Monday, June 30, 2014

Reprogramming your biology towards radiant health

Our consciousness (including beliefs, intentions, emotions, thoughts) can affect our biology and even our genes in remarkable ways, which opens the door to the possibility for a literal reprogramming of our cells for greater health, energy, and even longevity. 

In tomorrow's free teleseminar, "Discovering The Genie in Your Genes," Dawson Church will take us into the heart of fascinating research that's getting increasing respect in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

And it has profound implications for YOU and how vibrantly, radiantly healthy you can be. 

Dawson has a brilliant, integrative mind and has worked with many of the leading health pioneers of our time, from Larry Dossey to Bernie Siegel and Norm Shealy, and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare. 

In the course of this work, he's made discoveries linked with fields like energy psychology, epigenetics, and spiritual practice that can create better, healthier lives for us all - with only a modest investment of energy each day. 

I confess that Dawson was the FIRST person who made the case for what is called "tapping" sufficiently compelling enough to make me a believer. 

He offers a rational, grounded understanding of how things like spiritual healing actually work. He's well-known and respected among integral and spiritually based healers. 

And during tomorrow's free event, he'll be sharing:

How stress and relaxation both send epigenetic signals to your whole body
Practical examples of how you can use this knowledge to trip your own genetic switches
About research that shows this can lengthen your life by 9 to 14 years
Which methods - meditation, EFT tapping, neurofeedback - work, and why
How to identify which techniques will work best for your unique body
Ways the "Epigenetic Health Spiral," can improve your health - at any age
If you're interested in thoughtful, practical insights into the interface between health, psychology, and spirituality, you're going to love Dawson. 

He's blazingly smart, heartfelt, and very committed to sharing a lifetime of research in a way that gives you practical and even life-saving strategies for vibrant health. 

Join me tomorrow here:


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