peace she has not experienced for thousands of years. You are all wayshowers and leaders who are here to open up avenues to your freedom as Golden Age citizens living in Unity Consciousness.
The Masters tell us now is the time for as many as possible to be taught how to live as their Presence and create a new Golden Age of peace, unity and freedom. And leaders are needed who can model this and be the wayshowers for others.
Learn to live as your Presence as you uplift, balance and transform the world around you. Be the wayshower of a whole new way of being in the world. And inspire others to do the same.
The world is on the brink of a new era and those who are here to take it into the new Golden Age are already moving into their places around the globe. Golden Age Leadership and Golden Age living can only be manifested from the profound depths of the heart you share with your Presence and the Presence that abides within all of life. It is only within those depths that humanity will truly discover that its spiritual inheritance is founded in the kind of Divine Love, Joy, Enthusiasm and Excitement that is now needed to catapult your world into Unity Consciousness. You are being invited to play a pivotal part in this massive reawakening, for it is now time to do what you came to do and to be who you came to be.
               ~ ~ The Councils of Shamballa
Golden Age Leadership will be directed from the compassionate heart of the Divine Feminine essence in balance with the enlightened mind of the Divine Masculine essence, both of which abide within every soul. This year is Divinely Blueprinted for manifesting the full extent of the Divine Love that was seeded within your heart at the beginning of time. This is truly time for the Divine Feminine to stand in equal strength with her internal male counterpart so together they can lead humanity into our new Golden Age of Freedom. Only through this equality can the Golden Age truly take root in our world.

This is a major part of a fail-safe plan that was put into motion hundreds of years ago so humanity would only be able to ascend into Unity Consciousness based on this internal balance between Love and Power. For it is out of this balance that True Wisdom can arise within the hearts of those who are to lead our world into Unity Consciousness. And it is only in the fullness of your Divine Feminine Love nature in concert with your Divine Masculine Power nature that you can ascend into a Golden Age where you can truly live together in Oneness as your enlightened Presence. 

Your last Golden Age was seeded, nourished and supported in the fertile soil of Divine Love. It flourished as long as the Divine Feminine was respected, yet as soon as the feminine was placed into a lesser role, and power began to be more important than love, then that once Golden Age failed to sustain Unity Consciousness and this led into the duality, fear-based consciousness that humanity has been experiencing for thousands upon thousands of years.

Now the tide is quickly turning and the attitude of thousands across your world is becoming more and more positive as you begin feeling yourselves moving into a completely new way of living in your world. This will necessarily involve completely new kinds of leadership where you will work in Councils of Light just like the Masters do on the ascended realms.

Your last Age was based on striving for what you felt you did not have, including happiness. You do not have to work to attain the qualities of peace, fulfillment and joy of your Presence, yet you do need to deeply surrender into the heart of your Presence to activate what is truly essential and everlasting. The Divine Feminine expression of your Presence has the power to transform your ego into an ally so your heart can take the lead in your life. It alone has the power to transform the world out of chaos and overall ineffectiveness so new leaders can come forth to bring about a shift in consciousness in every area of your world.

Only Divine Love has the power to bring about changes that can then seed this new leadership into manifestation and it must be based on living in this world in a way that supports everyone. This can only come through the hearts of those who are aligned with their Presence in Unity Consciousness.

There are many things that can be changed in our world so everyone can remain aligned more easily with their capacity to live in Unity Consciousness where the wellbeing of every soul is taken into account.

Living as your Presence is the most important step you can take at this time in your spiritual evolution, for it is in living as your Presence that you become the true wayshowers, teachers and leaders of your new Golden Age.

If you would like to be part of the leadership team to help transform your world, now is the time to step forward and fulfill your Divine purpose.

You will learn from the Masters how to:

*Implement true Golden Age leadership in your life and in your world

*Put the heart of the Presence into a position of leadership within your own being

*Amplify your Divine Feminine capacities to magnetize and draw upon the abundance of the universe

*Align with the highest aspects of the Divine Masculine qualities of the Presence within your mind, heart and body

*Bring the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine aspects of your True Self into balance

*Blaze through the illusions held within the Shadow Self

*Free yourself from all limited 3D programming based on old paradigm thinking

*Tap into the wisdom of your Presence and your capacity to be a leader in these times

*Establish the foundations of Golden Age leadership that will assist you as well as the next generation living in Unity Consciousness

*Heal any fear of lack or the belief that you are in survival based on your genetic encoding

*Focus upon your service in the world as a Golden Age leader to expand the magnetics within your being so you can draw upon the abundance of the universe
*Allow self-forgiveness to fill your body so completely that Divine Grace can transform any residual fear-based patterns or belief systems out of your cellular memories
*Create new paradigms for living on Earth that will naturally lead humanity out of duality and into Unity Consciousness

*Support each other as individuals, as a collective, and as leaders and wayshowers that are holding open the gates to your new Golden Age

*Raise the compassion quotient in the mind, heart and body to expand leadership into caring for all of life

*Examine what brings true joy, inner peace, lasting happiness, satisfaction and meaning to your life

*Objectively witness your life so your Presence can fully support you being a Golden Age leader

*Transform any subtle or obvious tendencies to judge yourself or others
*Deepen your relationship to the God Gene at the core of your soul

*Maintain the compassionate overview of your Presence by remaining unattached to the limited concepts of your ego

*Transfer more of your attention into the unlimited creative domains of your mind which work through your heart and the right hemisphere of your brain, as this is where Golden Age Leadership begins

*Practice desiring only the highest outcome for all, which is one of the most important foundational qualities of a Golden Age leader

*Feel and see more clearly into the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for humanity and your leadership role in that Blueprint
*Experience working in Unity Consciousness with other Golden Age leaders

*Become an agent of change and a leader in the new Golden Age of Freedom

The Spiritual Community:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Solar Pole Shift & Comet ISON

Our solar system is in for a big change this month.  According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip in late November The sun’s magnetic field changes polarity every 11 years or so.
The sun’s magnetic field, known as the ‘heliosphere’ extends far beyond Pluto into interstellar space. According to Stanford solar physicists, “The sun’s polar magnetic fields weaken, go to zero, and then emerge again with the opposite polarity.” Current data from Stanford show that the sun’s two hemispheres are out of synch, “The sun’s north pole has already changed sign, while the south pole is racing to catch up,”
There are scientific studies that have determined great societal changes happen around the solar magnetic field reversal. During the pole shift, we can expect possible solar flare activity that might interfere with satellite coverage. But what other planetary change can we expect? November is turning out to be an astrological power-packed month!
Not to be outdone by the solar pole shift, Comet ISON is currently speeding thru our solar system towards a fly-by 700,000 miles near the sun on November 28. ISON stands for International Scientific Optical Network, a group of observatories in ten countries who have organized to detect, monitor, and track objects in space. It is reported that more than 112,000 pounds of cosmic dust is spewing from the comet every minute.
It turns out that some of that dust could end up on Earth. The comet nears the sun during the peak of the heliocentric (sun-centered) Uranus Pluto Square on November 23rd, and arrives in our neighborhood closest to Earth on Dec. 26th. Due to this rare event, we will join together on Sat, November 23rd for our Global Meditation to work in the quantum field of all possibilities and set the intentioned outcome of planetary peace, harmony, health and prosperity.
Comet ISON should be visible to the naked eye thru mid-January 2014 as it passes through constellation Draco from December 26 2013 to January 3 2014. During this timeEarth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON…showering our planet with cosmic consciousness that has traveled from afar. Our role as global healers and wayshowers is to direct the crystalline light particles into the planetary consciousness and repel the destructive cosmic dust of alien viral intelligence.
We have the power of 6D intentions/visions (3rd Eye) to alter the course of global reality into higher consciousness realms of loving Oneness. Now is the time to unlock from the restrictions of the controlling global elite programming the 3D Mind Matrix and activate the dormant right brain and Soul DNA. Our divine power is coming alive inside and our collective calling is to shift the world paradigm during these months of extraordinary cosmic events.
It is time to step up our game…think BIG!
Increase Your Frequency to Higher Consciousness!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello My Friends and Family,
You find yourself, I suspect, increasingly in states of spaciousness.
Today I wish to speak a little bit about the process of creating space, the purpose of opening to new potential and how this will occur as you experience the uplifting energies, infusions of love and and in fact, as you open to a more and more loving relationship with you.
As you open to a more and more loving relationship with you, you rise in frequency and expand. You discover wide, open spaces of new potential.You may not experience the spaciousness as spaciousness.
         You may experience this as a sense of emptiness, your could experience this as loss, and feel confusion, as lack of direction. All of this happens as old ideals and aspirations fade away. You may find you do not know how to live your life as a result of this and in this state of experience. And in this state of experiencing you may even have a more difficult time with these more expansive moments of spaciousness, which occur very naturally as your energy field prepares for higher infusion of the Divine Essence of You.
So I wish to talk with you about this today, to explain what is happening, and to help you understand how to relate to this part of your own unfolding.
             It is because the light you are wishes to uplift and give to you all that you are in the experience of form, and because you are allowing, you are inviting this to develop, to unfold, to open up and to be made physical and manifest in this world, in this sphere, that you arrive in these states of being, unusually spacious and after having let go of so very much.
The most important thing I wish to tell you about this field of life that you create in your spaciousness, is to not fear it nor rush to fill it up.
If you fear it, you will have difficulty being present to it. And if you fear it, you will likely miss the gifts of it. And if you fear it, you are in fact, kind of missing even, that you have intentionally created this! So I am hopefully going to explain that to you in a way that makes sense to you today, so that you might relate to these moments of spaciousness, not necessarily immediately, but fairly quickly with a sense of,
" Oh! it's here! I've done it."
      This spaciousness is created and will acclimate you to a new relationship with time and space.
          It is a powerful, powerful experience in this way for in your world, time and space are the constructs of experience. Time is the progression of manifestation in your experience, it is how manifestation is perceived and space is the principle of energy expressed in your world, it is the way in which you perceive energy in all ways, either material or non-material, and your relationship with these two fundamental aspects of life is being enlarged. And space in particular expresses the diversification of energy, and your diversification is fueled by your creativity and this is also expanding, as you expand. And all of this is being enlarged as your life is being enlarged.
    You were meant to come here and remember consciously the truth of your divine being. You were meant to come here and find out how to enjoy expressing that fuller knowing in a human life. That is really the thing that impulsed your experience to be here. Especially in this time, when there was going to be a collective intent to uplift in this way. It was as if you gave yourself permission to have a wild adventure and so with this decision, this permission, this willingness to follow your inspiration in the non-physical that you have made all the arrangements that developed into this life stream that you are experiencing here and now.
The Universal intent for human life at this time, are to expand the potential for multidimensional consciousness in human life.
          So you have in you all the knowing of this life and what the intent was, and I am telling you that the Universal aspects of this intent are about the expanding of potential for multidimensional consciousness in human life. And the seeing and exploring of what that experience is like and what it's like to create from within that experience.
This is an enormous evolutionary change. It is taking place little by little, while you are in your body. And as you change your life, your life changes with you. As you change your energy, your life changes. It follows your energetically since it is an out-picturing of your inner state of being, your perspectives. 
    It has not been that long ago in human life that people's lives had a great deal of constancy to them. The problem in hindsight, is this dependability was culturally inspired. It was a collective reality that viewed as positive and important to be stable, to be consistent, to be reliable because others could expect what you might do. Often this was quite confining and at odds with the inner impulses to express.
Alignment arises from being true to you.
                As you are learning more and more, it is important to be consistent with you. To be devoted and caught up with you, with who you are becoming and who you are discovering more fully, you really are. Alignment arises from being true to you. It is this unity of spirit which creates transparency, radiance, clarity and which others around you perceive as integrity and sincerity, genuineness -- a person who is relate-able and real. 
So there are newly discovered benefits within your collective culture to people following their inner North Star and living from this knowing -- but this is new! And it is this pathway of life being traversed which leads you into wide open landscapes of new potential. Into expansive spaciousness and freedom. It opens for you, the frontier of your life.
Let yourself orient, when you emerge in newness and let inspiration guide you.
      The way you may explore relating to this spaciousness, regardless of how it initially feels, is to let it be, to not rush to fill it up. You will draw forth new things into your life -- new relationships, new habits, new ways of being, new ways of relating to relationships you already have, new ways of expressing yourself, new ways of understanding, new ways of perceiving, new ways of enjoying. But it is important to recognize and learn to work with these large ebbs and flows in life and allow yourself to develop a peaceful relationship to the newness, which is really what the spaciousness is.
                Self-love fulfills you, is creating this rhythmic expansion and opens your capacity.
As you grow in self-love and expand in awareness, you experience a process of reclaiming your own good feelings about you. You are making this the priority. You are not de-prioritizing others. You are simply making you the priority. Making sure you've got yourself taken care of, that you're listening to you, that you're paying attention to you, that you're in a fulfilled state -- continually and perpetually --and when you veer from this, you return to this, because you're paying attention to you and how you feel. Self-love fulfills you, is creating this rhythmic expansion and opens your capacity. As you attend to this as a priority, and are thus fulfilled and open, you are able to participate in your world, in your life, in every aspect of your presence here, from the greatest capacity of your wholeness that you currently can express.
                      Clearing is building your neutrality and opening you to Universal perspectives.
This is an ongoing process and in this process you will clear out many things which were part of you life before you opened up to the fullness of your being, and which actually, were culturally imposed and which you embraced and integrated. And as you release these things, you will expand energetically which will make your sense of life much more spacious. This may make you feel more detached about things, more removed, it may make you feel more neutral. And this it is meant to be. The clearing is building your neutrality and opening you to Universal perspectives.
       As your perspective enlarges, the details become diminished in importance and the larger perspective the sense of the whole, the one, the unity you are is amplified. You are literally elevating your perspective which expands your perspective. As if you were on a very high peak looking broadly at the whole view. Although you can zoom in and understand details and of course -- be deeply and fully present in each moment -- you will discover in your expanding spaciousness, that your attachment to each moment and thus to life in general, is just loosening up. This is a very new thing for humanity as a collective whole.
The immense spaciousness and freedom available can feel very intense.
        Many people shy away from releasing attachment because the immensity of this freedom without being told what to do or controlled by collective ideals, is very spacious and unfamiliar and can feel very uncomfortable. Your attachment loosening may frighten you. Others may perceive your increasing neutrality as being uncaring. It may feel as if my encouragement to put yourself first is actually really hard to embrace. There may be deep programs within your history and in the structure of your beliefs about all this. As your consciousness is infused with expanded energies and perspectives, whole structures of your being that have actually been built on aspects of the duality paradigm, for that is the paradigm in which you began this experience, will loosen up and fade. As you open up to the fifth dimensional energies of the New Harmonics, and as these energies alter your field and clear out the duality paradigm energetically, the illusion will increasingly and in more and more sustained ways evaporate.
          With this all connected and related and subsequently determined ideas, that were built upon the foundation of duality that you began your life in, will potentially also fall away. When this happens, it's quite dramatic. It can feel quite dramatic in your life. It can leave you in a very big void and this can feel very intense. There can be a vast spaciousness, a sense even of emptiness, a sense of enormous freedom that's quite unfamiliar and uncomfortable in it's unlimited-ness and non-definition. But it's truly a spaciousness of POTENTIAL.
The new and not-yet done, actually is where the most elation and fun is.
                  It is this potential which you fundamentally seek in life. It is this potential which empowers the greatest response creatively. The most natural way to be in this new spaciousness from the fullness of your being, is to pay attention to it. To pay attention to however it presents itself. To allow yourself to gradually acclimate to it. It's okay if you find yourself having discomfort. What you can do in that situation is to reassure yourself. You don't need to distract yourself or fill it up in the old way, but you can remind yourself, "Oh, I created this space. I grew and expanded! I am fully built for this. It's a reflection of what's happening within me. I have capacity for this. I will discover how to play with this new potential." The new and not-yet done, actually is where the most elation and fun is.
              Allow yourself in this state of being encouraged by all that you are, and by the way you use your mind to create the narrative in your experience. Allow yourself to wait and for inspiration to arise. Allow yourself to absorb, and acclimate to this spaciousness and then become inspired. Allow yourself to explore your feelings, your experiences from a space of intentional acknowledgement of the newness you are in and are discovering, that is a result of what you have created in your expansion and in your expression of all that you are!
In the ascending current, you're spiraling into more and more newness.
          This is what is going to happen to each of you, over and over, and at different times, to different degrees. You will create and create and create again and it will fill up all the space that you are energetically operating in, the field. You will feel a sense of restlessness and boredom if you have stopped expanding. Then you will have used up all the space you had -- and this is very natural -- and you will seek the inner activities and openness that allow you to expand more if you had stopped inviting that expansion. In the ascending current, you're spiraling into more and more newness.
        As you expand more, as you do so, you will invite more and more of all you are in, and all you are? Is vibrating higher, faster and thus energetically MUCH MUCH MUCH more spaciously. Think of the way that a gas, such as what you know as water, becomes steam. As steam, water -- the essence blueprint of water is the same -- but the vibration has risen. It is vibrating much faster. What does it feel like? It's more spacious, it's more spread out. So the higher vibe of steam is a higher frequency than water, and water is actually much more spacious then ice. And all of them still the same essence blueprint right? But different forms; energy vibrating as it's essence, yet at different frequencies resulting in different expressions of form. And in you different levels of consciousness. This is what is happening to you. And it is an entirely natural process.
You opening your awareness of the non-physical, multidimensional aspects of life make all of this possible.
              It is a product of your interest in spiritual growth, in working with the non-physical aspects of your being to grow and expand your human life. This is different then just getting good at playing the piano or listening to people when they speak. Those are aspects of personal growth and can be powerfully combined with spiritual growth, and create even more expansion. But spiritual growth, which you are engaged in, and self-love, which is such a powerful pathway of spiritual growth -- the pathway of dissolving the illusions of life on earth -- these are the paths you are choosing. You opening your awareness of the non-physical, multidimensional aspects of life make all of this possible. And in doing so, you are working with your divine essence in the non-physical. You are altering your life and creating incredible spaciousness.
                                   Why? For the purpose of opening up new potentials.
As you expand and uplift you flow energy and perspective with increasing clarity.
As you rise in frequency you also experience a less and less distorted perspective-- your connection becomes clear and direct. In this increasing clarity and directness of relating to and perceiving life, you see the perfection of it all. You have moments of pure high-flying joy where you can sense the underlying fundamental unity operating within a sphere of diverse contrast. Despite any and all appearances, you can, in these most uplifted moments, see beyond it all, and into the essence and truth playing out in this sphere for the evolution and expansion of consciousness. 
May it embolden your willingness to open even more and to playfully enjoy the experience you are creating.
May you cultivate your capacity to love this spaciousness and the freedom therein.
I AM Archangel Michael

Monday, November 11, 2013

Psycho-Spiritual Development

We come into this world with nothing and we leave it with nothing, so it is pointless trying to acquire lots of material possessions while we are here – because there is no net gain. Our material balance sheet is always zero at the start of our life and it is always zero at the end of our life, and no one is ever going to change that! But it is a different story with our spiritual balance sheet. If we end our life with a higher level of consciousness than we began with, we can claim success. Adding to our spiritual balance sheet by developing our consciousness is the one purpose that remains the same in each and every life, no matter who we are.
All living beings possess an inherent drive to evolve, to become the highest possible expression of life and to fully realise themselves. Personal development is the wilful co-operation with this natural evolutionary process, but an understanding of the processes involved is required if it is to be truly effective. We only learn lessons and develop new faculties through direct experience; theoretical learning does not develop consciousness. For example, seeing the word "fear" in print is not the same as experiencing it firsthand – that is why we incarnate.
During the lower stages of human development, material ambitions and an egotistical nature are justified because they drive us onwards and upwards. But once we have progressed beyond the lower stages we no longer have any use for those motives and they are gradually eliminated from our being. Eventually we come to realise that nothing outside of us can bring lasting peace or satisfaction, and that the only way we can achieve these is to develop our consciousness.

Methods of Personal Development

There are two main methods of self-development:
  • Active: The "way of the student" involves actively working at your own development. Your level of consciousness is directly related to what you choose to focus your attention on. For example, a person who is nearing the end of the developed stage naturally focuses much of their attention on mental and intellectual interests, but if they are content to limit their thinking to intellectual issues they will not progress any further. They must actively decide to study abstract and conceptual material (such as esoterics) in order to attract the higher vibrations of causal matter and begin to develop subjective causal consciousness. Examples of active development are constant conscious awareness, living in the now, meditation and visualisation exercises.
  • Passive: The "way of the saint" involves forgetting about your self entirely and dedicating your life to serving others. Serving others means helping and protecting those who are less developed, less experienced, less knowledgeable or less capable than you are. All developing monads are dependent on energies and assistance from the next higher kingdom, but the condition of receiving this help is service to others. Life is give and take – we give to those who are less developed than we are and receive from those who are more developed than we are.
More often than not people use a combination of the two methods or alternate between them in different incarnations. Personality types (rays) 1, 3, 5 and 7 are generally more inclined to the active method and types 2, 4 and 6 are usually attracted to the passive method. There are many different paths but they all lead to the same destination; some are more winding than others but all eventually get there.

Controlling Consciousness

To become whole we must integrate the subtle bodies of our persona by learning to control their energies and consciousness. Emotional conscious can only be controlled by mental consciousness, and mental consciousness can only be controlled by causal consciousness, etc. The main challenge facing most people is for the mind to gain control over the emotions and desires of the emotional body. This does not mean ignoring our emotions or killing them off altogether; it simply means us controlling them, rather than them controlling us. An integrated and balanced persona is the natural result of breaking down the automated behavioural patterns and reactions in our subtle bodies.
The automated responses of our emotional body give rise to all sorts of feelings about our self and others. Learning to disregard these emotional reactions is a very difficult but incredibly important aspect of human development, because if we don't disregard them and end up giving them attention we inadvertently reinforce them. Ridding ourselves of old patterns of behaviour is a pre-requisite for acquiring higher levels of consciousness. We are not free unless we determine the content of our own minds, so we must learn how to control our attention so that it doesn't wander aimlessly and reinforce every thought or feeling that passes through our subtle bodies.
Our sub-conscious continually feeds our waking conscious with thoughts, feelings and impulses that our waking consciousness assumes are its own. Our waking consciousness continually feeds our sub-conscious with bad habits, illusions and fictions. So negative thoughts and fictitious concepts are continually recycled between our conscious and sub-conscious minds, which reinforces our weaknesses. This vicious cycle can be only broken through persistent awareness of our thoughts and feelings to ensure that we only give attention to (and reinforce) positive influences and quickly discard the negative ones. Eventually the negative stimuli will grow so weak that they are unable to send impulses up into the waking consciousness.

Developing Consciousness

Consciousness develops by moving our attention away from the activity within our subtle bodies (senses, emotions and thoughts) and towards our soul (higher self or second triad). Freeing ourselves from identification with our bodies is a particularly difficult and time consuming aspect of our evolution. It can only be achieved by refusing to pay attention to the lowest impulses of our subtle bodies, i.e. negative feelings, emotions and thoughts. This causes the lowest molecular types within our subtle bodies to gradually lose their vitality and become redundant; only then can they be replaced by higher molecular types.
In order to progress, we must free our selves from the automated patterns of our sub-conscious (by continually "watching" our consciousness) and identify more with our super-conscious (by meditation and "living in the now"). We must also dedicate our development towards the service of humanity, and not do it for personal gain. Caring not for our own development and putting the needs of humanity ahead of our own is the only way we can overcome our inherent egotistical nature and attain enlightenment. We shouldn't ponder over how far we have come or how many incarnations remain, because these things don't matter. What is important is to make the best of the incarnation we are in now. If we rush to achieve enlightenment we will never get there, because we won't have learnt the most important lesson of all: You need to forget about your self in order to free your self. By helping yourself you help no one, but by helping others you also help yourself.
As we progress we must be careful not to develop a "spiritual ego" or think we are special because we are more advanced than others. A spiritual ego is no better than a regular ego but is a trap that we all fall into many times during our human development. It's not possible to overcome the ego by fighting it head on because whilst our monad is centred in the first triad we are the ego, so it would be like punching our self in the face. The only way to overcome the ego is to transcend it; to move up to the second triad and become our soul. In order to achieve this (enlightenment) we must:
  • Disassociate our self from our ego (first triad or lower self) by actively putting the needs of others ahead of our own.
  • Identify our self with our soul (second triad or higher self) by mediation, contemplation, visualisation, aspiration to unity and the development of virtuous qualities.
This dual-pronged approach gradually tips the balance of power in favour of our higher self and helps it gain control over the egotistical lower self.

Rapid Development

Rapid development is the reward of unselfishness – we develop the fastest by helping others to realise the meaning of life and live in accordance with the laws of life. In order to help others understand we must first have an understanding of life and the stages of human development. We must understand the difficulties they face at each stage, their motivations and what they are capable of grasping. Trying to force people into accepting a particular belief system is a violation of their freedom, so those who are content with their current beliefs and world view must be met with loving understanding, even if they are wrong. They will have plenty of opportunities in future incarnations to correct their views. In the meantime we must respect the fact that their current beliefs are appropriate for their current level of development. Everyone who reflects on the meaning of life gradually develops their own belief system. Initially it will be flawed but over time, perhaps many incarnations, it will gradually build into a system of knowledge and description of reality that matches that of those in the fifth kingdom – the ones who gave us esoterics.
Two additional factors contribute to rapid development – awareness and will power. Maintaining constant awareness of our desires, emotions and thoughts is of prime importance because we can't address our weaknesses unless we are aware of them. Once we become aware of a particular issue we will obviously need will-power to overcome it. Will-power is also necessary to sustain our efforts over an entire lifetime or series of lifetimes.
Every new effort gives rise to a corresponding resistance from the persona. It may seem that when you first start out on the path that things are conspiring to make it difficult for you. Don't be discouraged by this – it is just a test to see if you are up to the task ahead. The path of the spiritual aspirant is the one straight up the mountain whereas the path of the normal person is the one that meanders around the mountain. The first is much more difficult but the rewards are far greater. Many set out on the steep path but lack the commitment to follow it through to the end. They put in a concerted effort at the start but give up quickly and slip back down again. It is better to proceed at a steady and sustainable pace because a lifetime of commitment is required if you truly want to succeed. Don't necessarily expect immediate results or you may become demoralised and slip back down again. So the tests that confront us as we begin our journey are for our own protection; they stop us from proceeding unless we are truly ready.

Quick Tips for Personal Development

1. Just as you can't develop your muscles just by reading about exercise, you can't develop your consciousness just by reading about esoterics or spirituality.
2. Unless you change your internal life, your external life will never really change.
3. What you assimilate into your mind affects your mental and emotional well-being in much the same way as your diet affects your physical well-being.
4. Trust life and have faith that it will provide you the experiences you require for your continued evolution.
5. Accept the fact that there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason.
6. Learn to trust yourself, your instincts, your intuition and your inspiration.
7. Don't hold on to the past or worry about the future – just live one day at a time.
8. By helping others you also help yourself.
9. Those who live in accordance with the laws of life are better than those who preach them.
10. Try to notice every motive and desire that passes through your consciousness. Give conscious energy to those of a high order and discard those of a low order.
11. You won't find peace and happiness by looking outside of yourself.
12. Try to contact your higher self for a few minutes every day and imagine how it might direct your life.
13. Remember that you are not your body, your emotions or your mind – they are separate beings and you (the ensouling monad) are their master. If they are well trained they will serve you well, otherwise they will run wild.
14. Learn to distinguish between your wants and your body's wants.
15. Free yourself from addictions, e.g. alcohol, drugs, coffee, sugar, tobacco, sex. You can still enjoy them from time to time; just don't let them become habitual.
16. Make little sacrifices to help develop your will-power. For example, give up chocolate or alcohol for a month.
17. Be true to yourself and never pretend to be anything you are not. If people don't accept you for who you are, you don't need them in your life.
18. Don't be too critical because any fault you see in others probably also afflicts you.
19. Be unconcerned about other people's opinions. You are free to form your opinions and they are free to form theirs.
20. Whether people like you or not is their business not yours, so don't take it personally.
21. Forgive everyone and everything – you can't change the past so there is no point being bitter. It hurts you far more that it hurts them; so why torture yourself?
22. Give up the need to win and the need to be right.
23. Don't interfere in other people's affairs, but always be willing to help if you are asked.
24. Don't pass on hearsay or gossip – break that cycle of vindictive negativity.
25. Don't be offended by anything because it is all part of the divine plan.
26. Calmly accept whatever life deals you – you probably can't do much about it so there is no point getting angry or depressed.
27. Remain optimistic – if times are tough be thankful they are not worse and be grateful that you are working off some of your karmic debt.
28. The only evil that can befall you is of our own making. Rather than fearing what you are due it is better to welcome it, because at least you will have re-paid part of your karmic debt.
29. Don't blame other people for your misfortunes because you alone are responsible for your life. The one's you blame are merely instruments who helped to manifest your karma and destiny.
30. Accept people for who they are – their behaviour merely reflects with their level of development.
31. Make allowances for other people failings rather than judging and condemning them.
32. Try not to judge people who are at a lower stage of development because you were once just like them.
33. See the good in everyone, no matter how bad they may appear.
34. Be happy and think happy thoughts – if you don't identify with negative emotions they can have no hold over you and will quickly pass.
35. Love unconditionally – treat everyone as you would like them to treat you, and try to treat everyone the same whether you like them or not.
36. Be willing to make sacrifices and put the needs of others before your own.
37. Do your best and you will always succeed, even if the world considers it a failure.
38. Be unconcerned about failure – there is no such thing as failure, only opportunities to learn lessons.
39. Don't regret anything – the cyclic nature of life means there will always be another opportunity.
40. It takes time for noticeable improvements to manifest in your life, so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't seem to be making much progress.
41. Forget about your self and how far you have come.
42. Thinking highly of your self is a clear sign that you still have a long way to go.
43. Don't take yourself too seriously because life is just an educational game.
44. Maintain an inner awareness to ascertain your motives before you speak or act.
45. Remember that the solution to all your problems lies within you.
46. Recognise that all your troubles are caused by uncontrolled emotions. Emotionality feeds a conflict but rationality brings resolution.
47. Be honest, upright, dependable and sincere, with no hidden agendas.
48. Be impartial in every decision you make, irrespective of any advantage you may gain or disadvantage you may incur.
49. Always set a good example to other people.
50. Stand up for freedom and fight for your rights.
51. Stand firm in matters of great importance but yield in matters of no importance, and remember that most things in life are unimportant.
52. If you let go a little you will have a little peace, if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace, if you let go completely you will have complete peace.
53. Don't conform to customs and arbitrary rules – they stifle freedom and expression.
54. Don't succumb to advertising – it is nothing but mental and emotional manipulation.
55. Ignore public opinion – investigate things for your self and make up your own mind.
56. Study esoterics and apply it in order to develop wisdom, but don't read too much too quickly because you will dilute what you already know.
57. Read slowly so that you have time to fully absorb the information, contemplate it to develop your understanding then apply it in your daily life.
58. Remain open minded but not gullible.
59. Be generous and charitable – can you really justify another spending spree when there are so many poverty-stricken people in the world?
60. You get what you give, not what you take.
61. Don't want more than you need.
62. Too many possessions are a burden, so give away anything you don't need.
63. Don't envy other people's wealth because it is better to have a reasonable standard of living in all your incarnations rather than one decadent life followed by ten poverty stricken lives.
64. Wealth, power and fame only give you an advantage in one lifetime; a developed consciousness gives you an advantage in every lifetime.
65. Be kind to everyone, without exception.
66. Stop harming other people with negative words, feelings and thoughts.
67. Do right for the sake of right, not for recognition or reward.
68. Don't just refrain from doing evil; actively do good.
69. Do what you can (no matter how small) to make the world a better place.
70. Remember why you are here!