Monday, July 21, 2014

The Future of Yoga Summit: Evolving Your Practice, Changing Our World

At this time in history, we are experiencing many great shifts on planet Earth. And we are confronted by day-to-day challenges and global crises which call on each of us to rise up to be our best selves.
But how can we live our potential and make our best contributions to our world when our fast-paced modern culture pulls us in so many directions at once? And how do we make space for a deeper spiritual practice when overwhelmed by other priorities, such as health, fitness, family, career and service to others?
We look to the ancient wisdom of yoga – which is entering an exciting, new phase.

While the core of yoga’s spiritual teachings has remained constant, its forms have changed dramatically in the past 150 years – demonstrated by three major evolutionary shifts.
First, it was practiced mainly by male ascetics in India as a path for spiritual awakening – where they often renounced possessions, family and work to live in full-time contemplation.
Next, it was adopted in the West – primarily by women – as a method for improving health and fitness.
And now a different and more beautiful expression of yoga is evolving – which is all about living your life AS an expression of the Divine, and bringing your practice into your family, work, community, and beyond.
It’s becoming an integral way of being that can elevate ALL areas of your life, AND can help you become a catalyst for positive shifts in our world.
We are multi-dimensional beings, and yoga is evolving into practices that touch every aspect of our lives – from our intimate relationships to our activism. It is transitioning from being a practice on the mat to a lifestyle we live 24/7.
And the results of this are stunning: better health AND better relationships, more clarity of thought AND more joyful creativity, more inner peace AND more loving acts of service.
So, if you’re excited by the idea of taking your practice to the next level – and becoming part of this “third wave” of yoga – you won’t want to miss The Future of Yoga Summit >>>


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