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Celestial Way - Great Discipline - Heartful Cultivation (THIEN DAO DAI PHAP TAM CONG - abbr. Thien Phap - Celestial Discipline) is the occult cultivation program combining spirituality, due to The Father Almighty God taught. The Grand Master works abide of Celestial Hierarchy to save sentient beings with ideal of Humanity’s Great Unity. 
Celestial Discipline is Celestial  Way’s Occult Practice Path

Thien Dao (Celestialism/Celestial Way) is God Way – Cosmic Way - the forever, timeless universal laws - not religion. Religion is the only mean of helping humans to be enlightened. 
There are numerous disciplines and ways to realize truth. 

Dai Phap (Great Discipline – Great Way) has three disciplines: The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline. 

The Way’s Discipline belongs to Celestial Way (The Creator’s Way) - these are the laws of the universe and nature, in terms of Celestial Book. 

Prime Discipline belongs to The Way Book –Teaching Book – Law Book – Ceremonial Book –  Human Book – Intelligence Book - Trust Book (Earthly world: people’s perception and following the natural laws to live and cultivate). 

Occult Discipline (this Celestial Discipline) belongs to Coaching Book (cultivation method for enlightenment and merged with nature, The Creator’s Way; as the method of united Heaven-Earth-Human, Man united with God). 
Three Disciplines is consolidated so The Way is united, Heaven-Earth-Human are consolidated.

While still not enlightened and follow the truth, everything is also brute, decadent, dubious, mess, most lives might not know who you are, where you come from. Timelessly, The Creator’s Way does not change, only Prime Discipline, Occult Discipline in the Earthly world (lower world) change, be different so make human society, Earth change. 
Now The Celestial Discipline relies on Celestial Way, so that spectrum new discipline due to The Father God teaches. Dai Phap (Great Discipline) is a grand discipline, accompanied by Celestial Way and expressing Celestial Way. 

Tam Cong (Heartful Cultivation) is cultivation taken to universal energy by will and morality, take heartful power (conscience and basic sense souls live in the world) as the inner power, inner prana , on the basis of moral cultivation, then use the same mind to cultivate, to a be enlightened, have occult powers. The mind is not simply qigong, that it is the intent of the God and following training to the Enlightened Being. That is due to we are small souls linked with Grand (Father), Universal Soul. 
If there is Great Discipline without Heartful Cultivation, man can not cultivate to be enlightened being. If it is only cultivation, it’s just regular qigong, learning to be good for health.
Furthermore, people who follows disciplines, religions be not shortened the path of evolution. Our Discipline is taught by The Father God, obeys to The Father God’s command to form the new Prime Discipline. It is noteworthy. 


Called as 9 Dragons (Celestial Dragons) conduct the Discipline, also known as The 9 Discipline’s vision points. 
1-Three Disciplines: The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline which are the three main part of Dafa.
 2-Three Courts: Worship 3 Celestial Spirit Courts:
-      The First Father Almighty God Court. 
-      The Second Front Celestial Holy Court. 
-      The Third Back Celestial Holy Court. 
3- Three Worlds: Upper - Middle – Lower worlds; also known as the three material profiles of the universe. 
4-Three Classes: The Creator- Divine -Human. The three main class levels in the evolution of the soul.
5- Three Properties: Truthfulness - Compassion- Beauty: which is everything’s three large properties, whether missing one of three things, the universe, human beings, society is not perfect. 
6-Three Works: three transcendent occult cultivation lessons. They are required lessons to have the Way’s consummation , which be cultivated in both earthly and astral realms. 
7- Three Brilliances: High Brilliance – Divine Brilliance –Mind Brilliance, the universal and everything’s three brilliances. High Brilliance is Light on high realm, from The Father; Divine Brilliance is Light on astral realm, and is the Light of third eye, divine eye, celestial eye. Mind Brilliance is the Light in the minds of human beings. Three Brilliances makes The Creator’s Way lightened, everything lightened.  There are Three Brilliance as the essence -prana-spirit are lightened. 
8- Three Sides: Heaven-Earth-Human merging in universe creation with spiritual senses. 
9- Three Spirits: The Father King- The Mother Queen –The (Ascended and Ascending) Masters who are worshipped on Three Courts. 

The Discipline’s Teachings are splitted into 9 major Books for ease of use by subjects: Celestial Book -The Way (Celestial Way) Book –Teaching Book – Coaching Book - Law Book – Ceremonial Book –  Human Book –Intelligence Book -Trust Book. 
These are the Discipline’s 9 great works, reasonings. 

*** People want liberation from samsara (reincarnation), go to Heaven (Nirvana), must experience  and cultivate through hundreds or thousands of reincarnated lives ... 
In the New Age, we build Earthly Heaven, must have Occult Cultivation to reach the consummation. In The Discipline we cultivate ourself at home to make the life and the way united, construct harmony and fluent social life, human perfection, suit the natural evolution rules or universal laws - as Celestial Way. 

The latest discipline in the New Age
 Not seen before due to The Creator’s admission
 As cultivation consummation, all karma is solute
Hundreds of diseases are cured, every dark forces must run away
Have psychic powers and the Discipline accomplishment
Human and universe unite and happy in harmony

Therefore, you must call The Celestial Discipline is Celestial Cultivation, Celestial Occultism, not meant qigong. 
As accomplishment of reading The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline, which unanimously agreed, then Heartful Cultivation reaches ¼ and so that ghosts, evils, dark beings to be feared, the Discipline’s cultivation reach a half and the Discipline’s spectrum reach ¼. Why like that? You should cultivate to thoroughly understand. 

-       1. Do intake ceremony seriously, to have God and the Holy Spirits witnesses. 
Honor The Father so honor yourself up. Do yourself a simple vegetarian feast, burn incense and pray:
"My dear respectful The Father High Almighty God,
please let me study The Celestial Discipline".

Ceremonial requirements: before meditating, cultivation, or healthy exercising ... whether in the posture of sitting, or standing, must do: Turn to direction of The North Star where The Father dwells. 
Action: the right hand places on the forehead, the thumb touching the forehead of point between the eyebrows. The left hand places at the heart chest, hand turn into body, to the middle of the chest. 
Whisper: " The Father High Almighty God let me cultivate The Celestial Discipline well". It also means psychic protection, protected by The Father as cultivation.
2. Do not use The Discipline to do evil, otherwise The Discipline would respond and get karma. 
Obey 9 “Not Violation” Rules.
 Do not use The Discipline to make nefarious interests, harm people, occult divination, profit healing, physician, against the ideal of The United and Harmony World. 
3. Do not have political activities against the Vietnamese State and any other States. Do not compete the fame and benefits with other disciplines. 

Should read The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline thoroughly (in The Discipline’s theory subjects). The Discipline is not religion so there’re not teachings. As you grasp, there's nothing mysterious at all. The Discipline’s knowledge is the serious science. 

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