Thursday, June 12, 2014

Aaahhhhhhhh... The 7 Essentials for Creating an Inspiring Life You Truly Love


You know what I'm really loving these days? 

Taking REALLY good care of myself, from sleep to yoga to meditation to food. And especially having relaxed weekends, where I unplug and enjoy time with my beloved. My whole being says, "Ahhhhhhh." 

For many years I drove myself way too hard, and I finally realized last year that this hyper-masculine approach to life was creating pain, stress and damage. 

What I've been living into now is a much deeper level of daily fulfillment. Instead of chasing after big "heroic" goals, I've been savoring the smaller pleasures in life in a more leisurely way and trusting the flow of the river of time. 

My most blessed guide in this process is my love, who went through her own journey from stressed overachievement, to joyful fulfillment. 

And she's been helping thousands of women do the same through her Shift Summits and courses. At the core of this work is a new paradigm for the "good life" -- one based in our souls, reverential of our bodies, and filled with sacred meaning. 

It's a path of deep feminine fulfillment (which also applies to men). 

Walking this path of fulfillment doesn't mean "giving up" on living a life of great impact. In fact, often times, we have a more lasting and profound impact when we can show up with ALL of who we are. 

According to her, feminine fulfillment means BEING the change moment-to-moment: to live as love, to dance through life, to serve, and to savor the simple moments. 

What she and so many other women have begun to realize is that this path of feminine fulfillment is essential to balance out the more masculine, "success" path that we've mostly inherited. 

This Saturday, she will be sharing her core insights for how to create a life you love in a free call event that I'll be hosting. 

If you haven't listened to a call with her, I warmly encourage you to do so. She's a very magical and joyful being -- playfully wise, delightfully loving, as well as a wonderful teacher and facilitator. She lives her sacred purpose, breath-by-breath. 

She means the world to me -- and to SO many others who have experienced her presence and the blessings of her teachings. 

If you've been hungering for a life that is more fulfilling, soul-filled, joyful and deep, she will share her secrets for making your every day one in which you know that you are fulfilling your soul's work and expressing your body's joy -- in communion with those you love, and generously serving those who you incarnated to serve. 


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