Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bring more Holy-ness and Wholeness to Your Holidays

As you bustle through the busy holiday season, do you sometimes yearn to reconnect with the holiness that is the root of the word “holidays”?
While time with our families is sacred and beautiful, there’s a way that we’ve often lost touch with the deeper meaning of holidays like Christmas, which transcends Christianity to celebrate the birth of the divine human in all of us.
There is a spirit of reverence, humility and sacred wonder that is frequently forgotten in the spectacle of these days.
Prayer is a powerful spiritual practice if we embrace it with the right spirit and knowledge. And it has the power to forever alter how we enter into the holiday season. Moment by moment, prayer can liberate you from the drama and superficial consumerism, and connect you with the passionate divine love that flows through the stories, rituals and symbolism of this time of the year.
It is known as the “season of lights” for a reason: It is one of the best times to brighten your inner light, and ignite the flame of mystical understanding in your heart. It is a time that will illuminate your entire year with new wisdom.
The root of the word holiday is “holy.” Yet, in the increased busy-ness that the holidays bring, it is easy to lose touch with the sacred dimension of these days and the potential they hold for reconnecting us with our souls. 
If you recognize that this season is, at the deepest level, an opportunity for transformation, healing, rebirth and love, I am thrilled to be able to invite you to participate in a powerful, free tele-seminar event next Wednesday with renowned scholar-mystic. 

The event is called: Turning Your Holidays into Holy Days Through the Sacred Power of Prayer and I know it will be fantastic. 

Learn more and register to receive your free ticket here (which includes access to the recording): http://goo.gl/iNSa1K

Let us see and adore the whole of life, and take this time as an opportunity to also renew all of your relationships with family, friends – and the world itself

This event is for people from ALL faith traditions.
I hope you can join as well!


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