Sunday, February 23, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters - Living in Oneness

The goal of every life is to come home to the True Self ~ the Presence of God that abides within you and within all of life. When this is your reality, then you are abiding within a unified field that is there to support your well being on every level of your existence. Coming home to the Self that you truly are affects the way the universe can come forward to support you since the universe is inexorably linked into the Love and the Light that is making up the very substance of your Presence. This is the exquisite state of perfection and universal support that comes as a result of you living in Oneness.
The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa
In this coming year, there will be much less opposition within the hearts and minds of humanity to the idea that they do indeed have a God Self or Presence that is there to guide them into an entirely new reality founded in Oneness or Unity Consciousness. The opposing forces within the minds of the collective consciousness of humanity are losing ground, just as those are who would seek to keep you in fear or in any way separate from following your true inner authority or from experiencing the magnificent reality of your God Self.

It is truly a tremendous relief to accept that you are never a victim of someone else’s ideas about you and that their mental or emotional projections have no affect upon your true identity in God. Children usually love and respect their parents, yet what they often do not see is how easy it might have become for them to accept their parent’s projections as true within their own life. As the child matures, these projections have usually been assimilated by the ego so completely that they are usually seen as one’s “own” ideas or ideals for their life. It therefore becomes part of their own identity.

However, eventually an uneasiness can arise that signals the soul that something very vital is missing, and that “something” is you living as your True Self or Presence. Until this Self is discovered and acknowledged, a shield often forms around the heart so no one else can project their ideas into your heart, mind or soul. These shields are most often accompanied by a deeply seeded and often hidden fear of experiencing true intimacy with another, yet if oneness is to unfold in this new cycle, this fear must be understood, transformed and lifted out of the heart, mind and the recorded memories that are held within the cells of the body.
This often involves a shift in your beliefs, yet certainly it entails a willingness to be guided by your Presence rather than by your past; for how else can you progress into your true destiny as a co-creator of a new Golden Age founded in Freedom and living in Oneness with all life ~ and now, beloved, is the time!
This begins by shifting your attention to living, loving, listening, speaking and creating as your God Presence since the Presence is never bound by your history or by the good intentions of your parents, friends or teachers. Living as your Presence is truly a very exciting invitation since it involves walking out of the mental and emotional constructs that have kept you bound to the limited belief structures that have curtailed humanity’s mastery for thousands upon thousands of years.
The Light that is presently pouring into your planet is bringing to the surface much of the misinformation that has been holding humanity bound to the 3rd and 4th dimensional domains of their consciousness. Yet many of these creations are no longer serving your overall ascension into Unity Consciousness. Please do not waste your precious time identifying with any limiting creations, even if you know you may have had a part in creating them.
Whatever you have created, you have the power to un-create, and this is far different than actually identifying with the creation. The ego likes to identify with its creations, yet the only thing you really want to identify with is your God Presence. The rest is a play that you wrote so you could see what you needed to do, or not do, to bring yourself into your mastery in this embodiment.
As a master, you have the authority to resolve and dissolve, transmute and transform any of your creations that are not supporting your ascension into living in Unity Consciousness. We are inviting you to use your creative energies wisely during this powerful cycle so you can stop carrying around any sabotaging misinformation within the molecular grids in your body. Your impetus for doing this is so all of your creations can move into harmony and alignment with your Presence, and you can receive the abundant support of the universe. 

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