Thursday, September 25, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: The Rehearsal is Over

You are living in a very exciting time where many like-minded and open-hearted souls are being drawn together to co-create the foundations for your new Earth. This is very natural and necessary at the beginning of an Age as it allows as many as possible to do what they truly came to do and to ascend into their next stage of evolution. Your coming together also gives us the opportunity to collectively assist you in maintaining the integrity of your relationship with your Presence. Your ascension, your abundance and your joy in serving others naturally unfolds when you are living as your Presence.
~ The Ascended Masters in the Councils of Shamballa
Many souls have reached a point in their evolution that is in harmonic resonance with their true Divine intent to serve in ways that will add to the greater good of the whole. We are delighted that so many of you have chosen to devote yourselves to living as your Presence and that many of you are also equally devoted to assisting others in remembering who they are and why they have chosen to be here during your great ascension into Unity or Christ Consciousness.
Once you realize your opportunity to embody and live as the Presence of God, you naturally begin releasing any residual fear-based illusions that have kept you bound to the dictates of your ego and separate from living and contributing as your Presence in oneness with all life. As your Presence, you are free to implement or expand your true service in the world while remembering that you are a very powerful Being who was originally created to work solely with the pure vibrations of God’s Love and Light.
We suggest that as often as possible you confirm that the Presence is guiding your life and that you also witness the Presence within others rather than waste your precious time judging what is wrong with another or even with the world. Yes, there are those who have forgotten who they are, yet they deserve your compassion and they still carry the spark of God within them. If you feel directed to assist souls in remembering their Divine Origin, you can ask to be attuned to the level of consciousness that is most appropriate for offering them your assistance.
It is natural to feel a profound urge to give of yourselves to others according to your spiritual maturity and the potential of others to benefit from your assistance. You will be led into situations that will bring the souls to you that you can assist in their awakening, or you can reach out through your conversations, through emails, or by perhaps turning them onto your classes or the courses we are offering.
Humankind began losing their connections with the higher dimensions of their consciousness during your last involution into matter, which was at the fall of Atlantis. You are now moving into an evolutionary cycle that is supporting you in re-opening the etheric strands of your ancient DNA since this will assist you in remembering that you were originally created to live and serve on Earth as your God Presence.
The ancient ones who realized you would be heading into very limiting conditions began recording important information that could later be used to help you rise once again into the glory of your true inheritance. Some of this recorded information was written in ways that could only be found and understood by those who would not misuse these ancient teachings. This information was recorded because humanity’s descent was progressing rapidly and soon there would be little or no access to the higher dimensions of consciousness. Much of that information is now being revealed so as many of you as possible know who you are and why you are here during this Great Shift in the Ages. It is time to live on your Earth as your God Presence or Master Self and to serve humanity according to the gifts you have accumulated over the ages. 

The Elohim, we the Ascended Masters and many Lightworkers on Earth are presently sustaining a grid around your globe for maintaining Unity or Christ Consciousness. This grid is also assisting all life within your galaxy to ascend into their next dimension. Your planet’s ascension into the 5th dimension with humanity is being accelerated in direct relationship to how many of you are living on Earth as your Presence. The rehearsal is over ~ now is the time to live as your Presence the unlimited awakened life you came here to live. 
To assist you in receiving your own guidance from us in the Ascended Realms and manifesting your unique Divine Blueprint for these pivotal times, Conscious Co-Creation with the Masters has been created. We invite you to participate.


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