Thursday, October 30, 2014

Divine ordinariness? Provocative call event on St. Teresa...

Do you long for the kind of transformation that embraces our humanity as fundamental to our divinity?

In our modern world we often have a tendency to elevate saints and spiritual teachers to a pious pedestal and forget the full spectrum of their humanity and as a result, lose any valuable inspiration for our own path. 

Mirabai Starr is committed to creating a different relationship, especially with great female mystics who offer us transformative guidance for living our full spiritual glory within the mundane ordinariness of daily life. 

On Wednesday, November 5, Mirabai will present an illuminating FREE virtual event: The Divine Ordinariness of St Teresa of Avila: What you Can Learn from the West’s Most Provocative, Practical and Ecstatic Mystic 

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Mirabai will take you into the heart of Christendom’s most celebrated female mystic – St. Teresa of Avila – sharing the surprising truths about how she lived, worshipped and navigated a complex world and became respected as one of the great pioneers of the divine feminine path in history. 
Mirabai will make you laugh, surprise you, and open your heart with the untold stories showing why St. Teresa’s luminous pathway is just as relevant to modern seekers of the Divine as in the 16th century.

During this inspiring session with the world’s leading translator of St. Teresa, you’ll learn:
  • How St. Teresa of Avila harnessed the energy of her vulnerable, quirky, fiery personality for personal transformation and service to the world
  • Delightful anecdotes about Teresa fearlessly and lovingly talking back to God
  • How Mirabai’s Jewish heritage informed her relationship with Christ
  • About Mirabai’s intimate and unexpected relationship with St. Teresa

I invite you to discover not only a complete rewiring of how you think of this beloved saint, but a whole new template for how to walk the path of feminine mysticism, while still honoring the traditions we’ve inherited. 
It’s FREE to attend, but you’ll need to register here:


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