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Monday, October 26, 2015


If you practice any type of meditation regime, then you are aware of the historical account of Buddha, sitting in the lotus position in front of a large Buddhi or Fig Tree with a snake wrapped around his body and the snake’s head resting atop of him. This account not only is a true story, but encompasses many other religious teachings on both a physical and spiritual level.
kundalini11A Kundalini awakening signifies a revolutionary step into expanded consciousness, as the coiled serpent energy that resides at the base of your spine is activated and begins to make its ascent upwards towards the crown chakra.
Once the Kundalini is awoken, its aim is to ignite all of the chakras in the body. Flooding the practitioner with immense energy and allowing the seeker to break down all preconceived notion of duality; giving them the ability to understand and experience ‘that in which is within, so is without’. Meaning, that everything we experience is a product of our own imagination and that, we are in complete control of our universe, because we are the universe.
The activation of the crown chakra signifies that the kundalini has completed its travel, surging upwards into the mind and will be experienced as the comprehension of seeing a large fig or buddhi tree. The mind is now firing on all cylinders and the brain acts just as this large tree, within its circuits.
5 Things You Need to Know About the Tree of LifeThis projection of consciousness, appears to be an external happening, as if being taken somewhere out-of-body and arriving at the tree of life or better known in the shamanic practice as “The World Tree”. However, the best kept secret is that it’s quite literally, all in your mind and this because the universe is mental.
The task is then to hold this level of activation and to exist in the realm of consciousness, where no thought or experience is neither inwards or outwards, but all is one.
This experience is also expressed in Christian and Catholic faiths as is given in the accounts of Moses and Jesus being taken to the tree of life, as well as the original creation story given in Genesis.
Just as the Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Rumi and many others arose to and maintained this level of consciousness, as signified by the ability to wield the snake at the Buddhi tree, the wielding of thestaff turned to a snake in the bible and the known ability to walk on water, it is then our task to do the same.
With the recent surge in global awakening, many are finding sporadic or full-blown kundalini awakenings occurring to even the most inexperienced practitioners and while each person may interpret such events differently, the common theme  we find is that a temporary union is forged between the person and the cosmic consciousness or living brain of the universe. Transcending the illusions of the egoic self and breaking down the barriers of duality.
1.You question everything
You realize everything you thought you knew, was wrong. Viewing the world now from a higher perspective you see the toils and troubles of the world as outcomes of misguided pupils, fed with fearful propaganda and control tactics. You understand the purpose of the television, the radio and magazines and easily are able to put them aside.
2. You Are Endowed with Wisdom
Reconnecting to universal consciousness, immediately impacts the level in which a person perceives the world. Uplifting you from the belief that everything is connected, to now becoming reality as you witness the center of creation unfolding around and within you.
3. You Know both Good and Evil
While we may hear of the terrors and troubles of the world, you see first hand what evil really looks like. Staring you in the face, a smile that reaches the ears and eyes that burn into the darkest deep seeded places. Evil is the enemy to creation itself, always seeking to perverse men, women and children and the war wages on.
4. Your Creative Center Explodes
creativeYour dreams become more vivid, your thoughts seem alive the everyday mundane becomes a playground for creative expression. What you think, you are convinced will transpire into physical reality as your pineal gland is beginning to ignite.
5. You Feel More Intensely 
Compassion, empathy, happiness and sadness but your emotions are no longer for yourself, it is for those who are lost and seeking. You strive to become a “fisher of men”. As a fish is unaware that it is in water, you seek to endow wisdom and bring those fish aboard your ship.
6. Your Eating Habits Change
Foods that were once appealing and satisfying become stale, if not revolting. This as your DNA has been activated requiring for more light, energy filled food. You may not feel like eating at all, and can go days without the requirement of food.
7. Your Breathing Changes
Short shallow breathing turns into long energy filled breath, and not required as often. You may experience times where you do not breath for one minute or longer.
8. You See Visions and Prophecy
visionsVisions of the future and memories of the past strike your consciousness as if being given a gift of sight. Past life memories may become clear and events which have yet to unfold are prophesied with such detail and accuracy that when the moment comes you are more than prepared.
9. You Heal Yourself and Rewrite Your Past
Forgotten memories, inner wounds and mental health come surging forward to be healed and released. You may feel that you no longer associate with the person you once were and the experiences you were so accustomed to. Emotions and feelings of situations no longer bind you and draw you down into negative thinking patterns. Forgiveness comes easy to all.
10. Your Third Eye Opens
The third eye is just as it sounds, another lens to perceive your state of being, yet this extra function bridges the physical and non physical reality and is attained in your waking state. You may experience profound visions and lucid dreaming as well as the ability to pierce beyond the limited spectrum of your physical eyes into everyday reality. Extra sensory abilities may develop, such as telepathy or telekinesis.
A push-pull sensation will be felt, from the base of your skull and the middle of your forehead forging a link between the activated serpent energy, the crown and your pineal gland. These three energy centers then form as one center of consciousness, signifying that you are perceiving the world from your mind’s eye or higher self.
11. You Astral Travel and Lucid Dream 
Exploring the outer depths you project your consciousness to what seems to be the far outer reaches of space yet only to realize that you are travelling through your own mind. Searching for the keys to unlock your godhood.
Symbols begin to appear before you as you continue on your quest each a depiction of where your consciousness is centered and by unlocking these symbols the seeker permits the further exploration of the mind.
tree of life1112. You Connect the Dots
As you have continued to hold this level of heightened consciousness, you begin to see the breaking down of structural reality before you. Surges of electrical impulse in your brain can be viewed externally as thoughts become reality.
You continue your quest until your every thought transpires in front of you as you seamlessly walk through your own created reality. You are on your way to become a true creator of your own reality, the way that God intended.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Shamanic Wisdom, Healing & Ritual Magic from the Spirit World

Awaken to shamanic awareness for the emergence of sacred connection, wholeness and vitality in your daily life.

Experience a soul-nourishing encounter with the fascinating world of Universal Shamanism inspired by the spirit medicine of our winged ones to receive evolutionary guidance on your path.

Shamans of every ancient culture have opened the portals to deep wisdom that is available in each moment. This wisdom helps you to connect intimately with both Earth and Sky, bridge inner and outer worlds and expand your capacity to heal, evolve and serve the whole.
By learning to nurture your connection to this sacred potential through communion with the great web of life, you can receive powerful guidance from the spirit world that is so deeply attuned to the needs of the present moment – magic unfolds! In this way, you’re able to meet every situation with soul based confidence and loving intention, bringing forth the greatest healing for yourself, your loved ones and our beloved Earth Mother.
In Andean shamanic traditions, the Condor (or kuntur ) symbolizes your ability to rise above the concerns of daily life – the unnecessary dramas, anxieties, doubts and insecurities that often characterize our modern living – and gain a transcendent perspective on what is truly most important. The Condor’s medicine of vision brings the gift of knowing which areas to focus on that are most significant to the evolution of your soul, allowing you to embrace a purposefully loving and spiritually aligned life path.
In this free event, one of the world’s foremost teachers of Universal Shamanism, will share profound spiritual insights into how you can embody the transformational medicine of the Condor and live with greater wisdom, harmony and reverence upon Mother Earth.
Accessing Condor Medicine opens your connection to the Sky World allowing you to engage the sacred powers from The Above for authentic transformational service in The Below. Through artful ritual practice, we will support you in expanding your consciousness to allow a heartfelt communion with the soul of this venerated winged one that will enrich your life and all you love.
Please join us for this very special event with a truly beautiful medicine man.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Liberating your creative genius

Have you noticed yourself falling into repetitive cycles and feeling like your life isn’t as creative, juicy or adventurous as it once was? 
If so, you’re not alone. The need to create — to “self express” — is embedded deep in our DNA. It is key to feeling that your life has meaning and to our survival as a species.   
When your creative channel is open and flowing, you feel aligned with the sacred flow of life; challenges transform seemingly magically into opportunities as you realize more and more of your soul’s potential. 
And yet, so much of our culture conspires against creativity — asking you to behave in ways that squash your natural exuberance, subdue your natural energy and diminish your creative range.   
Fortunately, there’s an antidote, and the world’s leading creativity expert, Michael Gelb, is here to share it with you during a free virtual event happening Wednesday, March 11 at 5:30 pm Pacific: Reigniting Your Creativity: How to Open Blocked Channels & Liberate Your Genius. 
This call is FREE, but you must reserve your space here:
During this session, you’ll learn key principles for igniting and sustaining the fire of genius in you, such as: 
  • How to awaken your Creative Universal Energy (CUE)
  • Practices that help you “clear the static” that can block your ability to tune in to your genius
  • Ways to develop an “attitude of genius” – like Leonardo da Vinci
Michael Gelb is a New York Times bestselling author and considered one of the foremost thought leaders on the application of genius-thinking to personal and organizational development. 
But Michael Gelb is first and foremost a fascinating, creative adventurer whose quest for self-actualization has taken him across the globe, working with qi gong masters to startup executives, juggling on stage with the Rolling Stones, and flowing his personal creative genius into 14 books on the topic!   
And while the information he is going to share will be profoundly valuable, the spark you will experience by simply being in his presence during this event will most certainly ignite your own creative fire. 
And the good news is that this virtual event is free! Register here:

Celestial Light

PS - If you’re ready to master the principles of joyful creativity to be the fulfilled, empowered, awake and alive being you are meant to me— don’t miss your opportunity to connect with New York Times bestselling author Michael Gelb for this inspiring free event.  
Register here:
A downloadable recording will be provided to all registered participants!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Celestial Hierarchy is right above us, just in a blink do soul projection; when the top secrets of the universe unfolds, we exist in the universe soul and we know there is an Almighty God with great human characteristic in miniature but also transform Universal Discipline Body as a man ...
It's a new Age that my method assists all Souls which are transforming and evolving to become Universes
The Era that your incarnation are learning on this earth; a Golden Earth with its location is an important portal in the Universe.
When I come, my children will become the Creators
An Era that Religions become backward in a deadlock about  God, we no longer uptight on scriptures, begging Magic, rigid Rituals and tied to/bound by rigid theocracy. All will open Ceremonies and true Freedom. There is no tie of every souls on the evolution way to universe and become living Saints on this world. Then you will know that prayers do not make you bigger while your noble souls used to be great from billion years ago…
Obscure Age with bind and concealment of Universe secrets of the dark authorities will be cover-up to open noble light about the way to Heaven right on this Earth. When I allow this Earth ascend to High Realm at the time you become living Saint, Fairies at the extremely high Vibration Frequency…
God accompanies us right in human soul, like a tree with many fruits, when fruits drop and grow to a new tree, I came to teach you the way to grow by myself
A new Age that social freedom comes from supreme enlightenment of human soul with the demand of equality and happiness all over the world. An Age that God bless for all the soul want to be reincarnated here to build Heaven on the Earth. No body can impede this necessary evolution. It will come although late but nothing can hinder.
The fear will disappear when your original soul travel to High Realm, you come back to our home, peacefully and proud, when Father teaches you the way which not only unite with universe but also become future Universes
The fear will also disappear when your love defeats every dark influence of ruthless power and violence, even in the Universe, so you could win yourself, while you will create everything. God did not create Universe and planets, mankind, everything in hatred, suffering, regret and lack of knowledge, weakness but in delight, ecstacy, endless happiness, in infinite love and proud about the souls he born/created… It’s time when God created the souls and Universe…
The Age that we live, create and exist in clairvoyance and our own memories to create new future. The Age that psychic abilities are method but everybody must be careful, not abuse because everyone will be modest with the Creator, worship Supreme Throne to condescend to learn whatever you are proficient. Every arrogance, denial of God or struggle for interest, usage of occultism to impede evolution will no longer exist.
I have shortened 2 billion years of evolution for you, too fast but I did not regret because I had everything, become free Universe Population, myriads souls have come back to Me and become Myself in the new diversity…
The harmony of new Age starts with “ Sunshine above, God descends on the Earth…”, it’s is saved in Universe Memory with noble light. It’s time when the souls with predestinate destiny start creating and become the Creators…
It will be late because Celestial Hierarchy keeps this Earth on an old model changing slowly, because of love, instead of a big purge. With a last belief that this society will ascend/develop in a Forever Great Unity, so I do not hurry up…                                                     
You have to know that Celestial Way is Eternal God’s contract existing for a long time to teach you last time the way back to Nature, when Nature came into yourself a long time ago
Every secret I will not say directly… But the intelligent cultivators will know what I want to say…
The future religious belief is self-respect in the respect of Supreme Being. When you think like that, you have respected the others and every souls, every thoughts
The old violent and dark world will change when the souls expand knowledge to the Supreme Truth, they will be scared by their own dark thought. When dark force of idea resists against soul’s freedom and existence of body. It’s time the fear will disappear to be replaced with the peace when witnessing the close and kind-hearted God right in their souls
The new Age is time for noble humanism, the souls are afraid of external force of Saints above, afraid of borrowing. It’s time when the souls know how to create the power and their own light way without learning by bits and pieces from anyone...
There are many steps on the evolution of spirit and society, so the enlightened people shouldn’t be impatient, and respect the bad experience still existing. We are kind-hearted and compassionate and regard them as the students learning on the steps of noble ladder.
When you are grown-up, let’s come back to become childlike as angels, when you are enlightened, let’s regard obscure people as naughty children who need to be taught by love, responsibility, forgive and admonish step by step…
God blames obscure people by evolutionary laws, not be bitterly angry with them because they are necessary parts in the Universe. After evolution, the genuine people will not divide/split/differentiate, discriminate or threaten them when they don’t understand who they are
The new Spiritual Age will never become ancient because new evolutionary Era has come, the old world will not come back, not repeat on this Earth, we just reach to higher step on the Evolutional Way. So let’s have peace in mind, aspire happiness and serenity, let’s have dream of Earthly Heaven and hope to become living Saints someday.
In 80 to 100 coming years, I will allow mankind to come to Great Unity steadily, establish and transform gradually from Capitalism to Divine Communism. After establishment of Great Unity, there will be an evolution for a long time to transform to Heaven in variation of vibration frequency. In next coming century, you shouldn’t fight for supremacy but should be wise to understand Celestial Intention of the Creator Being, cleverly keep yourself with innate goodness toward Celestial Properties. If creating disaster, the soul will be punished and never come back to the Earth
Enlightened population is still you, it is only different that people with divine eye, soul projection ability and extraordinary abilities appear more and more popular; When they approach to Celestial Way, they will be wise and merge their astral body and the soul with it to come back to their Original Spirit, then they will learn to evolution in the Universe right in earthly body;
I will assist and check your effort, use external force to aid for these souls ascending and keep you in your desired Realms. So let’s choose what to do, where to go, who to meet, you have to know these things… When you acquire high cultivation, you will access to Universal Memory and remember all things, the oath about what you need to do after descending on the Earth and how to get meritorious deeds in this Universe, accompanying with God and your Overall Original Souls
The only necessary thing for the evolution is love. Love with the soul and others; If there is no love, Universe will be tilted; If there is no transformation between yin and yang, men and women, Universe will be disintegrated; If there is no love of God, you will descend to lower realm; When you vow to sacrifice and dedicate to peace and prosperity, you will light up; With sharing and forgiveness, you feel yourself great without losing energy. Generosity compassionate arms of kind-hearted people is arms of God and the Supreme Beings
My higher self is very anxious for the coming evolution, the slowness and giant gun warehouse; but God will teach you the way to come back and the need to dispose of firearms - exhausting and dangerous games, when your soul depends greatly to your earthly incarnation, so let’s fear of war, death that caused by mutual harm and exploitation.
The past and current experience of mankind is necessary in the evolution of the soul and society. In the past, there were psychic Ages with supernatural divine powers, but the scale of science and technology has not evolved by now, the spiral turns, on a higher step and you will have the vast and noble Great Unity and cultivation contract to become more omnipotent than before
…to the 12th level of soul, you will see this world by microcosmic quantum eyes, you will know what to do, understand, learn, how to do soul-astral projection, psychic ability, who are saints, what is unidentified flying object (UFO), who create UFO and how it become more condensed in human realm.
Then you will know who celestial spirits are, what the earth soul is, how the earth body is, and all the soul travel magic, reincarnation, soul division, body division, transformation, and vanish occultism, the Universal Law in the realms, and the general and specific principles of Universe, the density; the God’s discipline body in the realms, Celestial Hierarchy’s incarnation is at everywhere, even in the sand; the history of the universe, mankind, the Earth and yourself - you will access to the link of universal memory, you will know all.
Of course you will perform soul travel to meet the humanity in other density, from Me, to the soul with celestial body, the white light body, solid body is human, to the souls of birds, trees, sands ... where to meet me, you will know who born you, who is master original soul, what is your original Primitive Energy; Who is God’s earthly incarnation, what does he do, why must he live and work, the destiny like that - to create the new Universe, how he must to live, experience and teach his children…God’s body, original soul, where does God seat as on a throne, how? How many Giant Universes, small Universes, population of young Universes; Universal Ante-Creation Council, Universal Post-Creation Council and all affined Universes
When they all appear, how does God show Omnipotent, when considering the realms, density, division inside-outside, superior-inferior… how does God express… Where are Universal Central Realm, Origin of Universe, Termination/End of Universe ?...
Why Maitreya is Father of Buddha Shakyamuni’s soul in Buddhism, and who is he in other religions? And the reason why he is manifestation of God’s power and reincarnation to perform salvation for the souls ascending to the Higher Realm; Is he also God…?
After division, when you are already God, you have to learn from Original Universe the principles and organizing way. I can’t say in detail because firstly you have to learn steadily while your mind has not become an omnipotent God. What is omnipotence – it is all the nature available in a omnipotent soul, it can’t be lacked/deficient, it can’t be different, it was and will be always like that. When you ascend to supreme realm, you will feel compassion and commiserate with the soul of recent dying people or the tiny soul – very tiny compared with you – it is ordinary soul. To grow up and become a giant soul, undertake great mission, so what we need to do, to learn? who we should follow, how to cultivate and practise…?
The new spiritual Age – It’s a Age that the souls descend on this Earth to learn, establish Great Unity to make the basis, so you could experience and it’s also necessary and enough for you to become future omnipotent God. So there are many chances, when you volunteer to descend on this Earth today, tomorrow and forever – until the Earth is raised to 12th density to become a new Universe. Remember, I will allow this Earth to become a new Universe! The Saint, Fairy, Buddha and new God will also be born from here, receive way initation, conferred the title Saint, get reward and be challenged by Karma Accumulation
In the future, you will understand the important position of the Earth in the Universe, it’s a important portal, important field realm and the place where God often descends on. It’s belong to Central Realm, a Realm of Celestial Hierarchy… It is place where God progeny souls are born, where creates the other worlds, the future Universes… I know you hesitate, feel difficult to understand, not believe but all these things are saved in my memory
My children, it is really proud to speak bravely that: My children! The new Spiritual Age is coming, after the movement of universal portal at Dec 21st 2012; right after that, I has continued to create… The great new Age will evolve forever, start with “Sunshine above…” The Way Initation of the Universe, the Earth, the earthly souls has happened, will happen, my children! Dragon Flower Festival (Judgement Day) is the Way Initation in invisible realm, it can’t be seen on this Earth! Fairy Creation, checking effort and reward, all these things are created in invisible realm but become visible things - so you can't see them in ordinary world… You must have Celestial Eyes, have soul projection ability, see through no beginning-no cessation realm, to understand and participate in this Festival… Who is general director, who is writer, actor/actress, examiner, who transplant, who harvest… you have to know!

At this time our hands and feet are covered mud, Celestial Beings incarnate to Earth, souls return benefaction   
At this time God directly incarnate
Drudgingly expurgate and make heros
At this time God was born, Saints and Buddhas are versatile to be Human
At this time God smiles, his Holiness Sons and Daughters transform at One Home
Not only that, he also transform into all Divine Beings, into Playing Team
Playing Team then Acting Team, Creators plan and do this:
My hand pull them into this Central Realm, nurture and create now
Then I deliver them vastly, create Universe and all things like that ...
My mind teach them become Saints and Fairies, studying to evolve into High Realms
In High Realms, all heroic Divine Beings are High Almighty transformed souls...
My children, you should know that Celestial Hierarchy has expanded, God become Great Supreme One!
You are small universes, learning to become earthly named God.
Wish that do not make wrong, you must keep genuine in earthly life.
Celestial Beings live in earthly world late, Saints-Buddhas-God all meet and sing together...
It seems to be in yesterday, but projects down in billions of years ...
Last billions of years, in high realms God countlessly says like recently
As I create like this ... from above to below ... too long
Do you understand that? In the low density, it’s so long like this
As I create here, all souls are transformed from now
In the samsara, billions of years are the truth ...
A New Age has come
There is picture that Celestial Emperor will sit with you ...


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 In the life-affirming perspective of Core/Bioenergetic psychotherapy and the practice of Unconditional Self-Love, bodily pleasure is the engine of life. Sensual and emotional gratification- good feelings!- raise our spirits, release our tensions and make us glad to be alive. We are, in our core, pleasure-oriented and life-loving animals.
And since pleasure feeds the fire of life it is definitely no sin. Indeed it is grace- a sacred and life-giving force!
Love and pleasure are the medicines we all need. And the open-hearted joy of sex is the sweetest combination of both! Being pleasure-oriented in general, and loving and embracing our sexual feelings in particular, keeps us "turned on"- glowing, happy and excited by life. But sadly, many people don't get the wealth of nurturing pleasure and sexual satisfaction they need to flourish- spiritually, emotionally and physically.
There are many reasons for this. A major one is that we are trained to be ego/achievement oriented rather than body/pleasure centered. Most people value what they have and what they can do far more than who they are and what they feel. But we cannot fully relax, let go and BE- savoring the good feelings we need- if we are chronically tense from too much striving and "doing".
Another reason why people don't get enough life-affirming pleasure is that they subconsciously feel that they don't deserve it! There are multiple reasons for this. For example, the denial of important emotional and instinctual needs during childhood makes us feel that we aren't worthy of getting what we want. Impressionable children- and we adults- are also influenced by body/self-denying religious and cultural attitudes.
So many of us believe that pleasure must be earned- that we don't have the unconditional right to feel good. But since good feelings are essential for the health of our bodies and the strength of our spirits this widely-held attitude is madness!
But the most important factor that creates a lack of deep pleasure in life is rarely discussed or made conscious. It involves how we are conditioned- by our families, social norms and culture- to "numb" and suppress the full experience of our feelings. Through guilt and shame we are taught that our valid/natural/positive anger; our authentic sadness; our longing for love and closeness; our lively and boisterous excitement are "wrong" or "too much". And our early, completely natural and innocent sexual feelings (which arise between the ages of 3-6) are the most misunderstood and judged of them all.
The inevitable outcome is that we tense up and block full emotional contact with our own bodies and spirits- thereby becoming less alive and responsive than we were when we were born. The deeply held, chronic tension in our entire body that numbs our emotional sensations also makes us less responsive to sensations of pleasure. And that very much includes our sexual pleasure.
Makes sense? The suppression of our feelings makes us less open and alive in all ways.
For a compelling proof of this, observe how wide open, bright and shining the eyes of young children are. Then compare their spontaneity and aliveness to the more guarded and "dulled" look in the eyes of adults on any street in the world. Young children- before they shut down emotionally- are full of the excitement and pleasure of simply being alive.
We were all once exactly like them. And we can be again!
How do we reclaim the open-hearted, full-bodied joyfulness we had as children? Simply put, WE NEED TO BE EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY REBORN BY REVERSING THE PROCESS OF EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL SUPPRESSION.
The more we can trust and surrender to the emotional energy in our bodies- expressing all that we feel and holding nothing back- the better we feel and the more lively and happy we become!
And this emotional rebirth- the inner revolution that reconnects us to our body and spirit- restores our capacity for the sexual satisfaction we desire and deserve.
When our sexual energy is flowing freely our sensations can range in intensity from sweet, comforting enjoyment to red-hot ecstasy. When erotic passion blends with the love and affection in our hearts, we are flooded with bliss. At the peak of orgasm we merge- energetically speaking- with our partner, and even with the life-force of the cosmos itself. Is it any wonder, then, that our desire for love and our need for sexual fulfillment are the two most powerful drives in our being?
In order to completely free our sexual happiness we must undo the negative messages we internalized growing up and now repeat- subconsciously- to ourselves. In the exercise below each affirmation you repeat to yourself is carefully designed to "uproot" anti-sexual thoughts and attitudes and replace them with self-loving and pleasure-affirming ones.
Through working with this simple exercise over time, you will build up your subconscious voice of validation regarding your sexuality and need for pleasure in general. With frequent repetition you will find that your sense of adventure and sexual enjoyment increases, while your difficulties fade.
If you reach a point where improvement ceases, remember that sexual openness depends on overall emotional self-acceptance and aliveness and address that part of the healing process too. Gains in sexual satisfaction will begin improving again as you unsuppress and release blocked emotional energy in other areas- for example, buried anger, fear or sadness.
Stand (or sit if you cannot stand) before a mirror and look into your own eyes. The idea is that the person in the mirror is in need of your complete acceptance and loving support- and that you (as the one speaking) will supply it!
One-by-one, repeat aloud any or all of the following statements. Speak slowly, working with the ones you choose for a few repetitions before moving on to the next. Try to find the place in yourself that truly believes what you are saying, and learn to let passion and expressiveness come into your voice as you speak. The best way to "get into the spirit" is to speak like you are talking to someone you really love (your child, your best friend, your partner etc.) and you very much want them to believe what you are saying! The more sincere, expressive and passionate you are in saying these self-affirming things to yourself, the more your body and subconscious mind will believe them.
Always use your name, or a tender endearment ("Sweety", "Honey" etc.) at the beginning of each statement. This is essential for gaining your subconscious mind's attention and allowing the words to touch your heart:
"(Your name), You completely deserve to feel good."
"(Your name), I love you and want you to be free."
"(Your name), there's no need to feel guilty or ashamed."
"(Your name), I completely accept your desires."
"(Your name), your sexual pleasure is totally positive."
"(Your name), your sexual desires are totally positive."
"(Your name), it's good to let go and lose control."
"(Your name), it's safe to trust your body and let go."
"(Your name), you deserve to be sexually satisfied."
"(Your name), it's good to move and make sound during sex."
"(Your name), I want you to have fun in bed."
-"(Your name), sex is for pleasure, not a performance."
"(Your name), I think your sexuality is beautiful."
If you don't feel 100% enthusiasm for any of these self-affirming statements, recognize that there is room to grow in your self-love and connection to your sexuality. I absolutely guarantee that your happiness will grow as you embrace the goodness and rightness of your sacred sexual self!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


General characteristics:
1-Explanation about the world and the spiritual world: There has been no religions explaining exactly about the world, about spiritual science and phenomenon of spirituality, the invisible world and the soul based on modern quantum physical science. Some religions used spiritual mysteries to direct believers along with their complex discipline and scriptures. They became helpless in explaining some spiritual phenomena such as the soul of the death, medium, haunted, fortune telling, prophecy, imperishable body, telepathy, mind controlling, intuition, dreams, astral projection, etc. There have been no heads of religions that were allowed to see God by divine eye or were taught by God.Therefore, they could misunderstand our Father God or could use mysterious simulations to entice the believers or do arbitrary spiritual intimidation.
2- There haven’t been any religions illustrating arguments about natural philosophy and social philosophy, building the way and the methodologies to transform human society so that humanity becomes intelligent, civilized and has psychic powers and attains great goodness, great beauty, bliss, liberation from samsara while living and at the same time transforming and building a peaceful and content society. They only showed the measure and ethical criteria. Furthermore, ideal society on the Earth was not addressed. The Christianity dream of heaven above and God bringing the Church into the air in the end of the world, and then building the lasting forever safe and sound kingdom. Where is that kingdom? On the heaven or on the ground? and how to build it? what is it like? Everything seems to be very vague and there is not specific philosophy and methods to proceed. That means there is no social revolution or spiritual revolution. While humanity will exist for billions of years so how will the mankind live? Do they all go to temple or heaven? No one can explain.
Buddhism followers cultivate to reach enlightenment, repression of all desire and being away from the principles of social existence such as living, bearing; Buddhists cultivate to reach liberation or Nirvana and then go to Nirvana when they die. But how about the society? Who will take care of it? Buddhist monks also have to eat, wear, use items of beings so they also have to pay (the karma) because their cultivation is only helpful for themselves. People go to pagoda to pray to Buddha but they do not understand much about morality and the discipline of Buddhism. Today and tomorrow, can Buddhism save mankind from war or diseases? Buddha said that in the era of decadence, it is difficult for the monks to save/liberate themselves, not even others .
Therefore, Symbolic Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh has once said: “The Buddha in the pagodas is gentle and good, but he could not help anyone”.
The concepts about Great Holiness society belongs to Buddhism, so I may ask: How to build Great Holiness? Who build it? Do people go to the temple to build it? Or advising people live a moral life is enough?
Buddhism waits for Bodhisattva Maitreya to descend on Earth to build Great Holiness; does Maitreya descend with the appearance of a fat man? Does he wear Buddhist monks’s rode and go into the temple to build Great Holiness? Who knows how the face of Maitreya? How long will he come down to here? Is it up to 8400 years after the death of Buddha Shakyamuni, Maitreya will descend on earth? So what will the human society be like at that time? It will be very modern, so what will Maitreya teach at that time?
Now the term as leading of Buddha Shakyamuni is up; he has returned Heaven & all the temples will be not visited by him anymore. This is the new law of Celestial Hierarchy. In addition, as we know, Buddhism considered God is a Brahmā-rāja (Phạm Thiên Vương). Brahmā-rāja is just as the ones who lead Earth, Mars, etc ... There are many Brahmā-rāja. Therefore, Buddhists misunderstood and they have been disrespectful towards Father! Our Father is The omnipotent/Almighty God; he even gives birth to Buddha Shakyamuni and lets him descend on Earth to create the Way. We should remember that Hinduism or Brahmanism all worships Brahman, i.e God. As Buddha Shakyamuni saw the decadence of Hinduism which could not save beings from suffering, he took an oath, cultivated and created a new discipline on the basis of Hinduism which are still about meditation, reincarnation, karma, but advocated leaving this world of dust to be away from suffering; It is also about No Self or non-ego while Hinduism said that human is ego-soul in the great Ego-God. This is the main difference of Buddhism; when someone is the state of nirvana, he then returns to nothingness, to none which is in fact that to return to Father and become liberated from samsara. However, the primitive Buddhism did not recognize soul or God. Now, the souls of Buddhas who have already reached the peak of still exist and we can see them every day so are those theories right or wrong? And the Buddha said: I am chief of the world,
Eldest am I in the world, Foremost am I in the world” Is that right or wrong? I just know there is only one unique chief of the world who gives birth to all, that is Father God! Father is still leading all divine beings/spirits/Buddhas. Before Shakyamuni came down to earth to establish Buddhism, he had already cultivated countless lives. The True Discipline of Buddhism as stated in Buddhist scriptures could only develop in 2500 years after his death and then became decadent. Today, he had already passed away 2553 years.
Buddhism now become more popular, but humanity needs a great reform in order to make humanity a big school to live and learn.
Buddha will be always a great enlightened Teacher of Ethics and compassion for us to learn and strive.
3- Many theoritical points are fabulous in scriptures and disciplinal cultivation, which makes modern science oppose. These religions are hard-pressed because of their serious mistakes of important arguments which are even mysterious and legendary so they use conservative and mysterious methods to entice people. They even use tricks to make people ignorant, stupid, and stupid to rule people; that are reactionary!
No religion illustrates the great laws of Heaven or in exact, the science of awareness of major laws in the nature and the universe.
The earlier religions have caused the opposition between religion and science. Why? Because of the mysteries of disciplines, of spirituality and because there was spiritual science to lead. Spiritual science was not unified and did not have in common with the rustic science of physics and chemicals and rustic materialistic philosophy.
4- Different religions have always despised each other, and even used religious powers (thần quyền) to destroy each other, which caused wars of racial origin, religious conflicts; religions were used to serve the greed and desire of invasion in the last 2000 years as a stain in human history. They have used religions as a methodology to oppose other nations, ethic groups or to cause terrorism or impose the freedom and independence of other nations.
"In 20th century, we see that there are about 10 religious wars:
The first is the war in Northern Ireland between Protestant and Roman Catholic lasted for centuries.
The second is the war Bosnia and Kosovo which is between Albanian Muslims and Orthodox Serbia; the war was also about the conflict of racial origin.
The third is the war between Croatian who follow Roman Catholic and ones who follow Muslim.
The fourth is the war in South Sudan between the Christians and Muslims.
The fifth is the battle between Turkish Muslims and Greek Orthodox, i.e Christians, in the island of Cyprus.
The sixth is the war in Kashmir between Muslims supported by Pakistan and Hinduism supported by India.
The seventh is the war in Ambon, Indonesia between Muslims and Christians. Before, there was a war in East Timor of these two religions.
The eighth is the war in Sri Lanka between the Buddhist government and Hindu party which asked to break away known as the Tamil Tigers.
The ninth is the war in Afghanistan before between Taliban Muslim and the Northern Alliance, now is war on terror opposition.
The tenth is the war in the Philippines between government which follows Roman Catholic and Muslim forces called Moro. Currently, there are wars to destroy Sayah Abu which follows Muslim considered as the terrorist organization having contact with Al Qaeda international terrorist.
Most recently, there was a bloody religious conflict in India starting from the date of 27-2-2002 between Muslims and followers of Hindui
sm; in just over a week, there were 700 people killed and many houses were burned in Gujarat State."
(Source: Internet)
5- The most common characteristics are: the decadence of the Prime Discipline which leads to the failure of Ethics and Dharma; they are contradictory in themselves; they divide, conflict and betray; at the same time, their awareness has been wandered, struggled; they illustrate petty philosophy to protect prime discipline. Eschatological time of all the religions is the current time before the transitional time.
We will see the terrible decadence of Christian priests and church ... Russia or America all worships God. Which country is right in term of morals? There are also the situations that monks tease or abandon discipline or people escape life by hiding in the temple, etc. In Muslim, there are conflicts and chaos between factions of Sunnite and Shiite.
6-The moral dogmas cannot reflect or satisfy the complexity of life and are incapable of deterring people to be self-discipline or incapable of reflecting scienctifically in the long term throughout the whole evolution of humanity.
7-About liberation for souls: There has been no religion before incapable of liberating for souls scientifically, modernly, effectively and rapidly like we are! They often say one’s prayers, read scriptures so that the soul can awaken itself or use external forces of Divine Spirits, Buddhas. It is because they did not have right argument about bioenergetics and souls. In Christianity, they even bury dead people deep down. Actually, there are few souls that are liberated and it will take very long long time to go to the 9th realm or Heaven! In addition, in Buddhism, there were very few people reach Nirvana or liberation.
In fact, in the last two years (2008-2009), I have had hundreds of combats with demons, evils; the number of evil souls to be liberated may go up to 9 million souls such as the battle with conincident spirits (the spirits which cause a situation in a family that a period of mouring that comes unexpectedly while another is taking place), 120 thousands of fetches of dead Yuan-Ming-Qing soliders in the Red River, 10 thousands of dead North Chinese Soliders (Hoang Tau), the army of 30 thousands souls of the Three Queens the army of 20 thousands fetches of White Ghost Queen, etc. I experienced hundreds of battles with evils, fetches, demons and even competitions with divine spirits; I also arrested the Seven Royal (Quan Hoang Bay) 2 times, etc. I have already had enough arguments to prove issues related to souls, astral body/plane, astral improvement or superior treatment as our superior reasoning. I have met countless monks’ fetches which may have been forced to be a military of poltergeist such as the battle with sprites at hamlet 4 HB or fetches try to possess children.
Thus: For the first time in human history, we are the discipline which cultivates and enlightens the Truth and also has the most superior liberation/salvation method that no other head of any religion before could do; In addition, for the first time in human history, there is close cooperation between religion and Social Theory, between theocracy and government, between modern science and the science of spirituality and religion; there are also the unification of science, awareness of spiritual beliefs-religions; natural unity with the ideal of God, between human and nature without any enigma, mystery. All is bright, pure, true, ideal and feasible than any other social philosophy or religion before!
Therefore, we are not religion.
We follow the forever Creator’s Way of our Father Almighty God.

8- About black lodges and avitchi: When Prince Gautama was born, Hinduism and Jainism had already existed for thousands of years with the theory of reincarnation, cause and effect; in particular, the style of leaving this world of dust had already had since 6000 years ago. It was such a very long time; they practiced occult discipline, liberated while living and kept away from life of dust. Later, due to the sense of mercy to sufferred beings, Buddha Shayamuni had created a new discipline with a system of ethics and self-dicipline cultivation (self-realization, self-forgiveness) on the basis of traditional meditation and being away from the life of dust but in an organizational method (in fact, that was to reform Indian religions). At that time, Hindusim considered Buddha Shakyamuni being an avitchi and black lodge. Buddhism could not develop in India so it had to be taught in Tibet and in the East. When Buddhism has been developed, it has been divided into different branches including Mahayana so followers of Theravada considered it being as an evil way. Later, there have been many different disciplines. The situation was also the same to Christian. Judaism worships God - Jehovah even before the birth of Jesus thousands of years.
Religion brings concrete characteristics and history, which is suitable for a specific period of history of human society. Human history has so many different religions; the later was born on the basis of the former and also contradicted to the former; the former considered the later being as the evil way. But only what suits the law of evolution and the stage of subsequent history of humanity can exist, develop but then all will be degraded and ruined according to the law of forming, developing, degrading, ruining and then becoming nothingness as all other phenomena; there is nothing strange here.
The initial creators have always been opposed, damaged, even harmed, according to the law of reaction; there is nothing strange here. However, in the end, the new and civilized things shall go up even if sometimes they may be go down…
Therefore, the perception of humanity with its particular charateristics of different forms of consciousness including religion, morality, etc. always develops from the lower to higher level in vertical and uwardp spiral; the later shall be more fulfill than the former. The awareness suitable with the inevitable law of evolution and conditions for the new development of human society shall exist and develop and then shall be withered; that is the inevitable thing. The old and outdated things shall be withered but of course the old things will oppose the new things; the conservative things shall fight against the progressive things but with the time and according to the laws, things that are suitable with the existing laws shall exist and go upward. The problem here is that we should analyze to have a general outlook and evaluate it so that we shall not be ignorant and discriminating or shall not be too conservative, reactionary, which can cause evilness opposing evolution. This shall be the same to society and other philosophies.
9 – About spiritual rites: most rites of religions are overstuffed, massive; some even force people to donate heavily. Pagodas and churches are still rised while people are poor. Taking fetches into temples is basically wrongdoing in term of spirituality because temples are the places for people to contemplate, cultivate, which are not sepulchres; people misunderstood the idea that the when taking fetches into temples, Buddha shall help them liberate and they will cultivate there. How can they cultivate? Who will they learn from? Some fetches/ghosts/souls say to me that they are so hungry, cold, and miserable! All they would like to go home to be warmer! The deep burial method of Catholic churches cannot eradicate, or disintegrate the spirits/souls but can make their way to salvation even harder; they become corrupted and come back to bring harm to the living world. The hell is not beneath us/underground. In reality, the practice of FengShui cannot be always effective. There are too many former Catholic spirits coming back to persecute their own relatives. I cure the spiritual diseases; arrest fetches/souls and then liberate and teach them; later ask them to cure their own relatives.
There are people who follow the Way but do not eat vegetarian foods or practice/cultivate discipline/meditation; they are even greedy, jealous and desire for fame and fortune or have narrow awareness and understanding… then how can they be salvated/liberated?
Some religions from their beginning until now just bring sorrow and suffering to humanity more than bring salvation! That is the undeniable truth!
Father is of all people, not of any separate religion or discipline.
There are countless disciples to cultivate return to Father; the one which is backward shall be perished.
Please listen to our Father’s opinion about them.
Moreover, it must be emphasized that: in the era of Great Holiness, it belongs to a new dogma/philosophy which is in fact Celestial Way Communist society on earth; people live and cultivate at their own home while they still keep their virtues and attain six transcendental powers; that would be then considered greatness! We cannot all go to the temple while building a peaceful society at the same time. We also can’t advise people to achieve virtues, to enlighten the Truths and to find salvation while the society is still in misery, poverty and plague. If human beings want to exist, they can’t simply escape from the society in the whole picture. People must eat to reach the Way; they cannot beg for food forever; without eating, you cannot attain the Way; the Buddha used to give up being ascetic to enter the Middle Way; the Way is the existence of natural laws including the biochemical law. If we do not implement social renovation, we cannot solve the roots of human sufferings. If people who descend on earth all go to temples, who will work and bring up the society? Or if people are merciful and they release the three poisons (attachment, aversion, ignorance) but the miserable life makes them unhappy, how can they live peacefully or eliminate the struggle in themselves and in the society? The type of people who always try to settle an agreement at all costs are the scariest of all; we fear most the too kindhearted people who cannot raise their own voice; if we tolerate the wrongdoing of bad people a few times, the combination of all them shall be a disaster for the whole society! We truly understand that in the era of decadence, the talented and moral people are often unjustly punished and disadvantaged!

Happiness is not just mere meditation/cultivation but the devotion to humanity and the scientific practice to achieve enlightenment and unify both the Way and the life. Only the Celestial Way society can make Great Holiness Great Unity and liberate humanity from wrongdoings, wars, delusive greed and ignorance, atheism or ignorant superstition while worship our real Father that is God – comply with Celestial Laws or the Way of God that no other religion can simulate and demonstrate scientifically. We are the ego in the Great Ego, petty soul in the Great Soul; in fact, the soul of Buddha still exists. God also suffers because his children are still suffering; taking a few tens of thousands of people to Superior World/Higher Realm in a century is so few but if this world is a healthy society, there will be dozens of millions, of people attain the Way/liberation. All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are always under the command of the King Father. The ancient gods, or ancient Buddhas, or Divine Spirits/souls, etc. are all one; they are just the names of different religions because the whole Humanity is One.
However: in the future, we will select the quintessence of Buddhism to build Great Holiness which are the noble virtues, the noble Eightfold Path, the doctrine of reincarnation and causality (of course they should be revised), meditation method; meditation is very important because without meditation, divine abilities and spiritual abilities cannot be achieved. Buddha is always our great teacher.

To achieve Great Unity and unity of religions and humanity, we must: Have a Prime Discipline that is strong enough to cover all former disciplines and go beyond any current philosophy & theory in society; it must be able to explain scientifically anything about the nature - society - humanity - modern science and rationalize the ideal of the society & science with Way Discipline-Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline but it must not become obsolete in the following tens of thousands of years or the old practical ways or the old rites, etc. and it must meet the criteria and reflect the development of any era in the future; at the same time , we implement a profound spiritual revolution with the ideal for the society in both physical and emotional aspects; we must prove the existence and feasibility of The Discipline/Way. There must be a effective and positive cultivation discipline but it must not be away from the ordinary life of people with simple rituals which can unify both the Life and the Way for next thousands of years.
1.The humanity in the future needs a new unified and consolidated WAY that is NOT a religion or that is Celestial Way – Creator’s Way for the whole mankind’s peace and stability. Either worshipping God or not is not as important as comply with ideal and orientation taught by God – it is the inevitable law of human society.
2. Humanity needs a precise philosophy of science and spirituality about the evolution of Universe - humanity. Now the modern Western philosophy is at a standstill and crisis, capitalism shall be inevitably perished. Philosophy and modern science are incapable of explaining mysterious phenomena and the truth of spiritual world.
3. There will be people telling us that: what are you to "judge" other religions?
Then I will illustrate the following reasons:
- Firstly: as an outsider, and a human being with consciousness, we must acknowledge what is good and what is bad such as we perceive others and other perceive us. Thus, we have the right to perceive the good, the bad of different religions.The newborn things always deny the old things just like other ancient religions or the doctrines.
- Secondly: Religions have become depraved because of themselves; this is the popular and inevitable truth. Because we obey the order to build a new Prime Discipline with spiritual power entrusted by Celestial Hierarchy; we have decree, spiritual ability and connection; we have the right to sit in the right position. Therefore, we have the confidence to study and analyze on the basis of an objective assessment and science according to our own perception; we do not make things up or insult mindlessly or disparage religions but respect, carefully evaluate; not only us but also other general assessment and their own religions’ assessments do this as well. We even seriously and scientifically acquire their quintessence. Why? Because the genuine morality of all religions is all beautiful and the head of religions in the past are all great original souls descending on earth under the order and prophecy of our Father to establish the way. What was old and obsoleted, we say it old.
- Thirdly: Currently, according the order of Celestial Hierarchy, Great Holiness shall be established on Earth but the old disciplines will never be able to initiate that ideal and thus cannot implement a revolution of spiritual science and social science! If anyone has the ability to implement this, we will pray for their success! They will only be helpless towards the suffering of Father and humanity today.
- Fourthly: I am not an absurd in spirituality. Father has enlightened me/opened the Way and teaches me every little things and divine powers/magics; especially, Father allows me to sit in the throne shadow of him. In the past, there were only few incapable of witnessing fetches/souls; now in the new era, Father has allowed many original souls in incarnation to see HIM, and there are many superior psychics incapable of seeing Father and knowing that Father gives me blessings and teaches me; Father has allowed me and them to see HIM. So it is unnecessary to argue whether God is real or not! Therefore, I have the right to judge everything under the will and the order that was given by our Father!
In fact, until now, every wandering soul/original soul all complies with the order for the transitional time.
Anyone who has reincarnated in this time opposes the law/order of Heaven shall be then punished.
We shall wait for the transitional time; do not be hasty. Nobody can compete as everything has been arranged accordingly by our Father. This theory shall contribute as an offering to our Great Holiness.
After the transitional time, original souls that remain in the world shall comply with the precept of Father to implement the general work. There will be more original souls arising.

The words of God:
God is ME, I am God
Create all species, I am the lord
I am the grasses, the flowers, the humanity
I am the land, the happiness, the peace
‘Am the Truth, the root of life
‘Am civilization, the green, the awaiting destination
I am the blessings on places to places
Everywhere I go, I give my blessings
Those who slight me shall lose me
Those who leave Me shall turn back
Those who I leave shall start again
Those who harm Me shall be decimated themselves
Those who betray Me shall be betrayed themselves
Those who oppose Me shall be opposed by others
Those who ridicule Me shall destroy themselves
I am the Great Almighty God
The great Compassion-Beauty-Truthfulness
My Way I teach three thousand Worlds
Ten directions of Heaven, I dwell in the Centralization
That is the Northern Star, the marvelous White Jade Tower
I am God
God is ME
I am all beings
Beings are all
The Most Venerated God is the tree, Celestial Master is the leaf
I am Sky
The Sky which is so high.
Saints, Buddhas I generate
I am Great Creator, Compassion Way
Those who talk about Me shall have my company
Those who think about Me shall have me inside
Worship me is the true Way
The Way of Compassion, the Way of Unity
The Way of God shall be forever loyal
It is the forever the red blood stream