Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Discover the Key to living Open and Free

Do you long to live an open and spiritually fulfilling life, but feel disenchanted by the endless demands of the daily grind? 

In our complex, fast-paced world it’s easy to believe that grace is somewhere other than in the messy realities of our relationships, work and family. 

Yet freedom isn’t found outside of commitments and responsibilities, but through them, as you discover the power of profound surrender. Non-resistance to life allows us to realize that there is nothing to get and nowhere to go. Everything we are is already here. 

No teacher has illumined these penetrating, profound truths with so much grace as Gangaji.  For more than 25 years, longtime seekers have come home to the Truth of themselves in her presence and words. 

If you long to dissolve the separation between your spiritual life and everyday life, Gangaji will show you how to shift to a state of non-resistance during a free online event: Natural Realization: Peacefully Resolving the Tension Between Freedom and Daily Responsibility. 

Reserve your free space here: http://goo.gl/VN6AmF

During this virtual session, Gangaji will guide you into the deepest possibility for your life as you walk the razor’s edge of your divinity and humanity — and reveal how you can:
  • Resist nothing and fully open to all that is arising
  • Find refuge in the silence, even in the midst of conflict and miscommunication
  • Invite your whole being to surrender at a deeper level than the mind
I invite you to join me for this illuminating hour with a master spiritual teacher. It’s free, but you must register here to receive access details: http://goo.gl/VN6AmF

PS - Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the call. Don’t miss your chance to experience Gangaji as she reveals how to stop your internal wars so that you can discover spacious peace within –– and everywhere. 
Learn more and reserve your free space here: http://goo.gl/VN6AmF


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