Friday, January 17, 2014


One of the first errors that many spiritual seekers make is to assume that someone else knows exactly how to get them from whichever point of the journey that they find themselves, to a point further along; preferably complete enlightenment. They ignore the obvious and logical fact that since they are seeking oneness with The Divine, then the Divine is without doubt, the only logical teacher on how to get there from wherever they are. And since the Divine can be easily communed with as the Higher self and intuition, then the best place to start is within. 

If the Divine self is so blatantly ignored in spite of being the precious goal, then the journey towards self-realization will be unnecessarily lengthened and maybe even difficult or unaccomplished in this present lifetime.  Now there are many paths to the goal of self-realization or enlightenment. The path described within this blog, is based on love. Without love for the self, there will be no true enlightenment. When we love ourselves, we also by extension love others as much as we love ourselves since 'All is One."  This is not just some idle 'feel good' saying of New Agers and the like. There really is only one self, or spirit pretending to be more than one. We shall explore this concept much deeper as we travel along together.  

The information on this blog has been carefully gathered and arranged from the most basic, to the most advanced knowledge that will aid you in understanding the process of enlightenment. You should reflect on all that you read before deciding whether or not you want to accept ideas and beliefs as a part of your truth. Words and thoughts as well as pictures have tremendous power that directly affect humans. To that end, numerous quotes and images expressing or urging love, kindness, forgiveness and recognition and acceptance of the perfect souls that we already are, have been included in the blog.   

It is said, that "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Your individual teacher has been waiting your whole lives for you to make the initial inquiry about how you came to be and where you are meant to go. Are you ready to be taught by your Inner teacher?. If you are, then your intuition will guide you concerning all that is written here.

You must rid yourself of the incorrect teachings that have told instructed you to trust only in our rational minds. Once this decision is made to replace that erroneous belief, that decision becomes the catalyst which signals to your inner self that you are ready for truth. Then your Higher self, often using intuition, begins to guide you consistently. 

Happily when this teacher is summoned by the novice's fervent desire, he or she will find that there are no fees to pay. No groups to belong to or leader to follow. Neither will there be any distances to travel, in order to receive the precious lessons. Nor does the student need to read countless books on spiritual teachings.  
There are indeed books, advice in print and online, and of course even organized lessons that are indeed useful.  And at each necessary stage as self instruction progresses and the need arises, the student will be made aware of them. The more that you trust and use this inner teacher, the more you are able to use it and the more it communicates with you clearly.

This amazingly gifted teacher will work with each student's available time right in the privacy of their own home. In fact this teacher is always at hand, as long as the student learns to listen attentively. The student for his or her part must consciously resolve to maintain an earnest desire in his heart, in order to receive the teacher's wisdom; And to accept and act on the changing view of him or herself that the teacher reveals. 
The soul's purpose as well as the workings of the universal mind will all be revealed to the earnest student: Lessons will flow smoothly arranged to each stage of learning. And every detail, person or information that is needed to advance is miraculously put in the student's path.  When you use your rational mind to attempt to decipher those things that are hidden from it, you get nowhere precisely because some things are hidden from it!

As a student of this great teacher, you will quickly prove to yourself that the answers that you seek have been inside you all along. And that turning inward was the easiest and most harmonious direction for you to take in order to grow spiritually.
You are already all that you seek to be. You are already whole and complete; this in spite of your errors and any weaknesses. And as you learn, you will come to understand the great plan of human creation and evolution into conscious spirit Beings. The journey to awakening and enlightenment is not really a journey at all in the true sense.

Instead it is really a process of having the illusions of so called reality, revealed to you, when you place your trusting, your higher self or inner teacher. The process is an incremental one, where you are drawn to the information you  need in more and more profound knowledge as you give your attention to the process and to remaining aware of your journey.
Even before arriving at your journey's end, it will becomes very apparent to you that you will arrive right back at the place from where you set out on your journey; that is to say your own self. The difference is that you will then see and understand clearly who you really are. 


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