Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Presence to Presence - Living in Unity Consciousness

As you keep creating a deeper and deeper relationship with your own Presence, your heart will be drawn to relate with the Presence of another because your soul has the foundational wisdom to know that when you come together Presence to Presence, you have created the glorious foundation of a Golden Age relationship that will bring you so much joy and serve as an example to many. Your relationship will continue to be supported by the Light and Love of Source and this will allow you to experience the unlimited joy of co-creating together whatever you have come to bring into your new Golden Age.
~ The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa  

You are being invited to experience the kind of sacred, unconditional love that is naturally in Golden Age relationships when people are living in Unity Consciousness. Oneness has seldom been experienced in our 3rd dimensional world because there has not been a deep enough union with the depths of Love and Light within one's own Presence and it is only from that level of the Self that the potential for union with the Presence of another becomes possible.

Every soul’s primary desire is to live on Earth as their unlimited Presence, and that naturally extends into the desire to live Presence to Presence with others, for they know in their heart that this is what will truly initiate humanity’s ability to live in Unity Consciousness or Oneness. The joy of living in spiritual union with the heart of another will then naturally become a reality on our magnificent Earth and this is what will restore the paradise vibration so many of you knew in Lemuria. This means having a Presence-to-Presence relationship not just within committed personal relationships, but with all your relationships.

Your soul has the wisdom to know that when you are in union with your own Presence and you extend that to include the Presence of another, you have created the foundation of a Golden Age relationship and within that glorious relationship is the Love and Light of Source that will allow you both the opportunity and the joy of co-creating together whatever you have come to bring into a new Golden Age.

Coming together with the Presence of another or others is filled with so much creative potential that you will naturally want to manifest what you have come to do. Within the higher levels of your shared consciousness lies the deepest seeds of desire within your heart that are just waiting to be nourished and brought into full fruition. There are many awakened souls in the world right now because you all chose to assist in bringing humanity into Unity Consciousness and you know deep inside that it is only through you that a new Golden Age of Freedom is really going to be established on Earth.

A Golden Age can only be founded in true unconditional love. Since our Earth is to be the Heart Center of our galaxy, living in oneness Presence to Presence is the obvious beginning and the keynote that can then resound around the world as an invitation to be part of humanity's ascension into a new Golden Age.

Part of you already knows that this is how your everyday life can become a truly exciting adventure. You will keep seeing the unending possibilities that lie before you as both an individualized creator and a co-creator with others to manifest a new Golden Age. The sparks of what is possible will keep being ignited because when two or more come together Presence to Presence, you are truly creating with all of the powers bestowed upon you by Source and you will want nothing less in your life.

Living Presence to Presence is a deep desire within the heart of every soul and you are being invited to truly demonstrate that now.

You will learn from the Masters how to:
*Speak, listen and act from your Presence, and always relate from your Presence when interacting with others.
*Engage in daily practices that will keep expanding your capacities to stay profoundly connected with your Presence.
*Use sacred breathing practices to maintain your connection with the Love and Light of Source through your own Presence and the Presence of another.
*Shift beyond the limitations of the ego into the depths of Love and Light that abide within your Presence.
*Experience the deeply sacred, unconditional love that naturally abides when people are living, loving and communicating Presence to Presence. 
*Be more present and live more fully in the moment.  
*Bring the unlimited heart and mind of your Presence into joyful and peaceful collaborations with others who are also living as their Presence and here to bring in a new Golden Age.
*Enhance your ability to manifest what you have come to do by co-creating Presence-to-Presence.
*Live in ecstatic union with your Presence so you naturally find ways to expand that joy within all of your Presence-to-Presence relationships.
Your Presence in combination with the Presence of others acts as an ongoing magnet to attract the extensive energies that are now being released into your Earth, your atmosphere and your bodies. This union with the Presence of another calls forth your capacity to co-create with Source in ways that you have not had available to you for thousands upon thousands of years.

~ The Solar Logos

*Learn how living Presence-to-Presence expands the desire to create community.

 *Discover how life will change around the world when humanity is living Presence-to-Presence.

*Experience this primary relationship between your Presence and the Presence of others so your ascension into Unity Consciousness can truly be manifested throughout your world.

 *Magnetize the Presence of others into your life so together you can manifest your parts in the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times.

You have each come to share your own unique gift to a world that is destined to precipitate a new Golden Age of Freedom. Each of you has come to Earth to be living examples of what it looks like to live as your Presence while walking the Earth. You are living in extraordinary times that will go down in your history as the most critical time of choice you have ever faced since the fall of Atlantis.                                      
   ~ The Logos of the Great Central Sun
*Discover and transform the major misconceptions that have kept human beings from living as their Presence.
*Explore the exciting differences between relationships founded in the ego and those founded in living Presence-to-Presence.
*Learn ways that you can establish more spiritual intimacy and why it has been so absent on the physical plane.
*Establish profound levels of intimacy with all of life that have been experienced in previous Golden Ages. 
*Discover what it means and feels like to support each other’s Presence rather than each other’s ego.
*Communicate in exciting new ways that will keep expanding love rather than the old limited stories that have supported lack and limitation.
*Open the crystalline DNA that will allow you to access parts of yourself that have lived in previous Golden Ages and never known separation.
*Establish more of the Divine Love of your Presence within your heart so you can keep expanding into your higher feeling capacities. 
*Support the awakening of your crystalline DNA to expand your multidimensional senses.
*Lift all your relationships into your capacity to relate Presence to Presence, including romantic, men and women, parents and children, family members, teachers and students, school children, teenagers, friendships, business associates, employers and employees, waiters and customers, and all areas of life.


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