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Monday, June 30, 2014

Reprogramming your biology towards radiant health

Our consciousness (including beliefs, intentions, emotions, thoughts) can affect our biology and even our genes in remarkable ways, which opens the door to the possibility for a literal reprogramming of our cells for greater health, energy, and even longevity. 

In tomorrow's free teleseminar, "Discovering The Genie in Your Genes," Dawson Church will take us into the heart of fascinating research that's getting increasing respect in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

And it has profound implications for YOU and how vibrantly, radiantly healthy you can be. 

Dawson has a brilliant, integrative mind and has worked with many of the leading health pioneers of our time, from Larry Dossey to Bernie Siegel and Norm Shealy, and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare. 

In the course of this work, he's made discoveries linked with fields like energy psychology, epigenetics, and spiritual practice that can create better, healthier lives for us all - with only a modest investment of energy each day. 

I confess that Dawson was the FIRST person who made the case for what is called "tapping" sufficiently compelling enough to make me a believer. 

He offers a rational, grounded understanding of how things like spiritual healing actually work. He's well-known and respected among integral and spiritually based healers. 

And during tomorrow's free event, he'll be sharing:

How stress and relaxation both send epigenetic signals to your whole body
Practical examples of how you can use this knowledge to trip your own genetic switches
About research that shows this can lengthen your life by 9 to 14 years
Which methods - meditation, EFT tapping, neurofeedback - work, and why
How to identify which techniques will work best for your unique body
Ways the "Epigenetic Health Spiral," can improve your health - at any age
If you're interested in thoughtful, practical insights into the interface between health, psychology, and spirituality, you're going to love Dawson. 

He's blazingly smart, heartfelt, and very committed to sharing a lifetime of research in a way that gives you practical and even life-saving strategies for vibrant health. 

Join me tomorrow here:

Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Know Your Mission in Life: Asking The Near-Death Questions

In a book titled Life After Life, people described their experience of temporarily “dying” and then being brought back to life. Perhaps the most striking element of the book was the fact that people reported extremely similar events upon being pronounced dead. Almost all people who had a near death experience (NDE) noted they heard certain sounds, went through a tunnel, and eventually encountered a bright light that seemed to emanate love.

Upon further investigation, various researchers discovered that most people who have had this experience felt they were asked two questions during the time of their “death.” No matter what culture a person was from, or what religious beliefs they held, the two questions were always pretty much the same. I think of these two questions as the final exam of our life. They represent what God or our Higher Self is ultimately concerned about as we journey through our brief tenure on Earth.

Two Questions That Are The Final Exam of Our Life
In order to align ourselves with “God’s mission” for us, it’s helpful to know what these two questions are. The first question people report being asked when having an NDE is, What did you learn about being able to love? It’s probably no coincidence that almost every religious and spiritual tradition points to love as its core teaching and goal.

In order to experience a deeper level and purity of love, there are many spiritual practices that have been passed down through the ages. For example, service to those in need, praying for others, and certain types of meditation can all be seen as methods to help us learn more about the experience of love. When we focus on feeling love for God and for all the people in our life, we become more aligned with our higher purpose.

The second question that arises for people who are near death is more complex than the first. Yet, there is still an amazing amount of agreement as to what is basically being asked. Roughly translated, the second question is, How well did you use your gifts to live your unique life purpose? Implied in this question is that we each have some specific contribution to make. Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to figure out what our particular gifts are, and how we can use them to better the world.

Reviewing Your Life In Relationship to the Two Questions
Twenty years ago, before I had heard of the Near-Death Questions, I had an NDE as a result of a car accident. Although I was being tossed around in a van that had overturned at high speeds, the two questions were my immediate companions. While close to death, I had the chance to review my life in relationship to the two questions. I was able to see where I had successfully aligned myself with “God’s mission for me,” and where I had not.

When I was asked about how well I had served my unique purpose on Earth, I immediately understood that there were some books I was “supposed” to write that I had not yet written. Upon recovering from the accident, I soon began writing. In just four years, while maintaining a full-time job, I managed to write seven books and get them all published.

At the time, people would often ask me, “How were you able to write so many books in so little time?” I'd tell them, “When you feel aligned with your Higher Self, you become filled with more energy than usual, and things can happen very quickly.”

Difficult Questions To Ponder
What are your unique talents and abilities? How can you use these gifts to contribute to the people around you and the world at large? How much have you learned about being able to love, and what still keeps you from being a more loving person? These are difficult questions to ponder. However, as you attempt to answer them, you can become more aligned with the underlying purpose and meaning of your life.
In this age of countless distractions, it’s more important than ever to keep track of the basic “tasks” our Creator has given to each of us. Only a life lived “on purpose,” can feel truly meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling.

Ask Yourself the Two Near-Death Questions on a Regular Basis
A couple of years ago, I decided to ask myself the two Near-Death Questions on a regular basis. Now I take time about once a month to get quiet inside, ask the two questions, and then think about the answers. I ponder how effective I’ve been in learning about love and living my unique mission during the previous four weeks.

By reviewing my life in this way, I gain valuable insights, and become inspired to stay even more aligned in the future. It helps me get back on track when I’ve veered from what is truly important—which is often. Yet, simply knowing I’m accountable to the Near-Death Questions on a regular basis has helped me stay on track more regularly.

Try asking them to yourself right now, and then a month from now, and see if they can help you become more aligned to what’s really important.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: The Future is Yours to Create - Part II

When you transmute, transform and lift the limited aspects of your consciousness back into the Love and Light of God, you are creating an ascension pathway that has the power to move the whole of your being back into the consciousness of your already-ascended Presence. Living as your Presence means creating your life and your future out of the Love and Light of God that was originally seeded within your heart. Only the spiritual essence of this Divine Love has the power to support you in living as your Presence on the physical plane. This is the glorious opportunity that is now before you.
~ The Masters in the Councils of Shamballa
Energetic re-alignments are now taking place within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies so every atom and etheric atom can assimilate more of your original encoding from Source. This will prepare you to become a more conscious co-creator with Source and it will also assist you in being much more instrumental in moving your world out of bondage and into freedom.  
As wayshowers of a new Golden Age, it is important to be aware of who you are and why you are here during this Great Shift in the Ages. Your long-awaited time to live in Unity Consciousness and to co-create a new Golden Age as the Earth Masters you truly are has finally arrived.
 A quiet mind has the potential to master each moment as it arises; and it is only in each unfolding moment that you can truly discover the Divine purpose of your life and start to see with much more clarity the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for yourself and your world. 
An aware mind lives in bliss because it allows all to be just as it is while simultaneously sustaining a vision for Earth in its 5th dimensional template. That plan is already in place within a sphere that surrounds your Earth, and you are being asked to tune into it so you can be part of co-creating it on the physical plane. 
Real blessings will pour forth in your daily life when your mind agrees to lift the limited human aspects of your being into your already-ascended Presence. Energetic alignments with your crystalline matrix can then bring every atom and etheric atom within you into alignment with your original encoding from Source, making you a conscious co-creator with Source and a vital part of moving your world into freedom and greatly expanding your co-creative potential to manifest a new Golden Age.  
The magic all starts with letting go of every idea about who you think you are. This lets the simple experience of being alive as your True Self become a sacred daily blessing that you can bestow upon yourself and the world around you. Accepting yourself as a breathing, walking, talking Eternal Being also gives you the power to connect with the Presence of others and this will automatically open your co-creative powers for manifesting your new world.
A radical shift is being called for and it is now possible for you to become an active participant in creating a new Golden Age on the personal, local, national and global levels of your collective being.  Core shifts must be made if these evolutionary changes are going to be lasting. You each hold keys and specific gifts that are vital to the physical manifestation of your Divine Crystalline Blueprint to birth a new Earth. 
We bless you for your willingness to step forward and take your place within the magnificent grid of consciousness that is holding your Earth’s new matrix in place. The more of you who do this, the more grace and ease can accompany your individual and collective transition into the 5th dimension. The ascension of your world and all of humanity is not going to happen TO YOU, it is going to happen THROUGH you and we thank each one of you for the part you are playing in the success of this unprecedented ascension of your Earth and all life upon her. 

You are being invited to be an awakener and a transformer of humanity and to Co-Create As Your Presence in Unity Consciousness on the Personal, Local, National and Global levels. 
The Spiritual Community:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Aaahhhhhhhh... The 7 Essentials for Creating an Inspiring Life You Truly Love


You know what I'm really loving these days? 

Taking REALLY good care of myself, from sleep to yoga to meditation to food. And especially having relaxed weekends, where I unplug and enjoy time with my beloved. My whole being says, "Ahhhhhhh." 

For many years I drove myself way too hard, and I finally realized last year that this hyper-masculine approach to life was creating pain, stress and damage. 

What I've been living into now is a much deeper level of daily fulfillment. Instead of chasing after big "heroic" goals, I've been savoring the smaller pleasures in life in a more leisurely way and trusting the flow of the river of time. 

My most blessed guide in this process is my love, who went through her own journey from stressed overachievement, to joyful fulfillment. 

And she's been helping thousands of women do the same through her Shift Summits and courses. At the core of this work is a new paradigm for the "good life" -- one based in our souls, reverential of our bodies, and filled with sacred meaning. 

It's a path of deep feminine fulfillment (which also applies to men). 

Walking this path of fulfillment doesn't mean "giving up" on living a life of great impact. In fact, often times, we have a more lasting and profound impact when we can show up with ALL of who we are. 

According to her, feminine fulfillment means BEING the change moment-to-moment: to live as love, to dance through life, to serve, and to savor the simple moments. 

What she and so many other women have begun to realize is that this path of feminine fulfillment is essential to balance out the more masculine, "success" path that we've mostly inherited. 

This Saturday, she will be sharing her core insights for how to create a life you love in a free call event that I'll be hosting. 

If you haven't listened to a call with her, I warmly encourage you to do so. She's a very magical and joyful being -- playfully wise, delightfully loving, as well as a wonderful teacher and facilitator. She lives her sacred purpose, breath-by-breath. 

She means the world to me -- and to SO many others who have experienced her presence and the blessings of her teachings. 

If you've been hungering for a life that is more fulfilling, soul-filled, joyful and deep, she will share her secrets for making your every day one in which you know that you are fulfilling your soul's work and expressing your body's joy -- in communion with those you love, and generously serving those who you incarnated to serve.