Friday, January 2, 2015

Conscious Evolutionary 2.0 - How to Ride the Edge of Evolution into Your Full Potential

What lies beyond our current stage of
human evolution?

And how do you engage the leading edge of your own evolution – opening to more passion,
creativity and wisdom?

If you are curious about these questions and what they reveal about your own evolutionary destiny, you’re invited to an important event.

In the first phase of conscious evolution, we recognized that our evolution is the central story of our lives and that we can consciously choose to participate in it. In the 2.0 phase, we begin to go beyond solo evolutionary practice into a field of living intelligence and light – opening the possibility of deeper co-creation with all those around us.
Whereas many spiritual teachers emphasize the individual seeker’s felt sense of union with God,  has come to understand at a deeper level what happens in a field of communion where two or more are gathered in a state of loving resonance. This creates a field in which we can incarnate higher aspects of ourselves.
When Jesus’ disciples experienced the Pentecost and began speaking in tongues with each other, they entered, en masse, into such a state of holy resonance that it resulted in remarkable transformations of their being and inspired the rest of their teaching mission.
This state of heightened potential gives a glimpses of where we are going next on our evolutionary journey, where we literally integrate with our “body of light” – something that has been chronicled in detail with many Eastern teachers and masters as well. Sometimes called the “Rainbow Body,” this elevated form of the human body, is our incarnation at a higher level.
This state requires releasing the resistance, judgment and fear that prevent its natural unfolding. It also seems to require a full balancing of masculine and feminine energies and a loving integration of all levels of our being.
Join us for a special event that shares our latest insights into the frontiers of human evolution... which can inspire new possibilities for your own evolution.


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