Sunday, November 9, 2014

Create the Life You Want to Live - Apply the Masters' Teachings to Live in Joy Every Moment of the Day

Celebrate the Best Holiday Season Ever & Give Birth to the Presence of God in You 
The Masters have inspired the creation of this new course that shows you how to create joy all the time and live the life you want to live ~ regardless of what is going on around you ~ especially during the upcoming holidays. You will learn how to ignite your passion, empower and transform yourself, and those around you while having the best holiday season ever.  This is an opportunity to create Heaven on Earth every day of the year!
Jeshua (Jesus) and Mother Mary:
“As you enter this most joyous time of year, we witness so many experiencing stress, loneliness, depression, anger and conflict. This should be a time of renewed faith and loving sharing as you spend time with loved ones and friends as families unite to celebrate the holidays. This coming Christmas and all the other sacred days celebrated in this season of renewal, such as Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights, will be filled with more Divine energy than ever before to not only lift your Spirits, as well as give birth to the Christ or Unity Consciousness within you. To prepare yourself to receive and use this transforming energy to create the life you joyously came to Earth to live, we bring forth this new Course to you, beloveds.”

Our sacred holidays are Divinely designed to reunite us with friends and loved ones and the deeper Truth of ourselves and what we have come to Be and Live as unlimited expressions of the Divine on Earth. We have been living within a cycle of forgetfulness of Who We Are and our grand adventure to live an unlimited life of Love and Joy and Gratitude for all we receive living in unity with our Divine nature.

We have allowed the stress, spending, disappointment, sadness, and family feuds and squabbles to distract us from opening to receive the real gift of the season ~ to birth the Presence of God within us anew.
We have the grand opportunity in every situation in this holiday season and each day thereafter to create every moment as an awakening to the majesty and magnificence of Who We Truly Are.
You are being invited to elevate you and your life from where you are to where you want to be using your heartfelt desires and inspired perspective that will fill your life with profound meaning and purpose because you are focused and aligned with what truly matters.
This is the time to change gears and stop asking others and circumstances to be the way you want them to be and start creating it anew by using every unwanted situation as fuel to move yourself forward to the life you want to live.
Learn a simple process that changes everything—to quickly get your life back on course—and put an end to past disempowering behaviors that are responsible for inner struggles, outer conflicts, holiday disasters and unhappy memories that have undermined the unity of family and friends, and more importantly have distracted you from experiencing the realization of the glorious opportunity that this season of birth of your True Spiritual Self and renewal of your life purpose offers. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the highest truth of Who You Really Are and reclaim your power to positively create the life you want in every moment.
Create your life as a living expression of peace, joy, harmony and abundance.
You will learn how to:
* Align with the Joy in your Heart
* Turn every negative, stressful situation around on a dime 
* Transform unhappy moments to happy memories 
* Create wonderful holidays filled with love and harmony
* Prepare the way to birth the Inner Christ & Unity Consciousness
* Live the Life YOU want to live.
You will receive teachings, tools, understandings, strategies, examples and exercises that will align your choices with your greatest joy, your greatest Self and the life you truly want to live.


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