Monday, February 10, 2014

How to become a more effective Change Agent

Are you ready to have a clear, open channel that supports you in becoming a powerful and successful catalyst of positive change?

Then you are in the right place.
There is no more soul-fulfilling path than being a purposeful agent of change – a person who is truly manifesting your highest calling in a way that leaves a legacy of good for the world – and simultaneously helps you and your loved ones to thrive.
We have found that the easiest and most effective way to walk this path is by connecting to higher guidance,and using it to create your lifework – whether that is a business, a spiritual community, a political movement, a healing practice, or playing your evolutionary role within a larger system.
This guidance allows you to course-correct every day, so that you know you are truly “on purpose.” Even better, you can use this higher guidance to market your unique gifts in a way that allows you to create an abundant livelihood that is authentic and joyful.
However, it’s not so easy to create your life in this manner. Most people have parts of themselves that resist establishing a connection to higher guidance, avoid maintaining the relationship, or squander the input that comes from this deep wisdom. As a result, the vast majority of change agents and messengers never manifest their purpose and achieve their full potential, staying on the sidelines and wishing they could earn a great living while changing the world.
To begin to create your life in partnership with higher guidance requires foundational shifts in how you engage your fears, reservations and pre-conditions, as well as clearing limiting beliefs. It also requires deep understanding of your purpose and how you transform those you are meant to serve.
In this groundbreaking, free event, we will share key aspects of his proven, practical system for creating a successful life sourced from your higher guidance.


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