Friday, March 7, 2014

The Way of Harmony – Evolving Personal and Collective Consciousness through the Power of Torus and Infinite Love

Do you have a sense that great changes are imminent in the world?
Do you feel that you have something valuable and important to contribute, but you’re not exactly sure what?
Do you still have issues that you need to heal in your life?
Do you also have to meet your daily needs in terms of supporting yourself and your family?
By joining and eventually leading a Circle of Practice, do you wish to learn how to
  • heal yourself through healing others?
  • accelerate the expansion of your own and others’ consciousness?
  • raise your own and others’ energy vibrational levels to the highest level?
  • together counterbalance the negativity and lower vibrational levels of millions?
  • make a sustainable living?
Conscious Evolution Coaching is your answer to the above questions.
Register now to discover the power of deep mutual support; how you can make a substantial and sustainable living; and how to Join a Circle.

For Awakened Souls
Conscious Evolution Coaching (CEC) 
is an Integral Evolutionary Practice facilitating graceful and harmonious transition.

Optimum Contribution 
By joining and eventually leading one or more Circles of Practice with people of shared intention, you can be the most effective catalyst for change.
Accelerated Expansion of Consciousness 
By changing yourself and assisting others to do the same, together you achieve an accelerated expansion of consciousness.
Counterbalancing Negativity 
In times of increasing stress, this counterbalances the resulting rise of Fear and Anger through the transformational powers of Love and Peace.
Grow and Thrive 
In contrast to other consciousness acceleration programs, Conscious Evolution Coaching provides deep support for both personal transformation and business development. You are helped to
  • optimize your contribution; and
  • make a fulfilling and sustainable living.
Register now to learn how you can Join a Circle and start making the breakthrough.


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