Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Art of Feminine Alchemy - How to move Beyond Personal Healing to Archetypal Transformation

Are you ready to move beyond the continual rehashing of old stories, wounds and limiting beliefs about yourself but are unclear how to make
this shift?

You’re not alone. We all live in a personal growth culture and are legitimately concerned about letting go of our past and healing our history.
While our motivations are sincere, we can often get stuck and see ourselves as broken, inadequate or in need of repair.

This self-image betrays the deeper truth, which is that we are ALL emissaries of the Divine and catalysts for the birth of a new world.
We are each beautiful reflections of the sacred Source.
That INCLUDES the parts of you that feel broken, lost or insecure are valuable, for these are the places that can be transmuted into precious gold. This is at the core of feminine alchemy.
It may seem counterintuitive, but when you fully open to embracing ALL of you, including the parts you’ve been trying to fix, you can simultaneously open to deeper, archetypal energies and thus begin the journey of feminine alchemy into fuller, freer You.
Feminine alchemy is the opposite of transcendence. It is about immanence. It’s about being more fully here – in the human realm of love, loss, joy, pain and ecstasy. It involves the total loving embrace of all aspects of yourself – exactly where you are at in this moment. It means being willing to let of go of the addiction to trying to fix yourself (and others), or make yourself better.
It offers a much-needed balance to the “wound-ology” of Western psychology which tends to define us by our pathologies rather than see that the very parts of our being that are stuck are at the core of our greatest service and expression.
Instead, it’s about activating the greater powers of the divine feminine archetypes that naturally call you into more mature, free and wise expression.
As you learn to do this dance of opening to the higher octave of each aspect of your being while loving the parts that feel less evolved, secure or healed... you can (and will) experience remarkable and lasting transformations easily.
This is the heart and Feminine Alchemy. You become the vessel into which your history and the higher dimensions of your soul pour while your consciousness alchemizes both into the “gold” of realization. Instead of struggling against “lower” parts of your ego, you tenderly, lovingly, welcome ALL of you home.
Unlike modern psychology, this method of personal transformation has ancient roots, and was practiced within many ancient mystery schools, especially by priestesses trained in archetypal healing skills.
In The Art of Feminine Alchemy seminar, you’ll learn about how feminine alchemy actually works in practice:
if you’re feeling done with “working on yourself” and ready to free up the full expression of your feminine life force in a less linear and more expansive way, this is the call for you.


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