Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inspiring Women: Blazing a Sacred Path to an Extraordinary Life

If you are anything like us, you want to live an extraordinary life. You want to give your deepest soul gifts and make a meaningful contribution to your community and our planet. You want to feel deeply inspired and connected to Spirit.

You want to have TIME to live your deepest desires – perhaps traveling the world and enjoying abundance, while also giving back to those projects that most deeply touch your heart. You want to laugh and play with beloved friends and an intimate partner. You want to creatively express yourself and set your passion on fire! You want to look and feel good inside your body, experiencing radiant health. Perhaps you even want to be a leader among women.
But the approach most of us women have been taking has NOT really been working. Being on duty 24/7, juggling a career, raising kids, running your household and doing everything else doesn’t leave time and space to nurture and replenish yourself and your feminine heart and soul – let alone give back to the many causes that pull you.
And when your inner wellspring runs dry, you can easily feel defeated and lose faith in your deepest dreams.
Whether it’s leading a multi-million dollar company or a small home business, empowering your community or being a more conscious parent, enjoying deeper emotional and sexual intimacy or birthing a creative project that will change lives – you know, deep in your soul, that there is a better way.

The Inspiring Women Summit is here to help – providing you withinspiration, support and PLAY – as we work to heal, evolve, and rebalance ourselves and our world.
As you blaze your own sacred path, you’ll learn a feminine way of beingthat complements all the doing – inviting you to slow down, connect more deeply with spirit, and give yourself the deep nurturance that’s needed to truly serve in the deepest way possible. As you do so, you’ll experience more vibrant health,unbridled creativity and thriving relationships.
Additionally, during the Inspiring Women Summit, you’ll discover a vision of a spiritual path that includes a new template for feminine leadership – where you can make your greatest contributions and fulfill your dreams by being deeply present and following your body’s natural rhythms.
So, get ready to create success on your own terms, in a radiantly feminine way.


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